Build of the week: Swiss Army Knife–34 Puri/32 Sent

December 5, 2011

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Hello everyone, this week I thought I would re-introduce the classic purisent build and update it with some of my macros/comments. I gave this build the nickname “Swiss Army Knife” due to its usefulness and  adaptability. It is pretty much the tank healing build to have except in certain situations where 51 purifier might be better to handle the much larger spike damage.


Build: 34 Purifier/32 Sentinel/0 Warden (might also consider templar instead for the 0 point ability – Break Free but you will need to do some pvp)


Guaranteed Latent Blaze w/ Crit – Tank saver

#show Latent Blaze
cast flashover
cast latent blaze

Fiery Blessing + Healer’s Haste – for when you need big and fast heals

#show Fiery Blessing
cast Fiery Blessing
cast Healer’s Haste

Healing Communion + Divine call (this one is optional, if you like to save Divine Call for special occasions then don’t use this macro. However, since I don’t AoE heal much with this spec it didn’t matter)

#show Divine Call
cast Divine Call
cast Healing Communion

Healing Breath + Healing Flare

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Healing Flare

Instant cast big heal

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast Restorative Flame


With purifier, SP (Spell Power) is going to be the stat to aim for. The more SP you have, the bigger your ancestral flame shield is going to be and the less of a beating your tank will receive between casts of Restorative Flame.

That being said, you should not ignore SC (Spell Crit) either. Ideally you want to have SP and SC in a 2.5 ratio. When looking at a piece of gear, I like to use the formula total SP *2.5 + total SC to give me an “item score”. Total SP is calculated from wis *0.75 + int *0.25 + actual SP on item. Total SC is calculated from int*1 + actual SC on item.

In terms of your sigils/sourcemachines, you might consider the purifier greater Ancestral Sourcestone but for now it really only affects your Ward of Ancestors. This might be a good greater to have regardless when you need to switch to 51 purifier for whatever reason.

The rest of your sigil/sourcemachine should be filled with the best lessers you can get for SP. My top 6 choices, in keeping with the 2.5 SP/SC ratio, are the following.

Dark Rituals 100 inscribed @ Death vendor
Last Rituals 100 inscribed @ Death vendor
Living Quest 100 inscribed @ Life vendor
Living Surge 100 inscribed @ Water vendor
Pyro Flare 100 inscribed @ Fire Vendor
Mystic Surge 100 inscribed @ Water vendor

For T3 (Diona/Shyla) raid set, there is very little reason to go Diona set. You should get Shyla for all pieces except maybe gloves. See comparison here.

For T4 (Asphodel’s Reinforced/Empowered) raid set, the same applies. Go for empowered (set w/ focus) except maybe gloves. See comparison here.

For PA (Planar Attunement) points, if you are using a 2hander, it is better to go for point allocations that give these +SP bonuses as they give out twice as much sp as 1handers. Once you done that, focus on +SP on totems or +wis ones. Lastly, focus on +int squares. None of the tier 2 special abilities are worth getting on raids save for the water one (+300 mana on totem). The rest of the abilities do not stack with Burning Powerstone and are inferior to the +200 sp bonus that Burning Powerstones give out.

For consumables, you should have a burning powerstone for every raid. Make sure to get the +20 SP cake from Farhall/Atia as well. Have brightsurge vial (I use the +35 one) and Elder Tablet too. Make sure to use Elder Tablet before the start of a fight as it shares a cooldown with your mana pots. Of course you should have your drinks.


This is pretty much the tank healing build to run for clerics unless there is a need for 51 purifier or more AoE healing is needed (in which case Sent/Warden might be better). It feels less sluggish than 51 purifier and comes with a battle rez. although with a 10 minutes cooldown.

You should have Latent Blaze (w/ Flashover) and Surging Flames maintained on the tank at all times. The cooldown on Latent Blaze is fairly small so you can keep it up on yourself and another person as well pretty easily. Be sure to pop Ward of Ancestors on the tank whenever it is up. You can also keep it up on another person or two fairly easily. Anything more might be stretching a bit.

