Healing Debuffs in PvP

December 12, 2011

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Hey everyone, if you have being PvPing long enough, you will sometimes wonder why your heals don’t do as much healing as they should. The answer to that is of course healing debuffs!

All four archtypes have healing debuffs that debuff your healing (via debuffing healing received on the target of the debuff) by as much as 50% and can last as long as 15 seconds. Thankfully, most can be cleansed, except for the one debuff from warriors.

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to some of the healing debuffs you may encounter in PvP/Warfronts and show you a neat addon that alert you when you received healing debuffs so you can quickly cleanse them.

Most of the debuffs came from this thread on the official forums.


Name Archtype/Soul Rarity
Lingering Wounds Warrior/Champion Very Common
Trauma Warrior/Vindicator Rare
Vampiric Munitions Rogue/Marksmen Very Common
Fell Blades Rogue/Nightblade Common
Anathema Rogue/Infiltrator In between
Void Shroud Mage/Dominator Very Common
Blight Mage/Chloromancer Common
Essence Link Mage/Necromancer Rare
Withered Veins Mage/Archmage Rare
Spiteful Spirit Cleric/Druid Rare
Retribution Cleric/Templar Rare

Lingering Wounds, since patch 1.6.1 is no longer cleansable. It lasts for 15 seconds and debuffs healing on target for 50% so it can be very nasty. However, it can be overwritten by other cleansable healing debuffs, so if that happens, you are in luck!

Recognizing icons on raid frames

For those that prefer to not use addons, the way to recognize these debuffs is via recogning the icons on your raid frames. This is not the best to do it as the icons are quite small and sometimes you have multiple debuffs and the healing debuff icon can be hidden since the raid frame only show a limited number of debuffs.

However, if you are  purist and insist on not using addons, this is the way to go. Keep in mind that these icons may not look the same in raid frames either as they are extremely small. I purposely made these icons small to mimic the small icons you would see on your raid frames. If you need to see bigger icons, click on the corresponding abilities above.

I will also list only the common ones here as well to not overload your brains!

lingeringwoundsLingering Wounds

2Vampiric Munitions

3Fell Blades

4Void Shroud

Using addons

The addon you will want to get is KaruulAlert.

Once you have it installed type /karuulalert to open up the configuration window. What you need to do first is click on enable the ability scanner and then close it.


Then you will need to run a couple WFs with it. I run 5-6 WFs with it and was able to pick up all of the common healing debuffs and a couple of the rare ones.

To test if the addon has picked up the ability you are interested in, just type in the name of it near the Buff: box and see if an image turns up (Debuffs are treated same way as buffs). If not that means it has not picked up the ability yet.


Once an ability is picked up, type its name beside Buff: and then choose a name at the top corner (I use the same name as the debuff) and make sure you check on Buff, Active, and Player like the image above.

Finally, click on save and then Edit Layout. The debuff icons appeared at the top left corner of my screen so I just move it to somewhere on my screen I can see it easily.


Here is the way I arranged my icons to give you an idea.


You can adjust the size and color of the icons for each abiluty to your liking as well if you play with it. Make sure to save it afterwards.

Here are some of the debuffs I have an alert for.


Anyways, have fun and remember to cleanse cleanse cleanse!

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