Healing 5 man – T2 Expert Darkening Deeps

October 12, 2011

Hello everyone, this will be the first of a series of articles on healing 5 mans in Rift. The aim of this article series is not to replace any dungeon guides already out there. Rather, this article series is specifically tailored to healers and is short and to the point. This is very suitable for a quick glance before running dungeons or a quick recap before each boss fight.

Entrance: Darkening Deeps offer you two paths upon entering. You can go to the left (up) or right (down). Going down is a harder but shorter route. Many groups will go for the shorter route so if you are not comfortable doing so let your tank know!  The shorter route is very challenging. You will encounter mobs and lots of ground based AoEs (you have about 2-3 seconds to get out of the circle before your hp is taken down to 50%-60%). A high mobility, high AoE heal build is ideal for this. I choose to go with sent/warden.

1. Alchemist Braxterpel- Tank heal – Low to Med, AoE Heal – Low to Med, Situation Awareness – Low to Med

  • Pretty much tank and spank except you need to kill the two adds first and watch for the ground based AoE.
  • Very easy to heal.
2. Michael Bringhurst – Tank heal – Med, AoE Heal – High, Situation Awareness – None
  • Stand in one spot and heal type of fight.
  • If Michael stands in the light (rather than the shade), he will repeatedly cast an AoE that bring everyone’s hp by about 20% every second or so. It will require some heavy AoE heals and some AoE heals from a support class if necessary.
  • Michael likes to fear the group, then run to the light and does his AoE so be prepared to heal right after the fear wears off!
  • If your tank suck (i.e. does pull Michael out of light fast enough), you won’t be able to keep up with the AoE heals. It is not your fault!
3. Tegenar Deepfang – Tank Heal – Med to High, AoE heal – Med, Situation Awareness- Low
  • Mini spider adds, random party member gets cocooned and cannot do anything until the cocoon is broken! (dps dependent)
  • Stack on the spider’s butt for this fight so the tank can pick up the mini spider adds that come. This also helps when you get cocooned as your party members can just use AoEs to save you!
  • If you get cocooned it can be tricky. You might need a support healer if your tank is weak or if your group dps is low.
  • You might need to pop you big heals/cooldowns when you get cocooned.
  • Both sent/warden and sent/purifier will do fine.
  • If you are quick enough and good at reading emotes, you can pop a cooldown on the tank before you get cocooned
4. Glubmuk – Tank heal – Med, AoE heal – Med, Situation Awareness – Med
  • Tank and spank fight with two small adds and ground based AoE (hard to see)
  • Move out of those ground AoEs
5. Gedlo Conclave – Tank heal – Med to High, AoE heal – Med to High , Situation Awareness – High
  • Most parties will kill the Shaman first. The stage is largely tank and spank.
  • Once shaman is dead, the Incinerator will cast ground AoEs and the Warlord will charge random players and stun then for 3-4 seconds as well taking them to about 60% health.
  • This is when you need to do AoE heals for those who didn’t get out of ground AoEs or those who get charged.
6. Scarn – Tank Heal – Med to High, AoE heal – High, Situation Awareness – High
  • You might need a support for this fight as it can be very heal intensive.
  • Stay away from Scarn for this fight!
  • Scarn have two phases: ground and air.
  • Ground phase is pretty much tank and spank unless one of the bone piles on the ground gets lit on fire! If that happens then all party members gets a DoT that ticks away your health. Damage depends on how many bone piles get lit on the ground.
  • Before Scarn switch to the air phase he will breath fire (Flaming Breath) into the tank – so pop your Healer’s Convenant or other cooldowns if you need!
  • During the air phase, you need to constantly move because Scarn will drop projectiles on the ground (appear as red circle). If you are not moving, you may not get out of the circle in time!
  • If one of your party members get hit by the projectile, he/she might get the confusion debuff (lose control of their character and might walk into AoEs and die)  You will need to cleanse that.
  • I recommend running along the curvature of the room, make sure your party members are running in the same direction as you.
  • More bone piles will light on fire during the air phase, this will make the DoT on party members tick harder.
  • When Scarn lands, you need to have cooldowns ready as well as the DoT tick on the tank and hits Scarn will can cause the tank drop pretty quick!
  • Healer with high mobility and high AoE heals is recommended (Sent/warden build is perfect).

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