Gearing up your first level 50 cleric!

October 21, 2011


Yay! You just reached level 50! Congratulations! You will find that at level 50, the real game begins! There are so many things to do and so little time! Don’t worry, this guide is designed to point you in the right direction!

Gear Progression

There is a “golden path” in terms of gear progression at level 50, this path is as follows (in terms of increasing progression)

  • Chronicles (1 man/2 man dungeon)
  • Notoriety gear (Mathos, Icewatch, Dragonslayer)
  • Crafted gear
  • T1 dungeons (KB, RotF, IT, FC, LH)
  • T2 dungeons (AP, CC, DSM, RD, DD)
  • Epic planar equipment
  • Raid rifts
  • Water Sage/Life Sage epic quest rewards
  • Crafted epics (requires mats w/ 20 hr cooldown)
  • Raid 10 man (DH/GP)
  • Raid 20 man tier 1 (GSB/RoS)
  • Relics
  • Raid 20 man tier 2 (HK)


Chronicles are dungeons designed for a solo player or teamed up another player. They are relatively short (20-30 min on average) and give excellent drops and Plaques of Achievement. Plaques of Achievements are currency used to purchase T1 and T2 dungeon armor sets. If you are new to chronicles, you should try Sanctum: Ceremony of Atonement first as it is a solo dungeon. Once you have that completed, then you can do the Hammerknell and Greenscale chronicles (2 man dungeons). Remember these dungeons reset everyday at 4 am sever time (PST, or 7 am EST) so do these daily!

Zone events(Lesser Essences)

If you havn’t had a chance to do these zone events leveling up, now it is the time to do them! They are the hottest thing in Rift at the moment and everyone is doing them! Minor zone events will give you 5 inscribed sourcestones, Major zone events will give you 10 inscribed sourcestone along with a boatload of planarite.

Once you have 7500 planarite, it is time to head to your capital city (Sanctum for Guardians) and purchase a Sigil (Source Machine for Defiants). The one you want to buy is called Sigil of the Five (Guardian – Sanctum – 7468, 3008 – Quartermaster Melke). It will hold onto 2 Greater Essences and 4 Lesser essences. The Greater Essence slot can be also used for Lesser Essences so technically you could have 6 Lesser essences if you want!).

Greater Essences can be obtained from quest rewards, drops from raid rifts, or brought from Notoriety merchants. I will list some good ones to get below but onto Lesser Essences!

Lesser essences cost 50 inscribed sourcestones and 2500 planarite each. You have a lot of choices when it comes to these Lessers. These can be purchased at the same location where you purchased your Sigil/Source Machine. Ideally, as a cleric, you should be aiming for high Spell Power (SP) but going a more balanced route (for Spell Power and Spell Crit) isn’t a bad idea. I will list the top 6 choices for Lessers, one set for high spell power and another set for balanced.

High SP set

Name Vendor
Last Rites Death
Living Hunt Life
Dark Rites Death
Pyro Spark Fire
Living River Water
Mystic River Water


Name Vendor
Last Rites Death
Living Hunt Life
Dark Rites Death
Pyro Spark Fire
Northern Winds Air
Spectral Hunt Life

Notoriety Merchants

At level 50, notoriety with 3 groups located in Stillmoor, Shimmersand and Ironpine Peak is very important. They will provide you with cheap mounts (100 pp as opposed to 125 plat), best runes for certain slots, recipes for crafters, food with stat bonus and much more! There are three quartermasters located in 3 zones you need to check out

Quartermaster Savia – Stillmoor – Zareph’s Return – 1574, 2625

Quartermaster Kemar – Shimmersand – Wyrmbane Spire – 6108, 7314

  • Sells neck pieces that requires Decorated w/ Dragonslayer Covenant (can be obtained in dungeon Charmer’s Caldera) and food (Drake Filet) that provide +10 sp that requires Friendly
  • Drake Fang Amulet
  • Drake Tooth Choker

Master-at-arms Varis – Ironpine Peaks – Chancel of Labors

  • Provides two rings that requires Decorated w/ Icewatch (can be obtained at the dungeon Abyssal Precipice)
  • Ice Etched Ring

Also, make sure you pick up the quest in Zareph’s Return called Herald of Discord that asks you to kill Baron Krevic. It is not a diffcult raid and can be pug’ed easily. The reward you get at the end is very nice! Chain Leggings of the Devourer

Make sure to do the daily quests for each of the notoriety groups. They give out nice coin and xp, not to mention all the nice stuff that you can buy!

