Popular addons – Patch 1.6.1 Edition

December 13, 2011

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Hello everyone, it has being a bit over 2 months since addons were enabled for Rift. Over the course of 2 months, we saw a lot of addons being developd. Some of these addons didn’t make the cut, while others become immensely popular. The idea of this guide is give an idea of the currently popular addons that are still being developed and are working in game.

Wire’s Raidkiller

Category: Raid

Last updated: Nov 23, 2011

Wire’s Raidkiller is great addon that will make your raiding life much easier. It features timers for key boss abilities and warnings that will alert you when you need to do something. It is the addon that all raiders should have unless they are purists who do not wish to use addons. Supports all 10 man/20 man raid content and some 5 man content (mostly Caduceus Rise)

This is the configuration screen where you can test out triggers and turn them on/off for certain mechanics.


This is the timer on your screen telling you how many seconds before an ability hits.


This is the kind of warning on your screen when you need to do something (the screen flashes)


King Boss Mods

Category: Raid

Last updated: Dec 4, 2011

Originally an addon designed specifically for King Molinar & Prince Dollin fight in HK, this addon has evolved to perform similar functions as Wire’s Raidkiller but it does two things exceptionally well.

It is especially handy for the King & Prince fight in HK due to the inclusion of this bar on your screen.


This white bar in the middle will move to left and right depending on the HP balance between the two. You can see this addon in action here (youtube video).

The second handy thing it has is the tank swap monitor shown below. This make a healer’s job easier on fights involves tank swapping (i.e. Matron and Murdantix in HK comes to mind).


Herald’s Buff Warden

Category: Buff tracker

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2011

This is one of the addons that make you go, OMG I want it! It shows all the buffs available for your soul combination and allow you to apply them by clicking on them and display a timer on how long they will last. It also works for potions, food and consumables like powerstones! You no longer need those buffs taking up your hotbars!!




Category: Buffs/Debuffs tracker

Last updated: Nov 30, 2011

Karuulalert is a buff/debuff tracker that can alert you if you have a buff or debuff on you via displaying an icon on your screen. It is very useful if you want to track if you have a proc (i.e. Serendipity for clerics) or debuff (i.e. healing debuffs in PvP).

Here is a view of my configuration window loaded with everything I wanted to keep track of (Serendipity proc, Latent Blaze, BoD proc, Healing debuffs for pvp).


You can see the two icons on my screen for tracking when Latent Blaze falls off and when Serendipity procs below.



Category: Buffs/Debuffs tracker

Last updated: Dec 08, 2011

nkRebuff is an addon similar to Karuulalert. So if Karuulalert stress your computer out or not working well for you, then look for this alternative.

Originally designed for rogues, but other archtypes may benefit it from it as well.

Here is its configuration screen to give you an idea of the options.



Category: In-game item viewer

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

nKAdvisor is a very useful addon that allow you to view all items of level 50. It has two useful main functions – seeing what items drop and looking an item up and comparing it to your current item.

The first function – seeing what items from each boss, is not really complete. There are a lot of items missing from each boss so it is not very reliable. Nonetheless, it is good to have for reference. (if you know a loot is missing from a boss, feel free to drop the author an email or something to let him know!)


For example, this page on Grug on HK is missing a lot of items.


What this addon really shines though is in the item search department. You can view all the items of a certain slot equippable by your class or you can type in a name and look it up. This allow you to compare that item with your current item and see how much of an upgrade it is for you.


You can even build your own item ranking system by giving artificial values to certain stats and rank items by that score.


Category: DPS Meter

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2011

SimpleMeter is an ingame DPS parser.  It is an alternative to running an external parser like ACT. It can show everyone’s parse, the top 5, or just yourself. It also give you a break down of everyone’s parse (i.e. % of damage done by each ability).


Riftcount DPS meter

Category: DPS meter

Last updated: Nov 28, 2011

This is the alternative to SimpleMeter if you don’t like it for some reason. The author took a short break but is back to work on it once more. It doesn’t give break down  of the DPS/HPS parse.


Target Casting Bar

Category: Casting bar/Raiding

Last updated: Nov 18, 2011

This is an external cast bar you can resize and move around all over the screen. It has two features that are really useful. One of them is the ability to lock on that target and watch that target’s casting bar while be targeted to something else. This is really nice in raiding/grouping situations as you can see exactly when the boss is casting something without having it targeted at all. The other nice feature is watch your target’s casting bar, which is fairly standard.


Castbar replacement

Category: Casting Bar

Last updated: Nov 18, 2011

This addon simply watch your own castbar as well. I don’t find it too useful the default casting bar is good enough for me but if you don’t like it try this out!

bCast – Cast Bars

Category: Casting Bar

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

If you dislike the default cast bars for yourself, target, target of target etc.. then check out this addon. It has a lot of configuration options to make it look nice and pretty!



Category: Health/Mana bars

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

This is a fairly neat addon. Instead of showing your hp/mana/energy bars as rectangles, it shows them as arcs around your character, allowing to be more aware of them. This is really helpful if you are tunnel visioned like me sometimes and forget to check on your mana/health in the middle of a heretic fight.

In the picture below, your own hp/mana bars are on the left while that of target’s is on the right.



Category: Tooltip

Last updated: Nov 30, 2011

Startip replace’s Rift’s default tooltip (the box you get when you hover over someone) and give it a bit more information. However, this addon use a lot of CPU activity and my game stuttered a bit when I was running this addon and hovering over things.


Runecraft Helper

Category: Crafting/General Info

Last updated: Nov 16, 2011

You do not have to be a crafter to benefit from this! It is a great addon showing all the runes/potions in the game for easy reference. You no longer need to ask people what runes you can use in so and so slot or what potions are out there. Everything has being compiled for you for easy access.


Break Mover

Category: Crafting

Last updated: Dec 7, 2011

Very handy for crafter that need to break large number of items (i.e. Runebreak, Salvage items). It is handy for professional crafters!

Book of the Fallen

Category: PvP

Last updated: Dec 7, 2011

This is a nice little addon for PvPers who wish to keep track of their kills. I think the picture below will describe it better than I can!


Puzzle Map

Category: Puzzles/Cairns

Last updated: October 16, 2011

I thought this is a neat little addon that shows you all the puzzles/cairns on your map. It is not updated for Ember Isle though.


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  3. Hiya there Dulfy. I just wanted to say that I for one greatly appreciate the excellent write-ups that you provide for the community. Your site is well organized, uncluttered and full of information. Excellent work.

  4. I don’t follow the reason for using “Target Casting Bar.” I use RaidKiller (which you have listed) and as part of that you get “NPSee.” Part of NPSee is that it shows all targets and their cast bars, and you could of course move that around as well. What would be the purpose of the second one?

    As for Buff Warden and nkAdvisor, they look great. Going to test them out, :).

    • NPSee is disabled by alot of people including me to avoid screen cluttering. On raids, I only need to see one mob’s cast bar.

  5. heya, loving the site 🙂 quick question, how do you go about building a rating set for nkadvisor? i’m clueless.

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