How to install ACT (Advanced Combat Tracker)

November 6, 2011

Hello everyone, here is a quick and simple guide on how to install ACT for Rift!

Setting Up ACT 101

1. The first step is very important!! While you are in Rift, you need to type /combatlog (you must do this everytime you startup Rift but there is a trick to do it one time only – see below)

2. Go to www.advancedcombatracker.com  and click on download and download the following: Advanced Combat Tracker – Setup actsetup1

3. Click on the ACTv3-Setup.exe file you just downloaded and go through the installation procedure.

4. Open up the ACT you just installed! There should be a startup wizard to greet you. If not click on Options Tab –> Show Startup Wizard


5. Click on Next – it should give you this screen. Press 1. Get available parsing plugin, select (48) Rift Parsing Plugin (ACTv3) ad then press 2. Use this plugin


6. Click on Next, A pop up screen will ask – Will ACT be used for Everquest II? Select NO.  A window will pop up asking to locate the log file. For me it is in Local Disk C: –> Program Files (x86) –> Rift Game –> Combatlog.txt (this won’t show up if you don’t follow the first step!!). It should be in the folder you installed Rift in.


7. Click Next and then Close!

Tips and Tricks with ACT

How to paste parse of current into ACT

  • Press Ctrl V in game to post the parse after a fight. Yes it is that simple!

How to paste parses from a previous encounter

  • In the Main tab of ACT, right click on an encounter and select Paste to Clipboard and paste this into in game chat.


How to never have to type /combatlog again

  1. Browse to your Rift Game folder
  2. Edit the file rift.cfg
  3. Fine the line that says “LogCombatConsole = False”
  4. Change it to “LogCombatConsole = True”
  5. Restart Rift

How to see your own parse break down

  • On the Main tab, left side of that window, you will see many things. They are called encounters. Click on the + sign to expand an encounter and select the + on your name.


  • Then click on Outgoing damage, it will give you a break down of your damaging abilities and allow you to see how much dps each ability account for


  • For heals, it is going to be Healed (Out)


  • To see an individual ability’s heal or dps, click on the name of that ability and ACT will show a log of when the ability is used and how much it hit/healed for.

How to see what killed you

  • Same thing as before, click on a specific encounter, click under your name, open it up, now click on Incoming damage –> All
  • It will show everything that hit you. The hit before an entry that says Killing should be the ability that killed you. The hits near an entry give you an idea of the timeframe of your death


How to Merge Encounters

  • Say sometimes you are interested in more than one encounter, you might want to see all 8 attempts on a boss. What you need to do is on the bottom left of ACT main tab, click on Show Checkboxes (Merge/Delete)actsetup6
  • All the encounters should have a checkbox next to them now, check the ones you want to merge, then at the bottom click on Merge Checked


  • It will take a moment, then you need to scroll way up and at the time it will have something called Import/Merge


How to View previous parses

  • Say you have a great parse from two days ago and you want to view it and praise yourself for an awesome job. However, you closed your ACT and now you can’t see it anymore. Don’t panic
  • Click on Import/Export Tab in ACT and then select – Select File


  • Make sure you select the right log file! ACT breaks logs into smaller sizes and they are named with the date it started.
  • You can either choose to scan from beginning of the log and end at the end of the log or you can give a specific date for faster importing.
  • Give it a minute to import, it might take a while if you have a large log!

How to paste Heal parses

  • Click on the Options Tab, then select Text Export Settings, Click on Add Preset


  • The Text Export Formatting Window will pop up. For under Allies Formatting, Click on Edit Directly, and then copy and paste this

({duration}) {title}: {ENCHPS} {MAXHEALWARD}

  • Under Per-Combatant Formatting, do the same and copy and paste this

{n}{NAME3} | {ENCHPS}

  • Make sure under Sort Combatants by , Select EncHPS
  • Make sure to Click on Add Text Format Preset or it won’t be saved!


How to paste DPS parses

  • ACT is configured by default to paste DPS parses but once you setup pasting HPS parse, it overrides the fault. You now need to create a preset for pasting DPS parse.
  • Do the same as above, except for under Allies Formating, paste this

({duration}) {title}: {ENCDPS} {maxhit}

  • Under Per-Combatant Formatting, paste this

{n}{NAME3} | {ENCDPS}

How to setup triggers/Timers

Advanced – How to Calculate Spell timers (i.e. figure out how often an AoE hits)

  • This is used in conjunction with the previous How to on setting up triggers/timers
  • Open up the fight for a boss you are interested (i.e. Lord Greenscale, and right click on the ability you are interested in i.e. Noxious Fumes)


  • Choose Calculate spell timer at the bottom


  • A window will pop up, telling you exactly how many secs between each cast (in this case it was every 26 seconds)


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