Consumables for a raiding cleric (heal)

October 10, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would list some of the common consumables I commonly use for raids.

Burning Powerstone:

  • These increase your spellpower for 200 for 4 hrs. They are a must have!
  • Can be applied to 2 handers or 1 handers
  • You can either buy them from the Auction House or mine ore nodes in IPP, Stilmoor or Shimmersand for Carmintium ores, Platinium ores, Brillant diamonds and Lightsbane diamonds to hand to your local artificer.
  • The artificer takes the ores and diamonds and make accessories with them that can be salvaged to produce refined gems. It takes 2 refined gems to make a burning powerstone. The return ratio is not 1:1, expect about 4 burning powerstone from 10 diamonds.
  • For more info, check out bluedots’s guide
  • http://bluedots.org/2011/08/03/burning-powerstone/

Drake Filets:

  • These increase your spellpower by 10 for 30 min.
  • These do not last if you die so I recommend stock 40 of them.
  • They can be brought from Quartermaster Kemar in Wyrmbane Spire in Shimmersand for 1 gold 25 silver.
  • Requires Friendly with Dragonslayer Covenant
Heroic Mana tonic:
  • Provides return of mana over 12 secs
  • Apothecary made
  • 1x Twilight Bloom Roots (can be obtained via forging or crafting rifts- specifically apothecary rifts) and 1x Empty Runed flask (brought from the vendor near Laboratory) produce 3x heroic mana tonic.
  • Provide instant return of mana
  • Apothecary made
  • Tempestflower Stems (2) Empty Runed flask (1)
  • Alternative to Heroic Mana tonic
  • Obtained via closing high level water rifts
  • Give wis and regen mana over time. Last for 15 min.
  • Shares cooldown with the mana potions.
  • Give 5% runspeed for 4 hrs (may not seem much but every bit helps!)
  • Made by outfitter, takes refined leather (2) to make
  • Refined leather can be obtained via salvage cloth/leather armor made with soulhide (or dungeon drops)

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