Build of the Week: The Mover (38 Warden/28 Sent)

November 16, 2011

Hey everyone, this build is called the mover because it is designed specifically for fights and encounters where you need to move a lot. Encounters that come in mind are Grugonim in HK and in general fights in PvP.

The build excel with AoE healing, with abilities such as Orbs of the Tide, Healing Showers, Ripple, Healing Flood, and Healing Communion + Serendipity proc. It also have excellent tank healing abilities with HoTs and orbs from Warden and Healing Invocation from Sentinel.

It excels at fights with a lot of movements as most of the spells are instant casts or close to with Serendipity procs. Healing Invocation is probably the only heal spell you really need to stand still.


Build: 38 Warden/28 Sentinel

You need 38 warden for Orbs of the Tide. You might ask, why not 51 warden for the downpour? Downpour is nice but it is a 6 second channeled spell with a long (60 sec) cooldown. In these fights, you may not have the 6 sec to stand in one spot and cast your AoE heals. Also, with 51 warden you will rely on Deluge, a spell I am not too fond of.

Compared to the classic 3x/3x Sent/warden build, you are only losing Healer’s Haste and a battle rez. The battle rez is a sacrifice you have to make for bigger AoE heals.

The 0 templar ability is quite nice. You might also get the 0 purifier shield. I am a bit on the lazy side and forget to use the shield whenever it is up so I choose the templar ability as it is useful for some fights when you get CC’ed (CC = Crowd Control) and especially in PvP.

The other questions you might ask are..why a point in Dissolution and 5/5 in Destructive Tide? My reasoning is that Dissolution is very nice in PvP and potentially in some raid encounters as well. Destructive Tide is useful in pVp for using those waterjets :p Also, you need 38 points in warden for Orbs of the Tide so there isn’t much other place you can spend those points unless you choose to put points into Deluge improvements.


Orbs of the Tide

#show Orbs of the Tide
cast Tidal Surge
cast Orbs of the Tide

Orbs of the Stream

#show Orbs of the Stream
cast Tidal Surge
cast Orbs of the Stream

Single taget instant cast heal

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

Divine Call + Healing Communion

#show Divine call
cast Divine Call
cast Healing Communion

Make sure you have cast @mouseoverui macros for your cleanse and single target hots/heals if you need.


AoE heals

Orbs of the Tide with Tidal Surge is going to be your biggest AoE heal pretty much. You should keep it up on as many people as possible. The cooldown on Orbs of the Tide + Tidal Surge is 45 seconds and it lasts for 5 mintues or so. In theory, you should be able to maintain it on 5 people before pulling and maintain it on a raid member every 45 seconds. Orbs of the Tide heals the nearest 5 raid members to the person you put it on within 10 meters.

Healing Flood is going to be your next biggest AoE healing spell. Since it only cover 5 members, you will need to spam it a couple times to get the entire raid.

Use Ripple after you have a a couple of stacks (4) of Soothing Stream and Healing Spray on the tank for AoE and use Healing Showers when you need.

Time your Healing Communion with Serendipity proc. Divine Call can also be a saver. I macro my Divine call to Healing Communion so it goes off when it is up or Healing Communion is used when it is down.

Tank/Single target healing

Use Orbs of the Stream before pull and on the tank when you suspect he/she might take some big hits (I usually cast it whenever it is off the cooldown but this is prolly a bad practice)

Keep 4 stacks of Soothing Stream, Healing Spray and if you can, Healing Current. Use Healing Invocation in between HoT refreshes.

Healer’s Covenant is your friend, use it wisely when you see tank getting a beating.

Use Touch the Light macro for emergencies as you see fit. It has a 45 second cooldown.

Healing Flood is good to cast even when you don’t need it to help proc Serendipity.

Here is a heal break down on the Gurgonim fight in HK, I usually top the HPs parse with this build on that fight.



You definitely will want something like Sacred Heirloom of Eth for your healer trinket or the upgrade version from Inwar Darktide in HK.

