Build of the week: The MT healer (51 purifier/15 sent)

November 7, 2011


Hello everyone,  I thought I would introduce another rather niche build for clerics. Each raid force will likely only have one, or at a maximum of two clerics supporting this build. The purpose of these cleric(s) is to help the tank absorb the incoming damage. These clerics won’t do much for AoE heals or top your hps meter, but they will keep the tank alive.

The usefulness of build comes into play at Lord Greenscale fight (healing debuff affecting all but purifier shields) and Matron in HK (very heavy damage, especially during the add phase). However, if your tank is taking heavy damage and dying a lot in other fights, this build might shine there as well.

Remember that tooltip only shows the heal/shield amount at 0 SP. These heal amounts are totally not accurate for the actual healing as purifier soul scales extremely well with high SP.

The Build: 51 puriifer/15 sentinel 

The other variation on this build is 51 purifier/10sent/5cab for the extra SP. However, Touch of the Light from 15 Sentinel is a huge tank saver and its benefits outshines the additional SP gain from the Cabalist soul.


This build has only three macros. First one is an instant cast Restorative Flame that crits. Its cooldown its every 45 seconds.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast Restorative Flame

Second one is Healing Flare coupled with Healing Breath. This can come in handy if you don’t need big heals and your Healing Breath its on cooldown.

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Healing Flare

Third one make your Latent Blaze restore your tank to full hp (or close to it)

#show Latent Blaze
cast Flashover
cast Latent Blaze


Purifier, unlike other souls, is heavily Spell Power (SP) dependent. This is because the absorption values of purifier are very SP dependent, especially past 36 points into purifier. To see why, examine these two abilities in the purifier tree.

Disciple of Flame

Ancestral Flame

Therefore, you want to gear heavily for SP. Your spell crit (SC) will suffer a bit as a result. You want SP based lesser essences and a greater essence for puifier. Here is a list of Lessers with the best SP ratios (last one is the purifier Greater Essence).

  • Last Rites (death vendor)
  • Living Hunt (life vendor)
  • Dark Rites (death vendor)
  • Pyro Spark (fire vendor)
  • Living River (water vendor)
  • Ancestral Soulstone

You will also want to grab the purifier synergy crystal if you have T1 raid gear. It only affects Ward of Ancestors but it is better than nothing.

Speaking of T1 raid set, Diona is the set with more SP but the difference between the two isn’t huge. See this link for a comparison of the two sets. I would recommend getting Shyla for everything but gloves and helm and then use Diona for those two for the extra SP. This will ensure you are not totally gimped on SC either.


Purifier is all about cooldowns. You will be casting two things constantly: Restorative Flames and Ward of Ancestors. Restorative Flame its your big heal with a shield attached to it that shields for 60% of your total SP. Ward of Ancestors is your instant ward with a cooldown timer of 20 seconds per target.

Here is a list of your useful cooldowns

  • Spiritual Conflagration – channeled heal for 4 seconds, in addition to a shield every second. Cooldown is 1 minute.
  • Rites of Ancestors – for the next 15 secs, a shield will form every 3 seconds if target is taking damage.  Cooldown is 1 min.
  • Caregiver’s Blessing – Your next 6 heals within 1 min will shield your target. Cooldown is 2 min.
  • Fiery Blessing – Your next 5 heals within 1 min will crit (most likely). Cooldown 2 min.
  • Searing Infusion – Increase your target’s hp by 25% of your hp for 10 seconds and heal them for that amount. Cooldown 1 min.
  • Touch the Light macro – cooldown 45 seconds.

Before pull: Before pulls, cast your Latent Blaze on your tanks, this is essentially a free heal if your tank goes down below 30% hp. This last for 5 minutes or until it is used up. Once used up, there is a time before you can cast it again on the same target. You can keep Latent Blaze on your MT (Main Tank), OT (Off Tank) and yourself but this might be too much work so just keep it on MT and OT if you can.

Next, you will want to cast Surging Flames on the MT. This will help out the healing of your OT and melee dps a bit and pad your hps meter by alot . Make sure you cast it on the tank you are healing or this won’t work.

