Guide to Instant Adventure!

December 6, 2011

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Hello everyone, Instant Adventure is a new feature in Rift that will be introduced sometime between 1.6 and 1.7 as a mid-content update. The purpose of this guide to help you get orientated with this new feature.

What is it?

Instant adventure is basically a series of objectives currently in Stillmoor/Shimmersand where you and other players need to complete in exchange for reward such as inscribed sourcestones and vanity items. The “instant” refers to the fact that you can jump into the adventure anytime and be instantly teleported to the location of the adventure.

How do you access it?

Instant adventures can be accessed by pressing the . (period) key on your keyboard. If you have changed your key mappings, they can be found via the menus on the bottom left corner of your screen.

Once you press the button, this screen will pop up.


If you click on the button, you will be put in queue and very soon this window should pop up!


Clicking on Teleport will instantly port you to the location of your instant adventure awaits!

Objectives, Diffculty and Rewards!

Objectives you and the rest of your raid need to complete are marked on the map as green icons/circles to separate from the rest of your quest objectives.


You will also see these objectives on your quest tracking screen like this.


Each objective have a 15 minutes timer limit, there are a series of objectives you will need to complete at your location, with the last objective usually involve a fight with a mini boss!

The difficulty of the objectives/mini boss will scale up depending on how many people are in your raid. Keep in mind that you and your raid are not in a special instance of the zone and will need to deal with any mobs/creatures you would normally encounter on the map.

After the series of objectives are complete, you will get a new series of objectives, with a window promoting if you wish to be teleported to the new objective’s location.

Each objective rewards about 6k xp, a 50/50 chance at an inscribed sourcestone and occasionally you will get a chance at vanity items like the sandcovered pieces or the pieces you need to make the mathosian vanity set!

There is no return button currently, so if you do decide to drop out of the instant adventure, you will need to soul recall or travel back to town yourself.

Why do them?

Instant adventure offer an endless way to gather inscribed sourcestones and some old vanity pieces if you are willing to put the time to it. The xp isn’t that great and it can get mind-boggling boring at times but if you are bored, they are better than sitting in Sanctum/Meridian!

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