Healing 5 man–T2 Expert Abyssal Precipice

October 24, 2011

AP is one of the shorter T2 dungeons thankfully. The last boss is a bit tricky but the rest are quite straight forward.

1. Kaler Andrenos – Tank Heals – Med to High, AoE Heals – Med to High, Situation Awareness – Med

  • He will summon white circles randomly on someone, move out of the white circle. This is also a hint that Kaler will emote soon and you will need to line of sight him or he will one shot you.
  • Kaler stands next to a cave, tanks will sometime position him at the entrance to the cave, a good line of sight spot is the wall to the right of the cave entrance.
  • Kaler will emote and being casting Icy Explosion, when he finishes casting it and you are not out line of sight, you will be killed instantly.
  • The need to line of sight the boss can create a problem for tank healing if you don’t get in line of sight of the tank quick enough. Be prepared for this, pop a cooldown if you need.
  • Occasionally, Kaler will put an AoE on someone and damage those group members nearby. Be ready to pop your group heals for this.

2. Icetalon – Tank heals – Med, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Low

  • Put your back against the wall and you don’t need to move for the rest of the fight.
  • Icetalon will charge a random group members and/or lift them up into the air and throw them down. Be ready to single target heal these unfortunate group members as need.
  • Largely a tank and spank fight, there might be some dots that needs to be cleansed but nothing major.

3. Majolic the Bloodwalker – Tank Heals – Med to High, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Low, Cleanse – High!

  • Majolic has two abilities – Bood Contagion, a very powerful dot he put on a group member that needs to be cleansed asap or it will spread. The icon for it looks like a face with 3 dots on it. Have a single target cleanse for this and an AoE cleanse for this when it spreads.
  • He will also randomly put a group member into a crystal. This can be avoided if you line of sight him the moment he emotes. There is a tree stump near where Majolic is that you can stand nearby and line of sight the boss. You have to be quick though if you want to avoid being crystallized.
  • In the event you get crystallized a healer, make sure there is someone else in the party that can cleanse/heal or if not then pray your dps know what their doing and pop your group heals/AoE cleanse when you get out of the crystal.

4. Renthar – Tank Heals – Med, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Med

  • Renthar has two abilities: Frozen Yeti and a ground AoE.
  • Frozen Yeti is when he charges the person furthest away from him. As a healer, try not to stand too far from the boss or you might get charged and take damage.
  • Don’t stand too close either as Renthar will cleave and kill you if you stand right in front of him or stand in the path he runs back after he charged someone.

5. Calyx the Ancient –Tank Heals – High, AoE Heals- Very High, Situation Awareness – Very High

  • This is a very difficult fight as it requires you move constantly and heal massive AoE damage at the same time while avoiding lasers and ground effects.
  • Sent/Warden is the best for this due to mobility, you might want a support for AoE heals as well.
  • Soon after you engage Calyx, he will have lasers that go from him to one of the thingies in his area. These lasers move clockwise, if you get hit, you will be slowed and take massive damage.
  • What you want do is chase one of the lasers and follow it around. This way you are constantly moving and not at risk of the ground effect he puts on you.
  • The ground effect is a whirlpool that Calyx puts on a random party member, you need to move out of it immediately or you will be encased in an ice crystal and at risk of coming into contact with the laser and die.
  • If this is not enough, every once in awhile Calyx will cast Frozen Wrath, which is accompanied by an emote. This will take everyone down to 20%.
  • Party members have a few seconds after Frozen Wrath hits before they take anymore AoE damage, so this is a good time to top the tank off before healing the rest of the party.
  • Lastly, the boss also cast a damage shield on himself that will damage attacking players if not purged. If your dps is not so smart, they might kill themselves, especially if the shield is up after a Frozen Wrath…
  • If party members die, don’t panic! I have done this fight with all the DPS dead and it was just me and tank..duoing him. Took a long time for sure but it can be done!

One comment

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