On Pull: In most circumstances, you will want to pre-shield your tank before pull by casting Ward of Ancestors on him. This will help mitigate some of the damage on incoming. If the tank’s hp is not dropping too much, you can start off with your 3 second cast of Restorative Flame. If the tank’s hp is dipping a bit too fast for comfort, top him off with Healing Breath/Touch the Light macro and then cast RF. If the tank is taking big hits on incoming, then it is time to cast your Spiritual Conflagration followed by Searing Infusion followed by your RF.

Middle of the fight: If the tank is spiking quite a lot in the middle of the fight, then it is time to pop Rites of Ancestors and 15 seconds later (remember to chain cast RF in between) when Rites expires, cast your Caregiver’s Blessing. Don’t be afraid to use Fiery Blessing after Caregiver’s Blessing is used up. Spiritual Conflagration and Touch the Light macro has a shorter cooldown timer than others so don’t be afraid to interrupt your chain casts of RF if you see the tank just took a big hit and might not survive until your RF lands.

If the tank you assigned to heal is not taking much damage and healing is a breeze, you can also put Ward of Ancestors on other tanks/healers or people you suspect that are the mostly to die.

Special phases of the fight: Certain fights will require you to save your cooldowns for special moments in the fight. I will describe the two that comes in mind.

Lord Greenscale – Noxious Fumes is where the tank takes the most damage. Noxious fumes will tick the tank for a significant amount of damage as it is casting and apply a 75% healing debuff. It is casted every 26 –30 seconds or so. For the first one, you can tough it out with Spiritual Conflagration but it won’t be up for the 2nd cast. For the 2nd cast, you might want to pop Caregiver’s Blessing on the tank and then followed by Touch the Light macro and use Searing Infusion in the end. You can also use Fiery Blessing instead if Caregiver’s is not up. If you can, try apply a fresh Ward of Ancestors on the tank before the noxious fumes hits. Hopefully by the time the 3rd Noxious Fumes is cast, your Spiritual Conflagration will be up.

Matron – When Matron’s stack reach 27+, tanks will take some very heavy hits and may not survive the 3 seconds you have between casts. You don’t want to waste your good cooldowns here because the next phase is going to get even worse. Use Searing Infusion as need and if you must, pop Caregiver’s Blessing. Make sure your Searing Infusion has at least 30-40 seconds left on its timer. If you have not used any cooldowns before the babies spawn, here is how I did this fight.

When the person clicking the book clicks and there is about 5 seconds before the adds spawn (Wire’s Raidkiller addon may help you with the timer for this). Pop your Caregiver’s Blessing. Hopefully you have time to get one RF off for to have Ancestral Flame shield up as well. As soon the adds pop, pop Rites of Ancestors and wait about 2 seconds and then cast Spiritual Conflagration right now. The reason for the wait is that the adds may not attack the tank right away after spawning and you don’t want waste your Spiritual Conflagration if the tank isn’t taking damage for the first few seconds. After you finished with Spiritual Conflagration, then pop Searing Infusion and Touch the Light macro if need. If not then go back to chain casting Restorative Flame.

Depending on your DPS, the cooldowns should come back every time the babies spawn. Healer’s Convenant from Sentinel tree comes really handy as well but you might need to coordinate your other healers with this ability to make sure that they don’t overlap entirely and over protect the tank and not have anything when these cooldowns expire.



  1. One thing of note as a longtime Purifier healer. You should always combine Latent Blaze with Flashover on tanks, causing the Latent Blaze to auto-crit when activated.

  2. For the first fumes on LGS I recommend popping ttl and flashover and use RF before the last tick hits. That way your tank will only take one hit from fumes as the healing debuff is applied by the last tick, meaning your RF will put your tank to 100% again. Just so that you don’t have to waste those big cds early.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! Recently I had a chance to heal LGS again after the 1.6 warrior buff.. wow.. noxious fumes barely hurt him. This make the fight entirely trivial now.

      • Yeah the warrior tank buff sort of made deep puri useless

  3. […] adaptability. It is pretty much the tank healing build to have except in certain situations where 51 purifier might be better to handle the much larger spike […]

  4. do you recommend this build when MT healing in HK?

    5/11 HK
    4/4 RotP

  5. Why are your updates sooooo old?

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