Info on PTS about Tier 2 Planar Attunement (Clerics)–updated Nov 11!

November 2, 2011

Tier 2 Planar Attunement has being released on the PTS! However, since you need to fill Tier 1 PA of the same type before you can see the Tier 2 ones. the information is coming in pieces. I will update this post as soon as I get more info. All the information here came from helpful posters on the official forums and none of it its my info!

Here is what we know so far

Unlocking tier 2 requires completely filling each hex of the previous tier. So, to unlock Fire tier 2, you’d completely fill all of fire tier 1.
Each Tier 2 Attunement has:

  • Two hexes for each of the weapon masteries in the tier below.
  • Three ward hexes of three ranks each that reduce damage from rift creatures of that type by 1/2/3% (125/175/225)
  • One hex of +resist with thee ranks (75/100/125)
  • Five +stat hexes of three ranks each, identical to the previous tier (100/130/170)
  • One major lure hex (200)


Each tier 2 type will give you a teleport to a zone in the game. Currently these teleports have no cooldowns but that is subject to change.

Earth – Stonefield.

Fire – Stonefield (might be bugged – probably Ember Isle)

Water – Moonshade

Death – Gloomwood

Air – Droughtlands

Life – Scarwood

Special abilities

Fire – Flaring Glyph – Increase spellpower by 160 for 2 hrs (DO NOT STACK WITH BURNING POWERSTONE -  confirmed by dev)


Earth Earth shards– 23 damage on block


Death – Vampiric Essence – Give damage abilities the chance to return 10% of the damage in healing for 2 hrs.


Air – Wind Glyph – increase wisdom by 30 for 2 hrs.


Water – Icy Glyph – increase mana by 300 for 2 hrs.


Life – Shimmering Glyph – Spell crits have a 50% chance to deal addition 249 physical damage for 2 hrs.


Fluff abilities

Earth – Safehall – take less damage from falling

Air – Windsprint – 2% unmounted movement speed

Fire – Fire spurs – 2% mounted movement speed

Water – Wave rider – increase swim speed by 5%

Death – Gravewalk – increase movement speed while soul walking by 5%

Life – Swift Saddle – reduce time to mount by 5%


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  2. So… is there a reason to do anything but fire? I need a respec.

  3. Looks like fire is the way to go, which kind sucks because I totally did not spec into fire at all..

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  5. Do you think Air or Fire is the way to go for a Healing Cleric?

    • Hey, the special abilities from both air and fire are very meh are best. None of them stack with burning powerstone. Putting points into air give you wis while putting points into fire give you int.

      That being said, if you want to save plat on burning powerstones, the fire ability – flaring glyph is handy when soloing/grouping etc and having some int isn’t bad for the extra spell crit. I would go with fire first 🙂

      • Thank you for your input =-D

  6. Wis gives you more spellpower then Int while you using powerstone (1wis = 0.75sp vs. 1int = 0.25sp). This fact makes fire tier useless for me (making Air as only choice). 30wis is even great for soloing, but for raids, you need use powerstone anyways.

  7. So air for an dps inquisitor cleric is best then?

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