Raid Buffs and Debuffs Analysis in 1.6

November 22, 2011

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Hello everyone, 1.6 brought some nice changes for bards especially. Fanfaires now stack with each other. Bards and archons also receives a “Spotter’s Order” equivalent, taking the load off warriors. There is an older version of raid buffs and debuffs in Bluedot’s Guide, but I thought I would update it for 1.6 and emphasize the ones that matter in a raid setting. Also, this guide is more of an overview of all the buffs you can expect in a raid setting, rather than just a list of what stacks and what don’t.

All effects will affect all raid members unless specified. Buffs in the same cateogry do not stack with each other unless specified. Better buffs in each category are listed at the top unless otherwise specified.


  • Auras, for an archon, are abilities that buff your raid, but debuffs the archon him/herself. You will want the archon to handle all the auras as they have better buffs and archons gains a buff on themselves for every aura they have up.




  • Vitality of Stone – Archon – 52 Int, Wis, Str, Dex
  • Shamans have Courage of the Eagle, which only give 40 Wisdom and provides no benefits to other stats. Also only one courage type of spell can be up.



Primary Stats Buffs

  • A bard will be able to handle all of these stats buffs. These buffs will stack with auras listed above.
  • Since 1.6, all 3 fanfaires stack!

All attributes

  • Resonance – Bard – Increase all attributes by 5%. Requires 3 Motifs to be up.

Endurance buffs

  • Fanfaire of Vigor Bard – 52 End (40 from tooltip + 12 from Stage Presence)
  • Paladin, Sentinel, Purifier, Warlock also have endurance buffs but they are inferior to the bard ones (only +40) and should not be used.

Intelligence Buffs

Wisdom Buffs



Other Long Duration Buffs

  • Resistance buffs and armor buffs should be handled by Archon
  • Bard will handle ability cost reduce and run speed; In addition, they will keep up Motif of Bravery, Motif of Focus and Motif of Tenacity for Resonance.

Armor Buffs

  • Tempered Armor – Archon – increase armor by 504 for 5 minutes.
  • Bards have Anthem of Glory (+657 armor, 505 from tooltip + 30% extra from 5/5 Street Performer) but they should not run this at all as only one Anthem can be up at a time and Archons got this covered.

Resistance Buffs

  • Arcane Aegis – Archon – Give 39 Life, Death, and Elemental Resistance.
  • Anthem of Defiance – Bard – 40 magical resist. Archons should run do their buff so bards can run other Anthems.
  • Warlords have Aspect of the Elements that buff 37 resistance to all elements but do not stack. Shamans have 3 Heart type of spells that give +30 to resistance but do not stack either.
  • However, Warlord’s self resistance buff – Intimidating – will stack with the above buffs.
  • Also Cabalist’s self resistance buff – Dark Harbor will stack with above buffs.

Reduced ability cost

  • Anthem of Fervor – Bard – Reduce ability cost by 13% (10% from tooltip, 3% from 5/5 Street Performer)
  • Living Energy (clover) – Chloro – Reduce ability costs by 10%.
  • Ideally, bards should have this as it is better. However, if chloros have this up, bards can have run speed anthem full time. 

Run speed


  • Motif of Bravery – Bard – 62 AP/Sp
  • Will not stack with Warlord’s Call to Battle, which provides also 62 SP/AP and also boost Warrior’s own AP. However, this will prevent Bard’s Resonance from triggering and should not be used.
  • Also will not stack with Druid’s Fury of the Fae, which also provides 62 SP/AP but should not be used as it interfere with Bard’s Resonance.
  • Elementalists have an inferior Electrify buff that only provide 50 SP and will be overwritten.

Crit chance

  • Motif of Focus – Bard – 5% crit chance.
  • Does not  stack with Bladedancer’s Dauntless Strike, which give the same buff but prevent Bard’s Resonance from triggering.
  • Stack with Earthen Barrage – Archon – Increased crit chance by 5%.

Damage reduction

  • Motif of Tenacity – Bard – Reduce 5 % incoming damage.
  • Call to Entrench – Warlord – Reduce 5% incoming damage and reduce the damage the warlord takes by 3%. Bards should run their motif over this as it allows their Resonance to be up.

Increased Healing

Increased Casting Speed/Attack

  • Burning Purpose – Archon – Increase casting speed/melee speed of raid by 10%.

Increased raid damage on target

  • Spotter’s Order – Warlord – 530 extra damage every 3 seconds. (as of 1.6 this no longer generates threat)
  • Coda of Jeopardy – Bard – 530 extra damage every attack every 3 seconds.
  • Illuminate – Archon – 530 extra damage every attack every 3 seconds
  • Wild Growth– Chloromancer – Cause affected enemies to take additional 10% damage for 12 seconds. 1 minute cooldown.

