Inquisitor Spell Coeffcients (WIP)

November 3, 2011

Hello everyone, here is a list of spell coeffcients for the Inquisitor class. This is still a WIP so I am taking feedbacks to make it better.

The formula is based on a guide on Bluedots for mages

It is essentially Spell coefficient = (Real damage – base damage)/spell power * 100

Real damage is taken at 3 different SP values. Base damage is either based on tooltip or based on naked SP (Level 50 naked character with no gear). Coefficent calculated based on tooltip is labeled as Calc while coefficients calculated based on the naked SP is labeled as Ncalc. Average of 3 values is taken as the final spell coeffcient. (NCalc is usually the more accurate number as the tooltip damage doesn’t change for some talents – i.e. Mental Resilience  from Inq- Thanks for Noshei for pointing it out)

For DoTs I simply included the total damage of all ticks combined, not per tick. The tooltip shows the total damage for DoTs so I thought it would make more sense to do this as well.

I did not make coefficient adjustments for spells with casting times. This was not done for the mage coefficient list and I did not see a good reason to do so for the clerics.

Here are the values : *values are those with talents – 51 points build

Spell name Calc Ncalc
Sanction Heretic (initial) 29.98 30.01
Sanction Heretic (DoT) 29.91 30.25
Sanction Heretic*(initial) 77.93 74.11
Sanction Heretic*(DoT) 81.06 74.21
Vex 30.82 30.65
Vex* 87.73 75.82
BoJ 39.92 39.96
BoD 59.89 59.94
Harsh Discipline 65.54 65.26
Aggressive Renewal 91.38 86.91
Excommunicate 22.44 22.51
Soul Drain 39.92 39.96
Circle of Oblivion 122.44 122.13
Nysyr’s Rebuke 159.69 160.04

Difference between Calc and NCalc for Vex* and SH* are due to Mental Resilience talent from inquisitor, which give 50% more damage to these two DoTs and is not reflected in the tooltip.

One comment

  1. Off of these values do you think that with extreme values of SP ~2k-3k unraid buffed to increase our dmg we will have to stop casting BoJ and switch to BoD as our constant repeated cast?

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