With this build, you won’t have as many save-butt cooldowns as a 51 purifier or as much Serendipity procs as a sent/warden. However, you are not losing out much either. Your Restorative Flame will be much faster casting on average than that of a 51 purifier due to the occasional serendipity procs. You have Healer’s Covenant with a  2 minute cooldown timer you can pop on the tank when he/she is about to take a lot of damage. You also have Searing Transfusion and Fiery Blessing + Healer’s Haste for when things goes awry as well.  Keep Flashover handy on your skillbar, as you can use it before Healing Breath to quickly save someone from the brink of death! Don’t forget the Touch the Light macro either on a 45 second cooldown!

In terms of AoE healing, you will do a lot of passive AoE healing through Surging Flames (via chain-casts of Restorative Flame),  as long people are near 15 meters of you. Divine call is also nice to have to for when things goes awry. If you need a bit more AoE heals than what Surging Flames offers and your Divine Call is on cooldown, then Healing Communion  is nice to chain spam but beware that it can drain your mana pretty quick!

Don’t forget you also have an AoE cleanse, this can come handy in a couple fights (i.e. Sicaron in HK comes to mind).


  1. 0 templar is better IMO

    • Ya it is, I will add in a note 🙂

  2. As in terms of the sigil, for tank healing in a raid, the greaters Hailstone Tideshard and Frozen Deep One Tear stack with each other and provide larger shields on the tank then just adding straight spell power to your sigil would. The 564 shield from the Hailstone Tideshard procs ~20-10% of the time, on every heal. With an assumption of 10% proc, that means a 56.4dmg shield from every heal, for that value to me equated to Ancestral flame you would need a 94SP from a lesser to make it worth getting. From Dark Rituals one of your BiS lessers, only equates to 36SP and 20SC. Even though I am ignoring the SP/SC bonus your actual heals receive, if you do the math they turn out to be better.

    Also as a side note, when your SP reaches mid-HK levels, i would consider repecing into http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00jGo.E0Ebbczco.Eh0E0zzqz.M
    as the SP increase of 2% adds a reasonable amount of SP, I currently sit at a bonus of <37 SP during raids, compared to a ability that adds +20% to a shield which is only used for spot healing/saving people. It should only be used for spot healing or when your tank is at max hp because… if your tank is not a max hp that ability burns a GCD of 1.5secs, for a shield of (with high end SP) 1300 (which cannot crit, proc/use serendipity) is 866Hps, where as a 2.4sec (archon buffed and assuming serendipity is procing normally) cast of RF heals for a minimum of 2300 + the shield of around 1000dmg is a 1375Hps, of which the heal can crit and proc serendipity…….. So in other words I would take a 30SP increase over a 20% increase ability which I only use ~10% of the time.

    *Sorry about any points that were unclear or misspelled*

    Knafox – Wolfsbane – "Dawn of Ascension" – 5/11HK
    Main Tank Healer, and Cleric Class Lead

    • I like the new perspective you put on the shield greaters. They are commonly used for raid healers due to the chance to proc shields on all raid members. The shielding/math on tank healing wasn’t really considered. Although I do like to mention that for HK another reason I run the lessers is for the death/water resists they bring. For RoTP the fire lessers and the resists they bring do help somewhat as well.

      Also good point about the sp increase. Although with the purifier greater + synergy crystal my ward of ancestors do about 2.3 k absorption. There is also the rites of ancestors increase, although abit minor.

      • I currently run both of those lessers, and the 2 water and 2 death lessers for the stats and the resists, for both raid healing and tank healing. the only other point on see to make for the shield greaters for tank healing is the fact that the raid isn’t guaranteed to take dmg after your heal, so a lot of those procs will be wasted, and completely to opposite for tank healing, all of the procs will be used.

        I guess they all just depend on the fight, the thing i don’t like about these shields is there pre-mitigation state, or at least pre-block state, for example the tanks

  3. […] I like the build. It is very similar to the 3x/3x Sent/Puri build I have being using. The difference in some of the point allocations are fairly minor. (i.e. In the purifier tree, I […]

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