Druid Love! (51 druid build)

November 9, 2011

Hey everyone! With patch 1.6 we will see some minor fixes to the much neglected druid soul. Hopefully, this soul will become popular than it is now. The purpose of this post is to introduce you to some possible druid builds and compare their DPS to other popular DPS builds.

1.6 changes to druid (source)

* Satyr: Now properly inherits the Cleric’s Focus, allowing Thorns of Asphodel to do proper damage in raids.
* Spirit of the Wood: Now properly works as described, and no longer affects the pet’s auto-attacks.

51 Druid build (use Satyr pet)

Build: 51 druid/11 Inq/4 shaman


Single target

#show Fervent Strike
petcast enraged assault
petcast satyr sweep
cast Combined Effort
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Eruption of Life
cast Bombard
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Fervent Strike
cast Vex


#show Wild Strike
cast wild strike
petcast enraged assault
petcast satyr sweep

Debuffs (useful for pvp)

#show Fervent Strike
petcast enraged assault
petcast satyr sweep
cast Slothful Spirit
cast Spiteful Spirit
cast Trickster spirit

Buffs and Cooldowns

There are a couple buffs you should have up at all times

  • Courage of the Jaguar (Shaman) – give 40 dex
  • Armor of Devotion (Inq) – Give 42 SC and SP
  • Crag Hammer (druid) – melee attacks deal 9 extra earth damage
  • Vengeance of the Winter Storm (Shaman) – deals 8 water damage with every melee attack

Cooldowns (each with 2 minute cooldown)

  • Natural Dedication – 5% increase to raid members for 30 secs (doesn’t stack with archon buffs)
  • Rage of the Fae – increase pet output damage/heals by 100% for next 15 seconds.
  • Strength of the Fae –  increase cleric’s melee damage by 50% and reduce damage intake for by 50% for next 10 seconds.
  • Fury of the Fae – This is actually a pet ability, increase sp/ap of raid members by 53 for 30 seconds with 10 second cooldown. You need to monitor this and reapply when it expires.

Use cooldowns as you see fit. If you need burst dps you can pop all 3 at once.

Temp buffs/heals/useful thingies

DPS comparison

51 druid tops the parse when compared with 51 shaman and 51 Inq in equivalent gear. The gear setup is T1 raid gear (Shyla) with the 2hander as the Soulpyre from Soulrender Zlias in HK.

51 Druid: 1.3 k

51 druid parse-better

51 Shaman/11 Inq/4 justicar:  1 k

51 shaman parse

51 Inq/10 sent/5 ward: ~ 1.2 k

51 inq parse


This 51 druid build is great for single target dps but it scales poorly in raids (for now) and have very little AoE dps. It does not self heal well but you have the option of calling the Greater Faerie pet which will heal you when you are soloing but at the cost of a significant amount of dps (Satyr pet accounts for 40% of your total dps). Druid DPS is also crit dependent, so you will want to get gear with a decent amount of SC and have Sigil/Sourcemachine specifically for SC.

It looks promising in PvP with its debuffs, which reduce the healing, AP/SP, and mana/power/energy costs of enemy players. It looks to be really effective against casters.

Druid’s raidwide buffs does not stack with Archon/Bard’s buff. (Fury of the Fae does not stack with Bard’s Motif of  Bravery and Natural Dedication does not stack with Archon’s Volcanic Bomb). Therefore, this 51 druid build will bring mostly single target DPS along with purge from the Inq soul.

Next time, I will cover some of the hybrid specs with druid, which seems to have good synergy with shaman.


  1. Thx for guides, you saved an old subscriber from the abyss of changing spec ^^

    Good work for all posts i’ve read all with interest.

    Thank you again

  2. all that is fine and dandy if you have for a month or so, your friends carrying you through raids… and i do mean CARRYING… most clerics wont ever see HK to get that killer 2h … most clerics will always be 30-40% below on dps to all opther classes. heck i have seen many cases bards out dpsing clerics and bards are SUPPORT..

    • Wait for 1.7 hopefully and we might get a boost! We don’t have any clerics that dps in raids atm anyways. All are either running pure heals or -icars.

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  4. I always wanted to try Druid but I don’t like how I have to tie in Inq with it. Could this build work out okay?


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