Level by Level Healing Guide (for new players)

October 23, 2011

Hello everyone, there has being some request for a low level healing guide so I thought I would make a guide that take you all the way to level 50!

There are 10 normal dungeons in Rift, with the first one starting off at level 15. I will list a new build everytime you start a new dungeon. The idea is that if you can heal a new dungeon fine, there is no need for a new build until you hit the next dungeon.

I will be going with a sent/warden build with 0 point in purifier. I know some people like the sent/purifier build but I think that build is more effective at high gear levels (due to shield scaling w/ Spell Power) and does not provide as much AoE healing capability (mana intensive as well).

However, if you are interested in going the sent/purifier route, here is a guide for that as well.

Definitions of some commonly used words

Aggro – Mob (monster) has hate on you and want to kill you.

Tank – Meatshield who will absorb the damage from mobs and take aggro instead.

Spike – Sudden drop in health, usually in large chunks.

HoT- Heal Over Time

Rez – Make a dead party member alive again, this is castable outside combat only.

Brez- Battle Rez, Rez that can be casted while in combat, with a cooldown of typically 10 min

CD – Cooldown, its how long you have before you can use that ability again.

Pre-HoT or not

Pre-HoT generates a fair bit of aggro for you and if you tank isn’t quick to snap the aggro, you might get killed and wipe your group. Pre-HoT, however, does have the benefit of making it easier to heal as your tank won’t spike in HP so much with HoTs on him. You have to do this on a case by case basis, if your tank is really good at picking up aggro, then pre-HoT. Otherwise, don’t do it!

Level 15 – Realm of the Fae

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.x0o.xy

This is a 14 warden 6 sentinel build. The reason for going into 6 sentinel is to get Healing Grace, this will be your primary big heal until you get 5/5 into Deluge in the warden tree or Healing Invocation w/ 3/3 in Serendipity in the Sentiniel tree.

Tank Healing: Start off with instant cast Healing Spray and then spam Healing Grace to top the tank off if he/she is taking damage. Otherwise, cast Healing Current on the tank as an addition HoT to buffer against incoming damage. Use Healing Breath as need to top off tank or other group members. Refesh HoTs as needed.

AoE Healing: Use Healing Flood as an AoE HoT.

Self Healing: Put Shield of Ancestors on yourself if you think you will take damage. Use Healing Breath on yourself if you need.

Level 17 – Iron Tomb

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.x0o.xE00o

This is a 16 warden 6 sentinel build. You are gaining a new ability called Orbs of the Stream. This is a very useful spell as it can act as a buffer on your tank. It heals the tank instantly as soon he/she takes damage and does this for 3 times.

Tank Healing: Same as before, except you are putting Orbs of the Stream on the tank before pull. However, do watch out if the tank is pulling a group of mobs as this may generate aggro if the tank has no AoE aggro taunt.

AoE Healing & Self Healing: Same as before.

Level 21 – Darkening Deeps

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.x0o.xE00q

21 Warden/6 Sentinel build. You are gaining a new ability called Soothing Steam which is a very nice HoT that can stack 4 times. You now have 5/5 into Deluge and can use that as your big heal instead of Healing Grace. Deluge heals more the more HoTs you have stack on the tank.  Additionally, you are gaining a rez ability in the Warden tree.

Tank Healing: Orbs of Stream before pull, Healing Spray and followed by 4x Soothing Stream. Use Healing Breath as need to top tank top if tank is spiking. Otherwise cast Deluge.  The trick with Soothing Stream is that say if you have 4 stacks of it on someone, if you refresh it before it expires, you will regain all 4 stacks. Otherwise, if you let it expire, you will lose all stacks and have to start over. So keep these HoTs refreshed!

AoE Healing & Self Healing: Same as before.

Level 24 – Deepstrike Mines

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.e0h.xE00q

No new ability gain. Instead, you are getting some spell power and some critical heal bonus which will make your heals bigger.

Level 28 – Foul Cascade

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.E0x00o.xE00q

16 sentinel/21 warden build. New ability called Touch the Light. It make your next spell instant cast. You will want to make a macro like this.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

This will be your O-shit macro to press (you might need to press that macro a couple times for everything to go off. The cooldown its 45 seconds.

