Cleansing- a guide

October 12, 2011

Hello everyone, this is a guide on the cleansing aspect of healers.

Cleansing is simply the removal of detriments from your group/raid members. In rift this is the removal of curse, poison and disease (at least for clerics). Each of the 3 cleric healing souls have a special way to deal with this.


Single target cleanse: Cleansing Waters (Available with 10 point in warden, no cooldown except for Global CD)

Cleanse over time: Curative Waters (basically a cleanse over time, cleanse 1 detriment every 3 sec and last for 6 sec). CD is 10 secs.


Single target cleanse: Cleansing Prayer (available with 16 point in sentinel, no cooldown except for GCD)

AoE cleanse: Empowering Light (available with 20 point in sentinel, 10 sec CD, cleanse 1 detriment from 10 raid members within 15 meter)


Single target cleanse: Cauterize (12 point in purifier, no cooldown except GCD)

Cleanse all: Sterilize (26 point in purifier, cleanse all detriments from a single player, 45 sec CD)

Of the three souls, the most useful is Sentinel’s Empowering Light as it is an AoE cleanse wit only a 10 sec CD. Purifier’s Sterilize looks promising but it has a 45 CD, making it ineffective for most fights. Warden’s Curative Waters can be handy at times as it can remove 2 detriments on its own, allowing you to use a single target cleanse to remove a 3rd if need.

Note that the Templar soul have an ability where single target heals have a 25% chance to cleanse 1 detriment. This requires high pvp ranks and 20 points spent in templar. Hence this ability might not be accessible to most PvE players.

When to cleanse?

The current Rift raid frame is absolutely terrible for cleansing. Many icons which are not cleansable shows up on the raid frames and sometimes blocking out icons of detriments that can be cleansed. There are a couple solution around this.

1. Have a single target cleanse in your hotbar (duh!) and then if you think someone has a detriment that can be cleansed, you can target that person and see if your single target cleanse lights up (if nothing can be cleansed, the icon stays greyed out).

2. Learn to recognize the icons. This method is not perfect. In general green icons are poisons, purple icons are curses and red icons cannot be cleansed. There are other icons you will soon learn to recognize that are not actually detriments but actually cooldowns of important abilities (like Ward of Ancestors from purifier and Healer’s Covenant from Sentinel).

3. The raid frames do not show you how many stacks of a detriments there are on your target. So sometimes don’t be surprised if you need to cleanse multiple times to remove an icon on the raid frames.

One comment

  1. Might as well post here as anywhere. Great Blog. You consolidate a lot of useful information. My secondary character is a Cleric and I never have time to keep up on all the stuff for the class since I have been focusing on my main. I am planning to play my cleric a lot more and this has been a helpful resource.

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