Healing 5 mans- T2 Expert Charmer’s Caldera

October 11, 2011

Hello everyone, this will be the first of a series of articles on healing 5 mans in Rift. The aim of this article series is not to replace any dungeon guides already out there. Rather, this article series is specifically tailored to healers and is short and to the point. This is very suitable for a quick glance before running dungeons or a quick recap before each boss fight.

1. Smouldaron – AoE heal – low to med, Tank heal – Med, Situation awareness – Med

  • He cleaves, drops bombs on the ground on random players (red circle on ground)and summon some adds.
  • Not much AoE healing unless one of your group members does not move out of the bombs.
  • Low mobility, just need to move out of bombs.
  • Sent/Purifier & Sent/warden will do fine.
2. Cyclorax- AoE heal – very high, Tank heal – Med, Situation awareness – Very High
  • If your group is comprised of mostly ranged dps, healing this encounter will be a bit easier but not much.
  • Cyclorax will have an emote (Cyclonic Destruction) throughout of the fight that everyone including the tank will need to get away from the boss. Failure to do so will result in one shots (have battle rez prepared for tank in case he/she missed it). In other words, range this boss!
  • Cyclorax will also shoot out spears that does significant AoE damage (about 1/4 to 1/3 of max health)
  • 3 lasers will also swipe across the room, here is their pattern (image courtesy of Riftjunkies).
  • They do massive damage if a player gets hit by it. 
  • In summary: Watch for emotes from boss, dodge lasers, be ready to do massive AoE heal to counter lasers/spears.
  • High mobility heal spec preferred (sent/warden perfect for this). Don’t be shy to ask your support to help you out with the AoE heals!
  • Trick: If your party is mostly comprised of ranged dps, everyone excluding the tank can hug the left wall of Cyclorax’s room and get into the little corner at the place where the left wall meets the back wall. You won’t have to dodge lasers here but you will still get hit by spears from the named and tank still need to move away from Cyclorax on emote (might have some LoS issues here). This might get nerfed soon!
3. Ryka Dharvos AoE heal – med, Tank heal – Med, Situation awareness – Med
  • Very similar fight to Smouldaron with one addition: lasers. Only the burning end of the lasers on the ground do damage, the rest of the laser does no damage.
  • Avoid ground AoEs, dodge lasers and kill adds.
  • Lasers can make this fight a bit AoE heal intensive if a player in your group gets hit by it.
  • Sent/Purifier and Sent/warden are fine.
4. Gronik  AoE heal – med, Tank heal – Med, Situation awareness – Low
  • Two adds come with this boss, they will put a pulsing stun on a random player which they will need to get away from other party members.
  • The adds will also randomly target a party member and do some significant damage so be ready to switch off tank to heal other members.
  • Gronik gains a stacking buff overtime to increase his damage so you might need big tank heals towards the end!
  • Gronik will also put a damage shield on him that will damage everyone that attacks him unless it is purged! If no one is purging be ready with AoE heals!
  • Sent/Purifier and Sent/Warden are fine.
5. Jultharin AoE Heal- very low. Tank Heal – Med, Situation awareness – None
  • Pure tank and spank fight with a dps check component
  • He doesn’t hit hard and has very small periodic AoEs.
  • Easy boss if you got the dps!
6. Caelia the Stormtouched AoE Heal- very high . Tank Heal – Med to High , Situation awareness – Med
  • This fight requires heavy AoE heals but not alot of movemnt.
  • Put your back toward the wall as the boss does a knockback ability.
  • Caelia will also put a DoT on a group member that needs to be cleansed.
  • Four phase to this fight: 1) tank and spank 2) Caelia goes immune and summon adds 3) Caelia summons a rotating lighting thingie 4) Caelia grasp everyone into the air and then do a massive knockback
  • For phase 2 you want to run to the tank so he/she can pick up the adds easily.
  • Phase 3 can be healed through, just put your back to the wall. The lighting only does about 20% of your health if it hits you.
  • Phase 4 is where the massive AoE heals come in. When Caelia does the knockback, everyone’s health will drop to 30% or below. It is important to top up everyone’s health to full before this phase begins. As soon everyone lands on the ground, pop your AoE heals and keep strong heals on the tank as he/she will be also taking direct damage from Caelia.
  • Sent/Warden is ideal spec for this fight as you can pop your Healing Flood/Healing Showers/Ripple before you even hit the ground  in phase 4.

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