New 1.6 Lesser Essences (Updated!–Dec 17)

November 11, 2011

Hello everyone, I ventured into PTS today and took loads of screenshots of the new 1.6 Lesser Essences available right now.

The stats of these new lessers have being toned down a bit. The cost is still 150 inscribed and 5000 planarite each. However, a Dev on the official forums have said that the prices might be lowered down to 100 inscribed and 5000 planarite.

1.6 is due to be released sometime next, so the stats you see here are likely in their final form. Each element gets 6 new lessers, 3 of which are cleric relevant (i.e. have int/wis) while the other 3 are dex/str.













Raid Rifts

Tectonic Shard – Earth Tier 2 Raid Rift – Dragon’s Gold

Ignited Shard – Fire Tier 2 Raid Rift – Enkindled Flames

Radiant Shard – Fire Tier 2 Raid Rift – Enkindled Flames (Int/SC heavy)

Glowing Essence – Fire Tier 2 Raid Rift – Enkindled Flames (Int/SC heavy)

Kindling Shard – Fire Tier 2 Raid Rift – Enkindled Flames (Cleric Tanking essence)

Rigid Jewel –Earth Tier 2 Raid Rift – Dragon’s Gold (Cleric Tanking essence)


Here is a table sort by SP and SC for all the new cleric essences. Ranking is done by EP values. Type* means it is from new tier 2 raid rift.

Sorted by Type


Sorted by SP


Sorted by SC


Sorted by End


Sorted by 2.5SP + SC (EP value, thanks to Scott for the help!)



  1. […] NOTE: The information here is no longer accurate. For an updated version, look here […]

  2. […] […]

  3. Something is wrong with your SP calculations. I think you forgot to add 0.25 SP per int. It’s 9.75 SP per wis and 0.25 per int.

    Could you also make a BiS sheet with around 2.5 SP:SC?

    • Bleh typo, that was of course 0.75 SP per wis

    • Ah yes you are totally right! Silly me! Thanks for pointing it out!

      • Ok, added the 2.5 sp/sc ranking.. some of them looked odd as they had 0 sc so it ended up dividing by 0. so just ignore them lol

  4. Also I think you forgot petrified resolve in your END table.

    • err….suspended resolve that is.

  5. You’ve used the wrong formula for the Bis calc. You should use SP*2.5 + SC or SP + SC/2.5.

  6. […] I hope you have inscribed sourcestones and planarite saved up! Ember Isle is released with a new batch of powerful Lesser Essences, which can be brought from the usual merchant in your home city! There are at least 3 different Lesser Essences per element type and each Lesser costs 100 inscribed and 5000 planarite. So you will need 600 inscribed and 30 k planarite to fill out an entire sigil! If you don’t, do not panic! Ember Isle also comes out with two new DRRs (Daily Raid Rifts) so you might try your lucky there rolling against other people. For a list of all the Lesser Essences, check out this link! […]

  7. cool

  8. Incredible work with everything on this site!

  9. […] terms of the new 1.6 Lesser Essences, considering checking out this guide here and look at the bottom for ranking in terms of 2.5 SP + […]

  10. You’re awesome, ty for doing this

  11. […] that good greaters. Necrotic Rage, the guardian only Greater Essence used to be very decent but the 1.6 lessers are a better bang for the buck and you don’t have a chance to wipe your guild on Sicaron (totem […]

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