Bible of Cleric Official forums

October 14, 2011

Getting through the Rift official forums can be difficult these days with all the threads about OMG Rift is dying, OMG nerf rogues OMG Trion fix this. However, the forums is quite a treasure trove if you dig deeper. The purpose of this post if to organize and list some of the more useful posts on the Rift Official forums- Cleric subforums.


Vi3L’s Overview of Cleric souls

A bit outdated but the info is still useful!

Laughter’s Mouse-Over Healing Macro

Mouseover macros, learn it, love it.

Bowler Hat’s Cleric Multi-Role Gearing Guide

Check for your upgrades here!

Sokanon’s Guide to the 3x/3x builds

Must read!

Cromar’s Video guides for every Cleric soul 

Outdated but a good series to watch

Snarfums’ Cleric Healing Build Compendium

Excellent list, including leveling healing builds!

Snarfums’ Cleric Healing Build Compendium 2 – the return of DoL

More of a list for endgame content.

Leveling Guide

KarthosNZ’s Cleric Leveling Guide (solo)

Some combination of shaman and druid it looks like!

Raid Healing

VeroProDiGY’s Indepth look at Cleric Healing (Raid Environment)

Outdated but still good for a read.

Rantology’s Guide to DoL healing

This is the post for your one stop reading about DoL Raid healing (DoL or Doctrine of  Loyalty is an ability from the justicar tree). Pretty much every x-icar class is covered here, along with macros etc!

VeroProGiGY’s Guide on Senticar

From the “creator” of Senticar

Kama Toki’s Guide on raiding as 51 warden

What can I say? I love 51 warden for raid healing, even though they being replaced by Dol -icars!

Tank Healing

Sokanon’s Introducing the Purisent- Professional Healing for all

An excellent primer on the 3x/3x sent/purifier build.

Aromashodu’s 1.4 Cleric Healing School (33 sent/28 warden/5 purifier)

A build similar to the 3x/3x sent/warden build.

Fluxions’ 1.3 Purisent/Wardensent single target HPS calculator

Excellent spreadsheet, might be outdated

5 Man Healing

Paikis’s The Maxed Warden- a Guide for 5 man content

An alternative way to the common sent/warden 3x/3x for 5 mans.

The Maxed Warden 2.0

Snarfum’s PvE T1/T2 Healing Build (sent/purifier 3x)


Sokanon’s Guide to raiding inquisitors

Inquisitor is currently the best single target DPS soul of cleric (if geared). This guide covers everything you want to know about inquisitors! Another informative post about inquisitor rotation can be found at bottom of this page http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00dje.EEkigtkqz.V0x.V
Sentent’s Guide to PvE 51 Cabalists

Cabalists ya! Quite informative guide.

The Durcell Cleric

This is the classic, most viewed thread on the cleric forums. Durcell is the best spec for soloing/farming. Nothing can come close to it!

1.5 Top PvE Cleric DPS builds

Just a discussion, not a guide. Relevant for the time period


Radak’s Justicar Tanking Guide

Go Cleric tanks!

Radak’s Justicar Spreadsheet (for gear upgrades)

A spreadsheet with BiS items for justicar tanks!

Elicas’s Cleric Tanking – The Beginner’s Gude

Good guide for newbies!

Xitan’s HK Cleric Tank POV 

Xitan, tank of Maximation (ww1st/2nd) guild showing you what cleric tanks can do!


Taugrim’s MASH PVP spec

Melee healer with a twist!

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