Cleric changes on the PTS–Nov 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

Zinbik, the cleric dev has posted the following on the cleric section of the official forums. They are currently on the PTS and will be in Live servers by 1.6


The non-Justicar Cleric changes currently on the PTS are:

  • Spirit of the Wood: Now properly matches the description, no longer affecting the pet’s auto attacks.


  • Clinging Spirit: Now also applied by Bolt of Depravity.
  • Nysyr’s Rebuke: No longer suffers from pushback.


  • Serendipity: Now properly applies to the next spell cast immediately after proccing.


  • Lightning Hammer: Lightning may now Critically Hit.
  • Bitter Wind: Reduced the cooldown to 10 seconds.

The nice change is in the Inq section, Clinging spirit, which used to be attached solely to Soul Drain (needs to be in melee range for this), is now part of Bolt of Depravity! It is more of a convenience factor, but still nice!

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