Greater Essences

Two really nice greater essences for healers are Frozen Deep One Tear and  Crystal Vine. They can be brought from Rare Planar Good merchant in Ironpine Peak and Stillmoor respectively for 1 inscribed sourcestone and 2500 planarite.

If you don’t know where these merchants are, click on the tab in Zam for these items called Sold by (2) and it will tell you – one is for Guardians and the other is for Defiants!

Crafted Gear

There are quite a few pieces of crafted armor that you could easily obtain for very little plat and these would get you ready for T1s, if not T2 dungeons. I would suggest do crafting rifts to see if you can get some of these mats for free, if not then check the Auction House.

Remember to provide the crafter with augments when you craft these! The augment you will want is the +wis one, it is called Pure Saintstone or if you can afford them – Flawless Saintstone. You can the pure ones by buying augment boxes for 500 planarite – its random which one you get. Flawless Saintstone only drops randomly from rifts I think!

Name Slot Recipe
Dark Iron Hauberk Chest Recipe
Faith Forged Spaulders Shoulders Recipe
Night Iron Sabatons Feet Recipe
Night Iron Gaunlets Hand Recipe
Spellsmasher 2hander Recipe
Lightsmasher 2hander Recipe
Soul Warden’s Helm Helm Recipe

T1 Dungeons – Drops and Plaque Gear

T1 dungeons requires 50 focus for DPS

If you are like most people, you won’t be staying in T1 dungeons for long. T1 dungeons are easier than T2s but give out worse drops than T2 and less plaques of achievement. You get 1 plaques of achievement per boss (2 sometimes if you have the guild perk) and 3 plaques for random dungeon bonus.

Here is a list of T1 dungeon drops I stole from here. (it is better to go to that link as it is more comprehensive)


  • Lantern Hook
    • Rorf: 2H Mace
    • Pyromancer Cortinald: 1H Mace
    • Flamebringer Druhl: Feet
    • Emberlord Ereetu: Feet, Ring (DPS)
    • Oludare Firehoof: Chest, 1H Mace
  • King’s Breach
    • BoE Drops: Totem, Wand
    • Hunter Suleng: Trinket
    • Ravalos: 2H Mace (DPS), Shoulders
    • Manticore Sentries: Ring (DPS), Trinket (Tank)
    • Shadehorror Phantasm: Belt, Ring
    • Konstantin: 2H Mace
  • Foul Cascade
    • BoE Drops: Helm, Neck (DPS)
    • Krasimir Barinov: 1H Mace, Trinket (Tank)
    • Countess Surin Skenobar: Head, Trinket (Healing)
    • Sparkwing: Ring (DPS)
    • Matron Verosa: Totem, Wand, Trinket (Tank)
    • Tephra Lord Maficros: Neck (DPS), Neck (Tank), 1H Mace
    • Queen Vallnara: Hands
  • Realm of the Fae
    • BoE Drops: Ring (DPS)
    • Trickster Maelow: Shoulders, Shield (Tank), Totem
    • Luggodhan: Neck (DPS), Trinket (DPS)
    • Grand Apiarist Orban: Ring (DPS), Chest
    • Battlemaster Atrophinius: 2H Mace, Ring
    • Chillblains Winterfrist: Belt, Neck
    • Fae Lord Twyl: Head
  • Iron Tombs
    • Broodmother Venoxa: Chest, Wand
    • Caor Ashtone: Legs, Trinket (Tank)
    • Three Kings: n/a
    • Bonelord Fetlorn: 2 Trinkets (Both DPS), Legs (Tank)
    • Ragnoth: Feet
    • Totek: Shoulders, Belt

T1 Plaque Armor

Name Slot Cost (plaques)
Exponent’s Great Helm Helm 33
Exponent’s Pauldrons Shoulders 33
Exponent’s Hauberk Chest 41
Exponent’s Gauntlets Hands 25
Exponent’s Girdle Belt 21
Exponent’s Greaves Legs 41
Exponent’s Sabatons Feet 25

T2 Dungeons – Drops and Plaque Gear

T2 dungeons requires 100 focus for dps.