For your lessers, have four lessers for SP and two greaters such as Healstone Tideshard and Crystal Vine is not a bad idea.  You could always go for 6 lessers that are SP heavy as well.

In terms of gear, aim for a ratio of 2.5 SP to SC and you will be good to go. SC has a soft cap around 1k value so it is pointless to stack SC if you get close to that number.


This build is different from your raid  DoL healers. It is a bit more mana intensive and you need to be proactive rather than reactive. You need to know when the big AoE damage is incoming and time your HoT to go off right before it hits. It is also heavy on micromangement as you need to track your cooldowns all the while maintaining stacks of HoTs on the tank and orbs on the raid. I find it very rewarding and keeps me busy during raids.


  1. So, I’ve got a few questions about this (and similar builds), and as you seem to have the most up-to-date cleric site around, I’m asking them here 🙂

    I run (cleric, r3) a variant of this build in PvP: 28 Sent/ 28 Ward/ 10 Templar, I’ve got a healing sourcestone with Frozen Deep One Tear and Crystal Vine. The healing part seems ok, I’ve got some decent macros set up, and if all else fails I can spam Healing Communion. It’s also got good mobility, and Nysyr’s Brand, for those annoying Assasins.

    However, it sucks mana like nothing else, and has really poor mana recovery. I use the one mana recovery skill every time I’ve started to lose mana and whenever its off cooldown, and I’m properly equipped with mana potions and tonics (if that’s the right name, not logged in atm).

    Nothing helps, however: if I’ve somehow not died for a couple of minutes, then I’m out of mana – I’ve even found myself drinking in warfronts, which is something I never thought I’d do. What options do I have, within this type of build, for better mana recovery? I’ve trained up Healing Communion, so can’t take advantage of that bug; what other options are there? A cleric without mana is basically useless, and it’s perverse that I have to look to get myself killed in order to respawn with full mana.

    • Hey, if you are having trouble with mana, you could shift some of the points in 28 sentinel to make it 5/5 Light Concentration. You could totally drops the 5 points in the HI hot and put it into Light Concentration. This will give you 10% mana reduction.

      You could give Elder Tablets a try but they share a cooldown with pots and disappear if you die. so that might be a waste.

      On raids I have bards to replenish my mana, a personal archon to give me mental flare (their 40% mana regen every 2 minutes), cascade from warden and pots. My mana usage is horrible, but with these options, I do not run out of mana.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hmm, I’ll have to do some parses to see how important the HI hot is to my healing output – hots and free healing are really useful in PvP, so losing them might hurt; but then if I’m not spamming HI (it’s in my single-target macro) then maybe I won’t be losing much in exchange for 10% mana reduction.

    Given I only PvP-heal, I don’t have access to an archon, and rarely to a bard; and yes, tablets are much better for warriors and rogues who can’t use pots. Thanks for the feedback though; I’ll test out Light Concentration and see if that helps; otherwise I’ll just have to stick to suicide-charges when my mana runs out 🙂

  3. Hey,

    Whats your thoughts on this build for LGS fight in GSB? I went in 3x/3x sent-pur and had mana issues the whole run. I run 51 Purifier for when Im on Tank heals but for Raid heals, I am still looking for a build. Have you used something similar to this in GSB? Any thoughts appreciated.


    • Hey, I actually have not used this fight on LGS as I am usually the main tank healer on that fight. I have run this on Grug in HK and Plutonius in RoS. I would imagine this build would be less mana intensive than sent/puri build as you can pre-cast these Orbs before pull and have HoTs you can use to mitigate some of the damage and not have to chain chast Healing Communion as much.

      Also, you gain the 15% mana return from warden with 2 min cooldown and you can put in 5/5 into Light Concentration. This should reduce your mana usage some what.

      I highly recommend using mostly -icars for raid heals but this build can back up your MT healer and can also AoE heal fairly decent.

      I think for raid heals we run 1x senticar, 1x senticar, and maybe even 1x shammicar in addition to me being a 51 puri for MT heals. Although we are a bit overgeared for this fight and have enough DPS that LGS never lands from 75% onwards until like 15%.

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