Onslaught, Sourcewell and YOU!

November 18, 2011

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Hello everyone, Ember Isle brought a new style of gameplay into Rift! This is called Onslaught, a series of daily quests that are geographically specific and have you defend certain areas called sourcewells against invasions.

What you need to do to participate

If you havn’t already, you need to head to Ember Watch (13042, 3488) on your map and talk to a NPC called Darius (he is in the back, near the Quartermaster). He will give you a short quest that enable you to pick up an ability called Nexus Infusion

Next, make sure you have as much Planar Charges as possible! All of us start off with 3 planar charges but one can get more from the planar attunements! Each type Planar Attunement give you 1 extra Planar Charge so if you invest in all 6 types, you could have a maximum of 9 Planar Charges! The more Planar Charges you have, the easier it is for you to complete these onslaught quests!

Why do them?

First of all, Onslaught is just plain fun! Instead of running all over the map hunting down invasions, you can actually stand in one spot and make a difference! You can watch as you upgrade a sourcewell location to maximum defense and rejoice as you and your Keeper friends defeat waves after waves of invasions.

The other big reason to do these Onslaught quests is that they give 250 Keeper notoriety per quest as well as about 15 k xp and 33 gold. Also, you gain additional Keeper notoriety when you upgrade defenses and defeating invasions. This is probably one of the quickest way to gain Keeper notoriety and be able to buy all the goodies that they offer.

Where can I do them?

Currently, Ember Isle offer 13 Sourcewells where Onslaught quests can be obtained. They are spread all over the map but one of the sure signs that you are near one of them is all the crystals called Planar Anomaly that you can see littered on the ground.

Here is a map showing where these sourcewells can be found.


If you like using the coordinate system, here is a list of Sourcewells and their locations. Remember that you get an achievement for locating all the Sourcewells as well!

Sourcewell Location
Forlon Fen

12870, 2673

Wellspring Flats

12954, 3082

Nykantor Ruins

12888, 3897

Splintered Shallows

13819, 2750

Glided Strand

14063, 3097

Obsidian Shore

13868, 4032

Temple of Marakris

14178, 4279

Tidewell Inlet

13301, 2422

The Stranglewood

12421, 3557

Abundant Wilds

12936, 4265

Fractured Plain

13426, 3203

Fell Fields

13288, 3786

Kheramos Village

13600, 4452

Near each Sourcewell is a Keeper Ghost NPC where you can pick up the daily Onslaught quest. Each quest will have you defeat 20 invasions.

Upgrading the Defenses

In each Sourcewell camp, there are 4 Turrets, 4 Lifespring and one Defense Arch. There are 4 levels of these things: Debris (level 0), Normal, Superior, Advanced and Exceptional. Upgrading them from one level to the next requires a cast of Nexus Infusion. The exception is upgrading the Defense arch from Debris to Normal, that takes 3 casts of Nexus Infusion (upgrading the rest of Defense Arch levels only takes 1 cast).

Each cast of Nexus Infusion requires 1 Planar Charge, so be prepared!

Turrets – they shoot things. There are 4 levels of them, each level requiring 1 cast of Nexus Infusion. Each level increase the number of mobs it can shoot at. Mobs target by the turret will have a blue circle underneath them.


Defense arch – Improve your DPS against invasion mobs once upgraded to the final level


Lifespring– Heals you for a maximum of 300 hp per tick at Exceptional Level.


Turrets and Lifespring, when upgraded to the max level (Exceptional), will also summon 2 Keeper Sentry NPCs per Turret/Lifespring. These NPCs will help you defeat invasion mobs. Fully upgraded Sourcewell defense will have 16 NPCs. If they die, they will respawn in combat.

You can also heal any of the defense structures by using Nexus Infusion, each tick of Nexus Infusion will heal them for 2165 hp and there are 7 ticks per cast.

One last important thing to mention is that the more upgrades you have, the more frequent the invasions are to that Sourcewell. So be sure you can handle the invasions or you might get overwhelmed if you are out there solo!

Getting more planar charges!

As you can see, upgrading these defenses take Planar Charges. Planar Charges used to be a rare commodity you gain from closing rifts. This is no longer the case!

Near each Sourcewell are crystals called Planar Anomaly that you can attack and kill. Killing these crystals will cause a pulsing circle to appear. Stand in that circle and you will regain your charges very quickly.


So upgrade your defenses, when you are out of low on Planar charges, whack one of these crystals and get your entire charge back!

Defeating Invasions

If you are having issues defeating any of the invasions, make sure to hit the mob and run back to all the turrets and lifesprings! Between the turrets and the Keeper sentries, they will make short work of these invasion mobs.

You must hit the invasion mobs at least once or you will not get credit if the turrets/NPCs kill them for you. Try to hit the invasion boss if you can.

Watch out for elite invasions! These can be tough but they are rare thankfully.


Completing each Onslaught quest will grant you 250 Keeper notoriety. Additionally, each invasion will place a Sourcewell fragment in your rift lootbags that grant you 2 Keeper notoriety. These items will be consumed as soon as you take them out of the rift lootbags so don’t panic if you don’t see them in your bags!

Upgrading defense will also give you Keeper notoriety. Each tick of Nexus infusion when upgrading structures (not when healing a max level structure) will give you +1 Keeper notoriety for a total of 7 Keeper notoriety per cast/planar charge.

Additionally, upgrading structures to the Exceptional level will grant you 11 Keeper notoriety as a bonus.

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