New 1.6 Armor for Soloers/Casuals

November 11, 2011

Hello everyone! 1.6 also introduces a new set of armor for soloers/casuals that cannot raid. The stats on these armor pieces are a bit less than the T1 raid set (also called T3).

This armor set is called Planar Conqueror’s. Currently there are 5 pieces of armor : Feet, Shoulders, Chest, Belt and Gloves. Feet, Shoulders and Chest can be obtained at the Epic Planar Equipment merchant in your home city with planarite and inscribed (500-600 inscribed on average) while Belt and Gloves are purchased at Ember Watch on Ember Isle with notoriety with The Keepers and 408 stones.

In addition to the armor, there is also a ring, a 2 hander, a 1hander mace, 1hander dagger, and two wands available for purchase as well!

Here is a picture of all the planar conqueror’s pieces


If you are wondering about the stuff you can buy from the Epic Planar Equipment Merchant – like how much they cost and how you get the final Planar Conquerer set.. here are some pictures to guide you through

Feet, Chest, Shoulders (Healer set): comparison with T1 raid set


Feet, Chest, Shoulders (Tank set)


Weapons and Accessories


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  1. […] Planar Conqueror’s. It is a slightly worse than the T1 raid (also called T3) armor set stat wise. Check out this link to get an idea what they look like. 3 of the pieces can be obtained from your home city Epic Planar […]

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