Alternative to the level by level healing guide! (sent/purifier route)

October 31, 2011

Hello everyone, I have received a couple of requests to make an alternative leveling guide that does not involved sent/warden so here it is one for sent/purifier. Here is the sent/warden leveling guide.

Level 15 – The Realm of the Fae

Build: 15 sentinel/5 purifier

We went deep into the sentinel tree to get Healing Grace, Healing Communion, a rez, and Touch the Light. In the purifier tree we have Healing Flame, a faster heal than Healing Grace.

Tank Healing: Use Healing Spray from 0 point warden ability for the HoT. Your single target heals at this point can be either Healing Grace or Healing Flame, depending on which one you like the best. One is a faster cast but heals for less. You might want to macro Touch the Light to one of them for O-shit moments. Use Healing Breath as often as possible to top people off.

AoE Healing: Healing Communion will be your AoE heal. Macro to Touch of the Light to this if you like for instant AoE heal to save your party!

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Healing Communion

Level 17 – The Iron Tomb

Build: 16 sentinel/6 purifier

Pretty much same as level 15, except we have a new ability called Healing Invocation in the sentinel tree. It is a very big heal, only issue is that it has a 3 second cast time. So exchange its use with Healing Flame if you need. Use Healing Invocation for tank healing and use Healing Breath to top other party members off or to deal with spike damage on the tank.

You also have a cleanse ability from the sentinel tree, make a macro like this.

#show Cleansing Prayers
cast @mouseover Cleansing Prayers

Level 21 – Darkening Deeps

Build: 21 sentinel/6 purifier

You gained the new ability – Healer’s Covenant. This one is super useful tank saver so learn to use it well!. It will prevent 40% of incoming damage for 10 seconds. Use it when you see large spike in tank’s health to help mitigate the damage until you can top him/her off.

Your Healing Breath now heals 2 other party members at 60% effectiveness so it is good to top multiple people off.

Level 24 – The Deepstrike Mines

Build: 24 sentinel/7 purifier

Not much new here, you gain an AoE cleanse from the sentinel tree called Empowering Light.

Your Healing Invocation now has a HoT component to it as well. This should help mitigate some of the damage.

Level 28 – Foul Cascade

Build : 28 sentinel/9 purifier

Yay for 3/3 Serendipity! This ability will make your healing job much much easier and allow you pretty much use only Healing Invocation. You also get Divine Call, a save butt AoE heal with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Tank Healing: Use Healing Invocation, Healer’s Covenant if need to help mitigate spike damage. Healing Breath to top people off. Cast Healing Spray on the tank to help proc Serendipity.

AoE Healing: Healing Communion with Serendipity proc or Divine call if it is up.

Level 33 – King’s Breach

Build: 32 sentinel/12 purifier

You get two nice abilities – Healer’s Haste and Life’s Return. Life’s Return is going to be your battle rez while Healer’s Haste is nice in a pinch if you need super fast heals. We are done with the sentinel tree and the rest of the levels are you putting your points into the purifier tree.

Level 38 – Runic Descent

Build: 32 sentinel/18 purifier

Two nice abilites – Ward of Ancestors and Searing Transfusion. Ward of Ancestors is used pre-pull as it generates almost no aggro and it acts as a nice bubble to mitigate the initial damages. Searing Infusion can be used when you see the tank is taking a lot of damage. It give a nice hp boost and small HoT.

If you are good, you can maintain Ward of Ancestors on 2-3 people, one on the tank and rest on DPS that tends to pull aggro.

Level 42- Latern Hook

Build: 32 sentinel/ 24 purifier (note the point distribution in the 32 sentinel is different so you will need to respec)

With 5/5 into Ancestral Flames, you are ready to transition into using Restorative Flame as your big heal rather than Healing Invocation. The reason for this is that Restorative Flame give you a nice bubble on the tank to mitigate the damage between two subsequent casts and this bubble scales nicely with spell power, which you will get a lot once you have decent gear.

With Restorative Flame being your big heal now, you can take the points away from HI and use it somewhere else. In this build I moved points to reduce mana costs and AoE heal effectiveness.

A nice ability you get its Latent Blaze. Cast it on your tank and yourself and this can save you both sometimes!

Another nice ability is Flashover. You will want to create a macro like this for save butt button on the tank!

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast Restorative Flame

Tank healing: Ward of Ancestors before the pull. Maintain Latent Blaze all the time on the tank and yourself. Spam Restorative Flame on tank. Use Healer’s Covenant and/or save butt macro if need!

Level 48 – AP/CC

Build: 32 sentinel/32 purifier

Fiery Blessing is the new ability you get. It makes your heals crit. I macro it with Healer’s Haste as whenever I want fast heals I prolly want heals that crit too!

#show Healer’s haste
cast Healer’s Haste
cast Fiery Blessing

Level 50 – Final Build.

Build : 33 sentinel/33 purifier

Surging Flames is the final ability you get. Its nice for AoE heals in 5 mans and sometimes in raids. It will boost your hps in raids for sure.

So in summary, keep Latent Blaze and Surging Flames on the tank (Latent Blaze on yourself as well). You have 3 save butts – Healer’s Covenant, Macro 1 and Macro 2.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast Restorative Flame

#show Healer’s haste
cast Healer’s Haste
cast Fiery Blessing





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  3. This guide may or may not be outdated, but i still used it step by step. I have heard only praise from Tanks in group on my healing. Excellent work. I hope you keep the guides current. Thanks for your time and effort, in helping a long time dps’er turn into healz.

    • Thank you! It is still fairly current! 🙂

      • I have come across many nice one hand weapons and off hands in respect to healer stats. Which do you prefer, 2 handed weapons or 1 hand/1off hand? I know i should go with whatever gives me more of a boost, but what are you using in end game content?

  4. I am using a 2hander -Soulpyre – drop from HK. (Soulrender Zlias). Going with the one with better stats is always good, although 2hander do give a boost to melee clerics like shamans.

  5. is this still useful for 1.7?

    what is easier to play, this build or sent/warden ?

    what build use less mana? (im lvl 37)

  6. Love this build. I’m at level 44 and my usual tank won’t even let me queue dps any more. Thanks and hopefully i’ll get to play as cabalist again some day hehe

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