Soloing Caduceus Rise normal mode! (first 3 bosses)

December 9, 2011

Hey everyone, Bluedots soloed the first 3 bosses in Caduceus Rise as a mage, so I thought I would do the same as a cleric just for fun and the challenge.

Overall, the first 3 bosses and the trash are very easy to solo. Caduceus, the last boss, was very hard to solo as I didn’t have enough DPS to kill him in my spec and the orbs that spawned accumulated overtime and killed me eventually. I think my best record was 70% on Caduceus.

All the boss fights took 3-4 minutes at the maximum. High Thane Hergen was probably the hardest out of the three and Hookmaster was probably the easiest. Trash mobs are also very easy except the pack of 4 right before Hookmaster as they hit extremely hard for some reason but can be skipped. Each trash mob awards between 1.5 k to 3 k xp per kill and about 15 Farhall rep (also Defiant equivalent I would assume). The entire run to the Hookmaster would probably take you 20-25 minutes and award about 1/4 – 1/3 of a PA level and a decent amount of notoriety with Farhall/Defiant equivalent.


The build I used is a modified 34 Shaman/32 Justicar/0 Sentinel. See this post for more info such as macros and stuff. Interrupt is only for the first boss but it doesn’t do much harm if you don’t have an interrupt.


My guild is 5/11 for quite a while so I had time to accumulate some HK gear. I actually put on two pieces of  tanking gear (the T1 raid mark tanking gear) for this for the extra endurance but in hindsight it wasn’t really necessary. I also have two pieces of HK mark gear, one of them a relic upgrade (shoulders). My weapon is a 2hander from Soulrender Zlias in HK.

I would imagine people that are R7/R8 PVP gear would probably have an easier time due to the extra endurance.

I also have the Justicar synergy crystal for the extra endurance and 50% more heals via Salvation.

My sigil/sourcemachine is simply filled with all crit lessers for soloing. No tanking/high endurance lessers were used. My trinket is Sacred Heirloom of Eth.

For consumables I just used Thick Armor Plating and Burning Powerstone and some +40 endurance/dex/int/wis scrolls but you can get away without using them.


Videos (Inc soon)

Each video duration is 3-4 minutes. There is no music.

High Thane Hergen

Faultwalker Alraj

Hookmaster Palos

ACT parses and stuff

High Thane Hergen


HPS (not going to bother listing the HPS for the other two as it is the same)

Faultwalker Alraj


Hookmaster Palos



  1. I did it with more swagger.

    😀 Nice job!

  2. Got this build last night and did the first 3 bosses in CR! Woo hoo! Could only get the last guy to 60% before the aoe damage became too much. The trash between the 2nd and 3rd boss took ALL my CD’s including pots. I then went into AP and did the first boss. The second boss will require a cleanse so I am trying to think of a way to go 10 warden. You also have to be super quick to LOS around the stump for the crystal. Great write-up!

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