Each dungeon boss give out 2 plaques of achievement (3 sometimes w/ guild perk) and 6 plaques for random dungeon bonus.

Drops (again, stole from here)

  • Abyssal Precipice
    • BoE: Ring (DPS)
    • Kaler Andrenos: Hands (Tank), Trinket (Tank)
    • Falconer Landrac & Icetalon: Chest
    • Majolic the Bloodwalker: Feet, Trinket
    • Renthar: Shoulders, Belt
    • Calyx the Ancient: Legs, 2H Mace, Head (Tank)
  • Charmer’s Caldera
    • Smouldaron: Shield, Wand, Shoulders, Totem
    • Cyclorax: Hands (DPS), Legs (Tank)
    • Ryka Dharvos: Ring (DPS), Wand
    • Gronik: 2H Mace (DPS)
    • Jultharin: 1H Mace
    • Caelia the Stormtouched: Chest
  • Deepstrike Mines
    • BoE: Totem (DPS)
    • Overseer Markus: Wand (DPS), Feet
    • Gregori Krezlav: Hands (DPS), Shield (DPS)
    • Bonehew the Thunderer: Belt
    • Gatekeeper Kaleida: N/A
    • Dichrom: Trinket (Melee DPS), Trinket (Healing)
    • Caretaker Arcanis: 2H Mace (DPS), Shield, Totem (DPS)
    • Plutonus: Chest
  • Darkening Deeps
    • BoE: Wand (DPS)
    • Alchemist Braxtepel: Ring (DPS)
    • Michael Bringhurst: Belt
    • Tenegar Deepfang: Neck (DPS), Trinket (Ranged DPS), Neck
    • Glubmuk: Trinket, 1H Mace (DPS)
    • Gedlo Conclave: N/A
    • Scarn: Gloves, Ring, 1H Mace (DPS)
  • Runic Descent
    • BoE: Ring (DPS), Neck (DPS)
    • Rictus: 1H Mace, Trinket (Tank)
    • Wormwood: Legs, Ring (DPS)
    • Warden Falidor: Shoulders, 2H Mace (DPS), Trinket (Melee DPS)
    • Atrophinius the Fallen: Neck (DPS), Trinket (Healing)
    • Eliam the Corrupted: Head, Shoulders (Tank)

T2 Plaque Armor (requires t1 plaque armor to turn-in as of 1.5)

Synergy Crystal and Runes

As of 1.5, Synergy crystals are available to everyone! For the T2 set, you will want to have Simple Synergy of Magical Offense – it provides 25 SP for having two pieces of T2 dungeon armor. It costs 20 inscribed sourcestones and can be brought in the same location as Lesser Essences.

Runes – it is time to start putting runes on your T2 armor set as you will be using them for quite a while – unless you start raiding at least. For a list of what runes to put on, check out my rune guide.

Alternatives to T2 armor Set – Inscribed Soucestone armors

If you hate running dungeons and would rather do world events all day, there is another gearing up path for you! As of 1.5, you can purchase armor with inscribed sourcestones and planarite at the same location where you purchase you Lesser Essences.

Name Slot Cost (inscribed/planarite)
Planar Vanquisher’s Tabi Helm 170/2500
Planar Vanquisher’s Shawl Shoulders 226/3500
Planar Vanquisher’s Hauberk Chest 262/5000
Planar Vanquisher’s Signet Ring 102/1500
Planar Vanquisher’s Staff 2hander 500/5000

I think the nice thing with these Planar Vanquisher armor is that it is not meant to be a complete replacement of T2 armor so you can mix and match them and get a nice weapon & ring as well!

Raid Rifts

Raid rifts requires 200 focus for DPS

There is an NPC in your capital city that provides you with a daily raid quest – Abbess Katia in Sanctum for Guardians (same place where you buy lesser essences).

This is a quest to do the Daily Raid Rift – DRR for short. Keep your eye in the level 50 chat as people love to PUG them. You get 6 inscribed sourcestones for quest completion everyday.

The main reason for doing DRR is the chance to roll on Lesser Essences – especially for those who are looking to build resist sigils/source machines and a chance to get some gears that are better than T2 but inferior to Raid tier 1 or (tier 3) armor. I call these tier 2.5. For a preview of the drops you can find in raid rifts, check out this link here at Xanadu

For a guide on resist sigils, check out my guide here.

