Rift Settings for a healing cleric

October 10, 2011

Hey everyone, here are some settings I find super helpful for raids/5mans

Combat tab

  • Auto-self cast: when you don’t have another player selected or targeting a mob, this will cause your heals to heal yourself. Very nice for soloing.
  • Sticky targeting: does not cause you to lose your target when you click on the ground for the example.
  • Show combat meters: show your hp and mana bar above your head.
  • Show target of target: this one is super useful as it allows you to target tank and see who he is attacking (for a dps) or target boss and see who he has aggro with (useful for healing fights with tank swaps)
  • Cast on target’s target: duh!
  • Show only my buffs on the target: a must for healers that need to keep track only of your cooldowns/HOTs
  • Show only my debuffs on target: only show your debuffs/DOTs on mobs, super helpful.
  • Pvp auto flag: Turn it off unless you want to accidently flag yourself for pvp! If you want to pvp just type /pvp
  • Hide other player’s hit FX: Lessen the spell effects you see from other players in raids. Doesn’t work too well currently.
  • Use raid frames for parties: Nuff said!
Screen messages
Under HUD MODE I have
  • Show ability icons, this will show the icons of your dmg/heal abilities on the screen. A picture here can describe better (casting souldrain). This is super helpful!

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