Changes to blog organization

December 22, 2011

Hey everyone, I changed the organization of this blog a bit to make  information easier to find.

There is now a guide list, a page where all the guides on this blog are linked. Every time I publish a new guide, this page will be updated.

This page could be found here  (it is also the big yellow button on the right!)


In addition, I also have a Twitter channel, which will have updates everytime a new guide is released, about to be released, or being worked on. It is also a place where you can request specific guides as well. If you are into Twitter, then check it out!


I am also playing SWTOR and have a similar blog devoted to it. It will mostly everything SWTOR related with a focus on healing in SWTOR. If you are planning to try that game out, check it out!


Finally, some of the guides are also hosted on another MMO fansite which I contribute. It has information on other classes as well and it is worth a visit.


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