Crafted Epics

As of patch 1.4, Trion has released recipes that can craft armors that are almost as good as raid tier 1 (t3) stuff! Bug your local crafters for them (armorsmith/weaponsmith/artificer). Keep in mind that these use very expensive mats – mats with 20 hr cooldown!

Healer Set

Set bonus: (2) + 20 endur (3) +20 sp (4) chance for healing spells to surround your target with a shield that will absorb half of all damage for up to 500 for 10 secs.

Name Slot
Spirit Tempered Spaulders Shoulders
Spirit Tempered Hauberk Chest
Spirit Tempered Signet Ring
Spirit Beacon 1hander

DPS set

Set bonus: (2) + 20 endur (3) +20 sp (4) chance for damaging abilities to deal additional 150 to 220 water damage.

Name Slot
Spaulders of the Broken Oath Shoulders
Hauberk of the Broken Oath Chest
Signet of the Broken Oath Ring
Oathsmasher 2hander

Water Sage/Life Saga

There are two major epic quests in Rift, one is the Water Sage quest introduced with 1.3 and the other is the Life Saga. Both sagas have group components and solo components. The Water saga can be completed without raiding while the life saga requires you to kill Lord Greenscale in GSB for the final reward.

Water Saga rewards

Visage of the Deep Helm SP/focus
Visage of the Deep   SC
Stormwrecked Pauldrons Shoulders SC
Tidehealer Pauldrons   SP

Life Saga rewards

Seedy Helm of the Mighty Helm SC/focus
Seedy Helm of the Healer   SP
Diona’s Maul of Rejuvenation 2hander 2 hander- hammer
Amuet’s Staff of Life’s Power   2 hander – staff

PVP armor

If you enjoy doing world PVP/Warfronts, then Rift has a path for you! Below level 50, you gain favor by doing things like Warfronts. Once you reach level 50, you start to gain Prestige as well. There are 8 ranks of Prestige at the time of writing this guide. Higher ranks of Prestige allow you purchase better armors.

PVP armor comparison with PVE armor.

R1/R2 pvp armor – about T1 quality

R3/R4- about T2 quality

R5/6- about T3 quality

R7/8- about HK (T4) raid armor quality.

The only thing that PVP armor lacks is focus/hit for raids. For tier 1 raids, you will want to have least 200 focus and for HK (tier 2) raids, you will want to have at least 300 focus. You might need to swap some PVP armor out in favor of PVE armor with focus as needed.

Make sure to do your PVP dailies! PVP daily can be received in the same location where you purchase your PVP armor. They give you Prestige/Favor and Notoriety with a PVP faction that allow you access to PVP trinkets, Sigils, Lesser Essences and the best rune for your feet! Even if you are not into PVP, it is worth doing these dailies for the rune and trinket (it has very nice stats, it is the only attainable trinket with stats). The PVP dailies do not require PVP to complete – they just ask you to kill some PVE mob/gather some stuff.

Raiding and Beyond

Once you are decked out in full t2/crafted epics, it is time to raid! DH/GP are the 10 man raids to ease you into raiding. They give out Marks of Ascension, the currency used to purchase t3 armor sets (3 per bonus, 4 sometimes with guild perk). DH I think it’s the easier of the two 10 mans. If you are looking for guides on healing 10 mans, look no further! I have them here for DH and here for GP.

20 man raids are the next tier, GSB and ROS. GSB is easier of the two. I recommend looking up the strats in riftstrats.com before going there!

All tier 1 raids require at least 200 focus/hit for a DPS. Once your guild has defeated GSB/ROS, it is time to move onto Hammerknell (HK). HK is a tier 2 raid and will require 300 hit/focus min for DPS. HK will give out Greater Marks of Ascension – used to purchase HK armor sets (tier 4). If you are raiding HK, this guide cease to become useful!

Sooner or later, you will have accumulated enough marks of ascension to purchase your first piece of t3 armor. There are two sets, one for DPS and the other for pure healers. If you are interested in the difference between the two, check out my guide here.

Between raiding, you should check out the Mastermode dungeon that was released with 1.5. It gives out some nice drops (below t3 but better than t2) and Marks of Ascension at the end if you managed to beat the final boss!

Good luck and have fun in Rift, and thanks for checking out my guide!



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