Build of the Week: The Head Turner (51 Cab/11 inquisitor/4 warden)

November 4, 2011

Hello everyone, this week I thought I would introduce a rather niche build that will produce some of the highest DPS numbers for the cleric calling on fights with a lot of adds/enemy players. (Hence the name Head Turner!)


Most of the information came from this discussion thread – I just consolidated the information in an easier to read format.

This build is a rather niche build as it scales badly for single target damage but on AOE fights it really shinies! You won’t be using it much doing 5 man dungeons (maybe clearing trash) but it is useful in certain raid situations and warfronts (i.e. port scion and library of the runemaster comes to mind).

Raid situations where this build is super nice

  • HK: Matron, Zlias, Vlad
  • GSB: all bosses except for Johlen and Hylas. On Lord Greenscale it is quite nice!
  • RoS: Herald and Alsbeth
  • DH: Hydriss

The build : 51 cab/11 inquisitor/4 warden

If you find yourself constantly running out of mana, then point the 11th point in the inquisitior tree for Aggressive Renewal rather than Armor of Devotion.

51 points into a Cabalist is a must for decent dps. There are variations on what souls to pair with it but the general consensus (from numbers tested by people) is that the 51 cab/11 Inq/4 warden build is quite nice!

Numbers (source)

Spec 1: 51 cab, 11 Inq, 4 sent
Spellpower: 1239
Spell Crit: 667
Decay: 414, 753
Tyranny: 255, 437
Obliterate: 512, 871
Distorted Shadows: 603, 1030
Shadow’s Touch: 610, 1601

Spec 2: 51 Cab, 11 Inq, 4 Ward
Spellpower: 1195
Spell Crit: 667
Decay: 456, 774
Tyranny: 264, 458
Obliterate: 512, 871
Distorted Shadows: 627, 989
Shadow’s Touch: 913, 1553

Spec 3: 51 Cab, 10 Sent, 5 Ward
Spellpower: 1208
Spellcrit: 625
Decay: 441, 794
Tyranny: 272, 467
Obliterate: 550, 1002
Distorted Shadows: 591, 1008
Shadow’s Touch: 917, 1567


Unlike melee builds like druid/shaman, this build does not use a lot of macros. Here are some basic ones if you like to use them. This build is all about smashing the right button at the right time!

Single target macro (strictly single target and no more than 2 mobs)

#show Curse of Discord
cast Curse of Discord
cast Distorted Shadows
cast Shadow’s Touch

Have Obliterate on a button next to the macro above and use it whenever you get the maximum decays (3) if the fight is strictly single target with no or very little adds.

AoE Macro

#show Bound Fate
cast Bound Fate
cast Shadow’s Touch

Super AoE macro (use only when you need burst AoE dps)

#show Sign of Asias
cast Sign of Asias
cast Tyranny

Have a separate button for Tyranny and use it only when you have 3 decays up. While building up decays, use the macros for Bound Fate and Shadow Touch. Bound fate hits 5 targets so definitely use it when there are a lot of adds around.

For fights where you need to move (i.e. during Zlias beam phase in HK), use this macro (or just spam tyranny/obliterate)

Movement macro

#show sanction heretic
cast sanction heretic
cast vex

In addition to these damaging abilities, you have a lot of useful other ones. Check this page for a list of all cabalist abilities with descriptions.

  • Use Maelstrom if you need to pull mobs together to AoE (works on players too!)
  • Sigil of Binding is nice for Vlad fight.
  • Sigil of Secrecy/Ruin is nice for PvP.
  • Use Dark Passage if you need to get out of an AoE circle on the ground quickly.
  • Use Vile Power when you are about 65% mana, it will pop you right back up!



  1. under 1800 sp think you want Sanction Heretic in your Single target macro.
    and you missed dark waters!

    Distorted Shadows is cancled if you mash the macro so worth keeping out if your a button spammer!

    I have been using

    #show Curse of Discord
    cast Curse of Discord
    cast sanction heretic
    cast dark waters
    cast Obliterate
    cast Shadow’s Touch
    cast vex

    has 4 instants for movment
    Distorted Shadows on cool

    its only a 20-30 dps boost on an already rubbish single target soul but… every little helps!

    • Hey the reason why i left out vex/sanction heretic and dark waters is according to what others have posted, having them in the single target macro actually lowers your dps and you should only them when you are moving. I havn’t test that myself to see if it is true and it was a conclusion drawn on by a couple people in that thread I referenced.

      • If you only want to cast them while you’re moving… Then put them past Shadow’s Touch in the macro order… No need to have two buttons.

        #show Shadow’s Touch
        cast Curse of Discord
        cast Dark Waters
        cast Obliterate
        cast Shadow’s Touch
        cast Sanction Heretic
        cast Vex

        Like so.

  2. […] build and discussion on 51 Cabalist, please see this guide […]

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