You also gain a new AoE heal ability called Healing Communion

Tanking Healing: Same rotation as before, you can use your O-shit macro on the tank as you see fit.

AoE Healing: Healing Flood initially. then use Healing Communion if the damage can not be healed by Healing Flood. Keep in mind this spell is very mana intensive if you spam it.

Level 33- King’s Breach

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.E0g00Rd.xE00q

23 sentinel/21 warden build. You gain an AoE cleanse ability called Empowering Light. Your Healing Breath also have a chance to heal your 2 other party members at 40% effectiveness. Also, more importantly, you gain a very useful cooldown called Healer’s Covenant. This ability is super super super useful if your tank is taking massive spike damage. It has a 2 min cooldown and last for only 10 secs so time it carefully. I typically use it on big pulls so it give me about 10  secs or so to get HoTs rolling on the tank.

Tank Healing: Same as before, use Healer’s Covenant as need.

Level 38 – Runic Descent

Build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10jeG.E0g00spc.xE0xo

29 sentinel/21 warden build. You have 3/3 into Serendipity so it is time to use Healing Invocation as your big heal. I took out all the points in Deulge as I won’t be using it anymore.  You also gain an ability called Divine Call which can be your O-shit AoE heal ability with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Tank Healing:   You will keep the same HoT rotation, except you will replace Deluge with Healing Invocation for your big heals. Use Healer’s Covenant as need.

AoE healing: Healing Flood to start, use Divine Call for O-shit moments. Otherwise use Healing Communion (especially if timed with Serendipity proc)

Level 42 – Fall of Lantern Hook


31 sentinel/26 warden build. You gain a couple of niffy things. Healer’s Haste from sentinel for those situations where you know you will need a lot of big heals. Cascade from warden to feed you 15% mana every 2 minutes (make sure to have a macro for self casting #show Cascade cast @self Cascade). You also gain a cleanse over time called Curative waters which is very useful.

Level 48 – Abyssal Precipice/Charm’s Caldera



31 sentinel/32 warden build. You gain Healing Showers from the warden tree which is very nice for situations where you need big AoE heals. It has a cooldown of 2 min.

AoE healing: Healing Flood to start, use Divine Call for O-shit moments in conjunction with Healing Showers as need.  Otherwise use Healing Communion (especially if timed with Serendipity proc)

Level 50 builds

There are a couple of variations at the level 50. It all depends on what you need. These build are all sent/warden. If you are looking for other builds at level 50, check out my common cleric builds.

Build: Reduced Mana cost

Build: AoE heal oriented

Build: Tank healing oriented

That is it! Hope you find it useful! If you are wondering what to do at level 50, check out my Gearing up your first level 50 cleric!

All the best! xoxo


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  2. […] Hello everyone, I have received a couple of requests to make an alternative leveling guide that does not involved sent/warden so here it is one for sent/purifier. Here is the sent/warden leveling guide. […]

  3. Hey me again lol. Would you suggest any macros other than what’s in Foul Cascade? I leveled a Warden in beta and had fun with it but now, I’ll probably try both of your build suggestions just to see what suits me best.

    • Hey, I am afraid there isn’t much earlier on. Only thing I can think of its having a @mouseoverui sort of macro for single target spells like this so you don’t have to click someone’s name in the party frames to heal them and can just hover over their name.
      #show Deluge
      cast @mouseoverui Deluge

      However, I never mastered those kind of macros and find them quite annoying actually.. but you might find it useful!

  4. Looking to make my first Cleric in the game. Have been playing a Rogue since Beta, figured it’s time to try a different class for a while.

    I just have a question for you.
    Are these specs still viable with the 1.6 release?

    Thank you in advance for your response. I’m going to be trying this spec and your 51 Inquisitor spec.


    • Yup, perfectly viable for 1.6 🙂

      • Thank you for the quick response 🙂

  5. I just turned lvl 50 as a lvl 51. I saw a video of the planar ceremony (youtube) and i dont think there is a way a lvl 51 sentinel can beat that. Any suggestion on a role to do say? keep in mind I have caster gear (pvp r2 gear i believe)

    Thanks a lot

  6. Thanks a lot, I will try that as a third role and see how well I can perform 🙂

  7. Please tell me you are still healing in rift (although it doesn’t look like it). Love your step by step guides and hope you update for 1.11 and beyond.

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