Increased % damage dealt

  • Enraged companion – Beastmaster – Increased ally damage by 5% and increased the damage enemy takes by 5%.
  • Enraged Essence – Reaver – Increased ally damage by 5%.

Temporary Buffs (have cooldowns and/or short durations)

  • These will stack with the long duration buffs above unless otherwise specified.

AP/SP Boost (5 minutes cooldown)

  • Flaring PowerArchon – increased AP/SP by 15% for 20 seconds.
  • Assault CommandWarlord – increased AP/SP by 15% for 20 seconds in addition to increase AP of the warrior by 5%.

Increased damage dealt

  • Volcanic Bomb – Archon – increased 5% damage of raid for 10 seconds. 15 seconds cooldown.
  • Natural Dedication – Druid – Increased 5% damage of raid for 30 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown. Archon can keep this up better.

Increased Casting speed

  • Surging Flare – Archon – increased casting speed for 5% for 6 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown.

Increased HP & Resistance (5 minute cooldown)

  • Rallying Command – Warlord – Increased 25% maximum hp of raid members and resistances by 30. 5 minutes cooldown, 20 second duration.

Increased Healing  (5 minute cooldown)

  • Aid Command – Warlord – Increased healing ability of raid by 15%. 5 Minutes cooldown, 20 second duration.

Reduced damage intake

  • Protect the Flock – Sentinel – Targets affected by AoE heals take 5% less damage for 6 seconds.

Mana/Power/Energy Regen

  • Verse of Joy – Bard – 15 seconds. 50 mana/5 power/5 energy per second. 2 minutes cooldown.


Armor Debuff (remember none of them stack)

  • Splinter Charge – Saboteur – Debuff armor by 540 for 30 seconds.
  • Leader’s Mark – Warlord – Debuff armor by 540 for 15 seconds and generate threat.
  • Ravaging Strike – Reaver – Debuff armor by 540 for 15 seconds. 
  • Mark of Inevitability – Champion – Debuff armor by 540 for 1 minute.
  • Piercing Shot –  Ranger – Debuff armor by 578 (361 + 60% from 3/3 Exposure) for 15 seconds. This one is better than others if you have 3/3 in Exposure.

Armor Debuff Aura (stacks with any of the above)

Armor Debuff Rune (stacks with every other armor debuff)

  • Crushing Runeshard – Debuff armor by 178 for 10 seconds. Picked up from earth vendor in Sanctum/Meridian 

SP/AP Debuff Set 1

SP/AP Debuff set 2 (stack with set 1)

  • Waning Power – Archon – Reduce mob’s AP/SP by 5% and increase mage’s SP by 10% for 1 minute. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Binding of Atrophy – Reaver – Reduce mob’s AP/SP by 5% for 12 seconds.
  • Looming Demise – Necromancer – Reduce Mob’s AP/SP by 5% for 60 seconds. No cooldown.

Increased Crit chance

  • Lethal Poison – Assassin – Each weapon attack has a chance to increase 5% critical chance against the mob for 15 seconds (pretty much constant debuff)
  • Mark of Extermination – Champion – Mobs targeted by this ability have 5% additional chance to be critically hit for 1 min.
  • Luminous Gaze – Sentinel – Mobs targeted by this ability have 5% additional chance to be critically hit for 15 seconds.

Increased Magical Damage set 1

  • Crumbling Resistance – Archon – Increase the magical damage mob takes by 7%. Last for 5 minutes.
  • Spiritual Deficiency – Inquisitor – Increase the magical damage mob takes by 7%. Last 1 minute.
  • Coda of Distress – Bard – Increase non-physical damage intake by 7% for 30 seconds.
  • Exposure – Elementalist – Increase all magical damage intake by 7% for 30 seconds.

Increased Magical Damage set 2 (stacks with set 1)

  • Clinging Spirit – Inquisitor – Increase magical damage mob takes by 7% for 30 seconds. This is the debuff to be maintained at all times and should not be overwritten under any circumstances.
  • Neddra’s Torture – Warlock – Increase magical damage mob takes by 3% for 20 seconds.
  • Embers Charge – Saboteur – Up to 5% magical damage increase for 30 seconds.
  • Censure – Justicar – 3% magical damage increase for 15 seconds.

Increased Physical Damage

  • Ashen Defense – Archon – Increase physical damage mobs take by 5% and increase caster’s armor.
  • Coda of Cowardice – Bard – Increase physical damage mobs take by 5% for 30 seconds.
  • Vengeance of the Piercing Cold – Shaman – increase physical damage mobs take by 5% for 10 seconds. Shamans should not use this in raids and let Archons handle it.
  • Beastmaster’s Enraged Companion’s Bite ability also do not stack with any of the above. 

