Build of the week: The Elite soloer

October 30, 2011

Hello everyone, this spec has being floating around sometime in the cleric forums but no one has actually wrote a guide on it. With Ember Isle coming in 1.6, which will introduce tougher mobs on the level of elites, I thought this might be a good time to give a proper introduction to this spec.

All credits for this build goes to Jonchron on the official forums, in the thread where he/she talks about soloing normal AP.


What is this build used for?

This build is used for soloing elites/tough mobs. Duracell is a very nice all rounded spec (especially for AoE farming of weak mobs) but it tends to do so well against elites. You lose out some very nice abilities (vex, soul drain, purge) in the inquisitor tree in exchange for more points in the shaman tree for additional single target dps and a very nice buff (Vengeance of the Primal North) that will enhance both your single target and AoE dps.

 The Build

44 shaman/22 justicar/0 sentinel 

The macros

Single target

#show Massive Blow
cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Censure
cast Massive Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Crushing Blow


#show Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt 
cast Fated Blow
cast Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Even Justice

Conviction Builder

#show bolt of radiance
cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Fated Blow
cast Jolt
cast Bolt of Radiance
cast Censure
cast Sovereignty
cast Strike of Judgment

Mana Regen

#show Ageless Ice
cast Ageless Ice
cast Purpose


#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Doctrine of Loyalty


Courage of the Jaguar– increase dex by 40
Vengeance of the Primal North – melee abilities deal additional 26 air damage to up to 3 enemies.
Mien of Leadership/Mien of Honor as you see fit (Leadership for survival against hard hitting mobs)
Heart type of resistance buffs
(fire mountain for ember isle most likely)
Reparation/Righteous Mandate if you not soloing

Temp Buffs/Abilties (have these on hotbar)

These abilities are not macroed but rather used as situation arises.

Battle Charge – against casters
Provoke – Used to pull mobs without aggroing nearby mobs
Rage of the North – when you need to do massive dps – 100% crit for next 7 seconds.
Glacial Shield – I typically use this before pull.


I typically cast Glacial Shield on myself and then either use Provoke to pull or just charge in using Battle charge. Spam aoe/single target macro as you see fit. The single target macro uses Censure to generate convictions while the AoE macro uses Even Justice to generate convictions. If you need additional convictions, then spam the conviction building macro.


You will definitely want a 2hander for this setup as it has the maximum weapon damage, you will want to put a Invigorating Runeshard on it for maximum crit (gives 100 melee crit – 50 melee + 50 spell that is converted into melee). Also apply a Burning Powerstone if you can afford it.

In terms of the rest of the gear, you want to reach the crit soft cap of 45% as much as possible since you will be soloing with this build. That is about 1100 crit. This will ensure about 100% uptime on your Jolt ability, which represents a significant chunk of your overall DPS.  Here is a good discussion the importance of crit for shamans.

For survival purposes, having a piece or two of tanking gear with toughness on it wouldn’t hurt either for hard hitting mobs.  

For trinkets, I would suggest either Insignia of the Deep (+440 spell crit for 15 seconds) or Glob of Crystallized Blood (+130 sp for 30 seconds). A healing trinket wouldn’t hurt either as it would proc with Salvation. Two easily obtainable ones are Sacred Heirloom of Eth or Spirit Wolf Totem.

For your sigil/sourcemachine, fill it with Lesser Essences that give high crit. Maybe Necrotic Rage as a Greater Essence for a Guardian. Otherwise, 6 Lessers will do fine.

For your synergy crystal (if you have 4 pieces of T1 raid gear), look for either Justicar (increase Salvation’s Healing by 50%) for tougher mobs or Shaman(increase physical damage by 5%) for easier mobs.    


  1. more-or-less right, but you should have courage of the eagle up not jaguar as dex increases AP, crit and dodge whereas wisdom increases AP crit dodge and parry. in addition eagle provides a bigger bonus to all those stats, except crit, than jaguar.

  2. Eagle:
    AP – 1337
    Dodge 548
    Parry 811
    Crit 564

    AP 1327
    Dodge 585
    Parry 793
    Crit 585

    So some gain in crit and loss in AP as well as gains in dodge while loss in parry when switching from eagle to jaguar.

  3. The bonus to dodge is suprior in terms of actual %evantion than the bonus to parry with eagle and overall dps tends to increase with this build running jag.

    Hence jag > eag

  4. You waste a GCD on that crappy Glacial Shield? It’s not on my hotbar nor in my macros. Its scaling is so poor that it’s fine for the 1st 20 levels or so but after that it’s not and it’s definitely not worth casting at 50.

    • Not waste of a GCD if you use it before pull 🙂

      • Perhaps not, just a waste of mana then 😉 My Reparation keeps me healed up just fine without Glacial Shield. TBH I stopped even putting a point in it anymore.

  5. ST macro looks wrong to me, this one will give much higher survivability.

    #show Massive Blow
    cast Glory of the Chosen
    cast Jolt
    cast Fated Blow
    cast Massive Blow
    cast Lightning Hammer
    cast Sovereignty
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Strike of Judgement

    Also use Frozen Deep One Tear as greater essence, and if you can get them Hailstorm Tideshard and Token of Warding trinket.

    Also use courage of the eagle, Jolt, BoR,Sov,VotWS, LH DoT and your casted heals all depend on spell power, the more the better.

    Finally drop the point in reparation, it does nothing for you in a solo spec, add the spare point into more armor. To tank in groups if you wish to, pop MoL to make threat, but still do not use reparation you want to focus all the shield procs from greater and trinket onto yourself.

  6. Hi, i have two macros, one is for single target to maximize dps while the other one is to generate convictions. The single target macro generates enough convictions while soloing and if I need extra convictions I will just spam my conviction macro.

    Crushing Blow does alot of damage and have no cooldowns. On a parsing dummy (not reflective of a real fight of course since you don’t have a heal yourself) it came 2nd to Jolt making up 13% of the total damage. https://dulfycleric.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/51-shaman-parse.jpg

    Using courage of the eagle/jaguar is really a personal preference I think. I like the extra crit it provides, but some may prefer more sp.

    I also went for all crit lessers to maximize dps since I didn’t have much survival issues. I guess you could utilize those shield procing essences if you are having trouble.

    The suggestion on dropping reparation is excellent. However I do run as a support with this spec in T2s so I find it useful somewhat.

    All in all, very good suggestions, I will let the readers decide what they want to do- either more dps or survability 🙂

    I am having a blast soloing Ember Isle on PTS with this build atm. Those 13 k hp mobs going down quick and I can pull 5-6 of them without risky death!

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  10. cast Glory of the Chosen
    cast Jolt
    cast Fated Blow

    Should all be at the end of the macro, after your spam, for they are off the GCD and will fill in the CD time with more attacks/heals.

  11. Why do u have reparation in a solo build?

    • I can use this in groups as a support class and soemtimes when I group up to do stuff in ember isle I also use this. Hence the point in reparation is useful.

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  13. Is this build still viable in 1.7?

    • and what crit lessers would you use?…would it matter if it has more int than wis?

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