Ability Overview: Inquisitor

October 24, 2011

Hello everyone, the purpose of this guide is to present to you all the abilities that a certain soul have. It is designed so that you can search an ability by its name or gain a rough understanding of what a certain soul offers. I will start off this series with the Inquisitor soul.


  • Nuke: Straight damage
  • DoT – Damage over time
  • AoE – Area of Effect
  • Inq – Inquisitor
  • GCD – Global Cooldown
  • SP – Spell Power
  • SC – Spell Crit

Inquisitor overview: Primary ranged single target dps soul of clerics. This soul also does great with AoE damage.

Damage Damage listed are max possible tooltip damage. This does not affect damage in game.

Nuke – Bolt of Judgment (BoJ): Deals 122 to 126 life damage at rank 10. Cast time 1.5 secs (2.0 secs unmodified) 30 meter range. Obtained at 0 point in inquisitor.

  • Castigation: 5/5 – reduce casting time of BoJ by 0.5 seconds.

DoT – Vex: Deals 398 death damage over 15 seconds at rank 10 Instant. 30 meter range.

  • Contempt: 2/2 – Vex heals you for 90% of the damage done. Requires 10 point into Inq.
  • Mental Resilience: 5/5 Vex and Sanction Heretic spells do 50% additional damage. Requires 20 points into Inq.
  • Ritual Judgment – Increase spell power bonus of Vex and Sanction Heretic by 5%, plus additional 4% per point spent into Inq soul past 36. Req 36 point into Inq.

DoT – Sanction Heretic: Deals 128-132 life damage instantly and additional 243 life damage over 15 seconds at rank 10. Instant. 30 meter range. Requires 2 point into Inq. Cooldown 15 secs.

  • Mental Resilience: 5/5 Vex and Sanction Heretic spells do 50% additional damage. Requires 20 points into Inq.

DoT – Bolt of Depravity (BoD): deals 190 to 203 death damage instantly and additional 30% of its damage over 4 seconds at rank 9. Requires 4 points into Inq.

  • Symbol of Corruption: 5/5 BoD cause an additional 30% of its damage over 4 seconds. Req 10 points into Inq.
  • Life and death Concord: 5/5 BoJ, Sanction heretic and Nysyr’s Rebuke have a 30% chance to cause your next BoD to become instant cast and also give BoD a 10 second cooldown.

AoE – Soul Drain: Hits 3 enemies within 7 meters of the cleric, each enemy hit deals 108 death damage to up to 4 enemies within 7 meters at rank 7. Req 14 points into Inq. Cast time 2 secs, cooldown 10 secs.

  • Clinging Spirit: 2/2 Soul Drain increases the magic damage each enemy takes by 7% for 10 seconds.

AoE – Circle of Oblivion: Cause 7 enemies over 7 meters to take 371 death damage over 6 seconds. Channeled ability, 30 meter ranged. Requires 30 point into Inq.


Slow – Impede – Snare enemy by 30% for 7 seconds. No GCD trigger. Req 8 points into Inq. Instant cast, cooldown 1 second.

Knockback – Excommunicate – Knock enemy back, deals 93-97 damage at rank 6. Instant. Cooldown 30 second. Req 20 points into Inq.

AoE Fear – Trepidation – Fear all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Instant. Cooldown 1 minute. Req 26 points into Inq.

Confuse – Bewilder – Confuse a single enemy for 8 seconds, effect is broken by damage. Cast time 1.5 seconds. Req 20 points into Inq.

Stun – Nysyr’s Rebuke – Deal 278 life damage at rank 1 and stun the enemy for 3 seconds. Channeled. Cooldown 1 min. Req 51 point into Inq.

Combat Buffs

Crit – Fanaticism – Cause the cleric’s next life or death spell to criticially hit. Last for 30 seconds. Does not trigger GCD. 45 second cooldown. Req 25 points into Inq.


Stat increase – Armor of Treachery – Increase armor by 215 and endurance by 50 at rank 5. Last for 1 hr. Req 6 points into Inq.

Stat increase – Armor of Devotion – Increase SP and SC by 42. Last for 1 hr. Req 5 points into Inq.

Stat increase – Armor of Awakening – Increase spell damage by 5%, critical hit chance by 5%, mana regeneration rate by 10% and also increase the damage the cleric takes by 5%.

Control Immunity – Perseverance – Grant ally immunity to the next fear effect (or all control effects if 20 point into Inq) used against them. Cooldown 2 min. Req 12 point into Inq.

Damage Shield – Shroud of Agony – When the cleric is hit, there is a 20% chance that the cleric deals 44 death damage to all nearby enemies over 6 seconds.  Req 44 points into Inq.

Passive Buffs (not specific, specific ones listed under damage)

Crit chance – Inner Focus – 5/5 Increase the critical hit chance of your damaging spells by 5%.

Crit amount – Fanatic’s Faith – 5/5 Increase your critical hit damage and healing bonus by 20%. Req 5 into Inq.

Mana cost – Unholy Tutelage – 5/5 Reduce mana cost of your damaging spells by 10%. Req 5 into Inq.

Dmg increase – Corporal Punishment – 5/5 Life/Death damage abilities have 50% chance to increase the damage of next life/death based abilities by 15% for 5 seconds. Req 25 points.


Purge – Remove 2 of enemy’s buffs. Req 10 point into Inq. Cooldown 10 sec.

Damage increase – Spiritual Deficiency – Increase the magical damage an enemy takes for 7%. Last for 1 minute. 30 meter range. Req 18 points into Inq.

Mana regen – Aggressive Renewal – Deals 139 death damage over 3 seconds and restore 381 mana to the cleric every second at rank 7. Channeled. Cooldown 1 min, 30 meter range. Req 10 point into Inq.

Reduce Threat – Divine pardon – Reduce cleric’s threat by 90%. Cooldown 2 min. Req 38 into Inq.


Harsh Discipline – Deals 278 death damage to enemy and heal the cleric for the damage done over 3 seconds at rank 6. Channeled. Cooldown 30 secs. 30 meter range. Req 15 points into Inq.


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  2. Does Spiritual Deficiency stack with Clinging Spirits

    • yes but spiritual deficiency gets overwritten on raids by other classes

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