Decreased physical hit debuff

  • Battlefield Distraction – Warlord – Reduce mob’s chance to hit with physical attacks by 5%.
  • Stacks with Battle Fever from Reaver – reduce mob’s chance to hit with physical attacks by 5% for 15 seconds.

Casting speed debuff

  • Lingering Dust – Archon – Reduce the attack and casting speed of enemy by 25% for 20 seconds and increase the caster’s by 10% for 5 minutes.
  • Accelerated Decay – Dominator – Reduce attack and casting speed of enemy by 25% for 15 seconds.

Damage output debuff

  • Power Drain – Archon – reduce the enemy’s damage by 10% and increase mage’s damage by 10%.

Stat Debuffs

  • Pillaging Stone – Archon – reduce enemy’s wis/dex/int/str by 50 and increase the mage’s wis/dex/int/str.

Common Raid Buffs Summary

Buffs Pref Class Name
+48 end Archon Shared Vigor
+52 int/wis/dex/str Archon Vitality of Stone
+52 wis/int/end/dex/str Bard 3 Fanfaires
+5% attribute Bard Resonance
+504 Armor Archon Tempered Armor
+40 Resistance Archon Arcane Aegis
13 % ability cost reduction Bard Anthem of Fervor
20% run speed Bard Anthem of Competence
+62 SP/AP Bard Motify of Bravery
+5% Crit chance Bard Motif of Focus
5% damage reduction Bard Motif of Tenacity
+5% Healing Bard Motif of Grandeur
+10% Casting speed Archon Burning Purpose
+530 damage per hit every 3 seconds Archon/Bard/Warlord Spotter’s Order
& Equivalent
+5% casting speed* Archon Surging Flare
+5% damage* Archon Volcanic Bomb
+5% crit chance against target Assassin Lethal Poison
+7% extra magical damage against target Archon Crumbling Resistance
+7% extra magical damage against target * Inquisitor Clinging Spirit
+5% extra physical damage against target Archon Ashen Defense

*Not 100% uptime, but short cooldowns.

Relevant Class raid buffs/debuffs overview

(courtesy of Angryweasel on the official forums)

Bard overview:
Fanfare of Vigor – Bard – Endurance
Fanfare of Knowledge – Bard – Int/Wis
Fanfare of Power – Bard – Dex/Str
Motif of Bravery – Bard – SP/AP
Anthem of Fervor – Bard
Motif of Focus – Bard
Motif of Tenacity – Bard
Motif of Grandeur – Bard
Coda of distress – Bard
Coda of cowardice – Bard

Archon overview:
Shared Vigor- Archon – Endurance
Vitality of Stone – Archon – Str/Dex/Int/Wis
Arcane Aegis – Archon – Resistance
Tempered Armor – Archon – Armor
Waning Power – Archon
Crumbling Resistance – Archon
Ashen Defense – Archon
Earthen Barrage – Archon
Lingering Dust – Archon
Flaring Power – Archon
Volcanic Bomb – Archon
Burning Purpose – Archon
Illuminate – Archon
Surging Flare – Archon
Pillaging Stone – Archon
Power Drain – Archon

Warrior tank Overview:
Leader’s Mark – Warlord
Cutting Distraction – Warlord
Battlefield Distraction – Warlord
Blood Feaver – Reaver
Enraged essence – Reaver
Rallying Command – Warlord
Aid Command – Warlord

Warrior DPS overview:
Mark of Extermination – Champion

Cleric overview:
Trickster Spirit – Druid
Clinging Spirit – Inquisitor
Protect the Flock – Sentinel

Chloromancer overview:
Wild Growth

Rogue Ranger overview:
Piercing shot – Ranger


  1. There are a couple of things you might want to add or change.

    62AP/SP can also be provided by the druid Satyr.

    You say specifically that the Intimidating self buff from Warlord stacks with the standard resistance aura. The you might also want to mention Dark Harbor in cabalist.

    And the last one I could find was the chloromancer Wild growth which increase damage taken by 10% for 12sec on a 1min cd which doesn’t stack with any of the spotter’s order buffs. (depending on raid dps this is better or worse)

    • Thank you! I have added in the changes!

  2. Some points with Coda of Distress and Cowardice:

    1) They are AE with a very large range.
    2) They last for 60s for any “raid” bard.

    The way we split duty between the Bard/Archon is pretty simple: If there is more than one mob, the Bard will put up both Codas. The Archon can overwrite at will, but the point is to get *all* the mobs debuffed so an AE attacks take advantage.

    • Thank you, both have being updated to reflect this!

  3. 1.6.1
    Clinging spirits now lasts for 30secs.

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