Defending the Isle: Holy Champion and deep Justicar builds!

November 30, 2011

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Hello everyone, one of my biggest pet peeves with the Ember Isle invasions is the occasional elite invasions that seem smack me around every time. The issue I had with these elite invasions is that the so called “boss” hits too hard and I could not heal back fast enough.

While searching for a more defensive build, I also posted my issue on the cleric subforums, and learned something I didn’t even know existed!

Holy Champion/Anti-Planar Augmentation

Holy champion (Anti-planar augmentation for defiants) is a planar ability you can purchase from the planar abilities vendor in Sanctum/Meridian for 200 planarite. It increase your damage output by 100% and reduce your incoming damage by 75% for 1 minute with a 1 minute cooldown.


Now, there is great synergy between Ember Isle and this planar ability. With the introduction of Planar Atunement system, you can have a maximum of 9 planar charges (6 from PA abilities and your standard 3). This means that in theory you could keep this ability on for a full 9 minutes. What’s more, if you are near one of the Sourcewells, you have access to the Planar Anomaly crystals that will recharge your planar charges.

This means that if you are near one of the Sourcewells, you can keep this ability up indefinitely and slaughter waves of invasions (including elites!) without breaking a sweat!

This ability works on all invasions, including the zone invasion bosses since patch 1.6 Hotfix 2.

Deep Justicar builds

Deep Justicar are non-tanking builds that utilize the justicar tree for survival. The key is putting points into defensive abilities that does not utilize a shield and then maximize the parry/dodge amounts.

The amount of points you put into the Justicar tree varies from 27-32 points, depending how defensive and how much utility you want from it.

From what I gather, all of these builds have 5/5 in Armor of Virtue to increase your armor amounts by 15% and 5/5 in Hammer of Virtue to make your melee attacks deal 5% more damage (synergy well with the Shaman soul).

Next, putting points into 3/3 Life’s Devotion is a no brainer.  Then you can invest into Doctrine of Bliss, Reparation or  even Healer’s Creed if you run into mana issues (but you shouldn’t really).

The other essential place to put in your points is 5/5 Shield of Faith and definitely 3/3 in Devout Deflection to maximize your dodge/parry amounts. Vengeful Justice is a must to make your Even Justice hits more mobs as EJ is your biggest AOE hitter. Points in Light Makes Right is nice to have to generate extra convictions and Reprieve is a nice save butt every 5 minutes. Some people like the point in Humility to allow them to kite mobs around or point in Interdict for an AoE interrupt but I never had much use for them.

If you are going for super defensive, Thorvin’s Law is nice to invest two points in for extra magical and physical damage reduction and can be rewarding for those invested heavily into Justicar soul (i.e. 32 points into Justicar will grant you 6+5 = 11% magical damage reduction and 5% physical damage reduction.

Super defensive 34 Shaman/32 Justicar Build

Build: 34 Shaman/32 Justicar/0 Sentinel


Single target

cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Censure
cast Sovereignty
cast Massive Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Crushing Blow


#show Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Even Justice


This build is probably the most I would invest into the Justicar soul without significant DPS loss. It can function as a mini-tank in a pinch and able to solo all invasions, elite or not. It can also solo most of normal AP/CC.

It has Absolution, 5 min brez, which is nice for duoing to rez your partner. Also have Humility if you need to kite a mob for whatever reason. The reason why I went 32 Justicar is for Resplendent Embrace, a nice little save butt every 2 minutes that grants you 20% more hp and increase all incoming heals by 50% for 10 seconds. 

It has a single target and AoE target lock that force the mobs to attack you instead of the rest of your party members. This obviously won’t be too useful if you are soloing invasions but nice if you need to tank some stuff for whatever reason.

Rest of the points I invested into Shaman has it has nice synergy with the Justicar soul (Shaman tree is mostly melee abilities, which 5/5 Hammer of Virtue in Justicar becomes useful). Most of the point allocations are self-explanatory; you definitely want to maximize all damage reducing talents and maximize the amount of damage Jolt performs as it will account for a huge chuck of your overall DPS. Rage of the North is nice to have for some burst DPS.

Have Mien of Leadership up most of the time unless the mobs are really easy and you just want to mow them down. In that case, Mien of Honor would be a good fit.

I also find it nice to macro Healing Breath from 0 point Sentinel and Doctrine of Bliss together as Healing Breath do have a 8 second cooldown so if HB is not up then Doctrine of Bliss is used instead.

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Doctrine of Bliss

Sarrom’s 31 Shaman/27 Justicar/8 Inquis build

This build is from Sarrom/Gilg on the official forums. It is the build he use to farm PAs.

Build: 31 Shaman/27 Justicar/8 Inquis

Macros: Similar to the above macros


This is a very good build if you don’t need the extra super survivability and want a bit more DPS. Basically, he dropped Thorvin’s Law and Light Makes Right in Justicar and Dauntless Courage in Shaman (Dauntless Courage does not affect Even Justice, your biggest AoE hitter) in favor of points in Inq tree that grants 5% more chance to crit, 12% critical damage modifier, and Armor of Treachery that grants 215 armor + 50 End.

rFrozen’s Shaman/Justicar/10 Warden Build

This build utilize’s Warden’s Destructive Tide talent which will make your Jolt from the shaman soul hit even harder and your Doctrines/Healing Breath heals you for 15% more. I modified the build a bit from his to my liking.

Build: 29 Shaman/27 Justicar/10 warden

Macros: Similar to above

Viz Build 39 Shaman/27 Justicar

Slightly modified to my own liking. Essentially giving up some Shaman dps for some survival in the Justicar soul compared to the 44 Shaman/22 Justicar build I run with.

Build: 39 Shaman/27 Justicar/0 Sentinel

Macros: Similar to above.

Classic 44 Shaman/22 Justicar Build

If you are not having any survival issues with Holy Champion/Anti-Planar Augmentation, then the classic 44 shaman/22 justicar build is still very nice to run around and kill things fast!


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