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Popular addons – Patch 1.6.1 Edition

December 13, 2011

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Hello everyone, it has being a bit over 2 months since addons were enabled for Rift. Over the course of 2 months, we saw a lot of addons being developd. Some of these addons didn’t make the cut, while others become immensely popular. The idea of this guide is give an idea of the currently popular addons that are still being developed and are working in game.

Wire’s Raidkiller

Category: Raid

Last updated: Nov 23, 2011

Wire’s Raidkiller is great addon that will make your raiding life much easier. It features timers for key boss abilities and warnings that will alert you when you need to do something. It is the addon that all raiders should have unless they are purists who do not wish to use addons. Supports all 10 man/20 man raid content and some 5 man content (mostly Caduceus Rise)

This is the configuration screen where you can test out triggers and turn them on/off for certain mechanics.


This is the timer on your screen telling you how many seconds before an ability hits.


This is the kind of warning on your screen when you need to do something (the screen flashes)


King Boss Mods

Category: Raid

Last updated: Dec 4, 2011

Originally an addon designed specifically for King Molinar & Prince Dollin fight in HK, this addon has evolved to perform similar functions as Wire’s Raidkiller but it does two things exceptionally well.

It is especially handy for the King & Prince fight in HK due to the inclusion of this bar on your screen.


This white bar in the middle will move to left and right depending on the HP balance between the two. You can see this addon in action here (youtube video).

The second handy thing it has is the tank swap monitor shown below. This make a healer’s job easier on fights involves tank swapping (i.e. Matron and Murdantix in HK comes to mind).


Herald’s Buff Warden

Category: Buff tracker

Last Updated: Dec 10, 2011

This is one of the addons that make you go, OMG I want it! It shows all the buffs available for your soul combination and allow you to apply them by clicking on them and display a timer on how long they will last. It also works for potions, food and consumables like powerstones! You no longer need those buffs taking up your hotbars!!




Category: Buffs/Debuffs tracker

Last updated: Nov 30, 2011

Karuulalert is a buff/debuff tracker that can alert you if you have a buff or debuff on you via displaying an icon on your screen. It is very useful if you want to track if you have a proc (i.e. Serendipity for clerics) or debuff (i.e. healing debuffs in PvP).

Here is a view of my configuration window loaded with everything I wanted to keep track of (Serendipity proc, Latent Blaze, BoD proc, Healing debuffs for pvp).


You can see the two icons on my screen for tracking when Latent Blaze falls off and when Serendipity procs below.



Category: Buffs/Debuffs tracker

Last updated: Dec 08, 2011

nkRebuff is an addon similar to Karuulalert. So if Karuulalert stress your computer out or not working well for you, then look for this alternative.

Originally designed for rogues, but other archtypes may benefit it from it as well.

Here is its configuration screen to give you an idea of the options.



Category: In-game item viewer

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

nKAdvisor is a very useful addon that allow you to view all items of level 50. It has two useful main functions – seeing what items drop and looking an item up and comparing it to your current item.

The first function – seeing what items from each boss, is not really complete. There are a lot of items missing from each boss so it is not very reliable. Nonetheless, it is good to have for reference. (if you know a loot is missing from a boss, feel free to drop the author an email or something to let him know!)


For example, this page on Grug on HK is missing a lot of items.


What this addon really shines though is in the item search department. You can view all the items of a certain slot equippable by your class or you can type in a name and look it up. This allow you to compare that item with your current item and see how much of an upgrade it is for you.


You can even build your own item ranking system by giving artificial values to certain stats and rank items by that score.


Category: DPS Meter

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2011

SimpleMeter is an ingame DPS parser.  It is an alternative to running an external parser like ACT. It can show everyone’s parse, the top 5, or just yourself. It also give you a break down of everyone’s parse (i.e. % of damage done by each ability).


Riftcount DPS meter

Category: DPS meter

Last updated: Nov 28, 2011

This is the alternative to SimpleMeter if you don’t like it for some reason. The author took a short break but is back to work on it once more. It doesn’t give break down  of the DPS/HPS parse.


Target Casting Bar

Category: Casting bar/Raiding

Last updated: Nov 18, 2011

This is an external cast bar you can resize and move around all over the screen. It has two features that are really useful. One of them is the ability to lock on that target and watch that target’s casting bar while be targeted to something else. This is really nice in raiding/grouping situations as you can see exactly when the boss is casting something without having it targeted at all. The other nice feature is watch your target’s casting bar, which is fairly standard.


Castbar replacement

Category: Casting Bar

Last updated: Nov 18, 2011

This addon simply watch your own castbar as well. I don’t find it too useful the default casting bar is good enough for me but if you don’t like it try this out!

bCast – Cast Bars

Category: Casting Bar

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

If you dislike the default cast bars for yourself, target, target of target etc.. then check out this addon. It has a lot of configuration options to make it look nice and pretty!



Category: Health/Mana bars

Last updated: Dec 9, 2011

This is a fairly neat addon. Instead of showing your hp/mana/energy bars as rectangles, it shows them as arcs around your character, allowing to be more aware of them. This is really helpful if you are tunnel visioned like me sometimes and forget to check on your mana/health in the middle of a heretic fight.

In the picture below, your own hp/mana bars are on the left while that of target’s is on the right.



Category: Tooltip

Last updated: Nov 30, 2011

Startip replace’s Rift’s default tooltip (the box you get when you hover over someone) and give it a bit more information. However, this addon use a lot of CPU activity and my game stuttered a bit when I was running this addon and hovering over things.


Runecraft Helper

Category: Crafting/General Info

Last updated: Nov 16, 2011

You do not have to be a crafter to benefit from this! It is a great addon showing all the runes/potions in the game for easy reference. You no longer need to ask people what runes you can use in so and so slot or what potions are out there. Everything has being compiled for you for easy access.


Break Mover

Category: Crafting

Last updated: Dec 7, 2011

Very handy for crafter that need to break large number of items (i.e. Runebreak, Salvage items). It is handy for professional crafters!

Book of the Fallen

Category: PvP

Last updated: Dec 7, 2011

This is a nice little addon for PvPers who wish to keep track of their kills. I think the picture below will describe it better than I can!


Puzzle Map

Category: Puzzles/Cairns

Last updated: October 16, 2011

I thought this is a neat little addon that shows you all the puzzles/cairns on your map. It is not updated for Ember Isle though.


Useful custom triggers for ACT/Rift!

October 28, 2011

Hello everyone, some people have asked me about the custom trigger feature of Advanced Combat Tracker (ACT), so I thought I would write a quick guide on it and share some of my personal triggers I find super helpful!

Bluedots also have an excellent guide on ACT triggers as well, you should check it out also if you can!

Introduction (skip if you know what ACT and triggers are)

Advanced Combat Tracker is an alternative to Riftjunkies or Xanadu parser. It is a more polished, developed DPS meter with more features than just being a DPS meter. It has the ability to create custom triggers, which is the topic of this guide.

If you are not sure how to install ACT, check out this guide here on Bluedots.

Once you have ACT installed, you will want to head to the  Custom Triggers Tab. Make sure you have /log and /combatlog enabled in Rift or these triggers won’t work.

What is a trigger? A trigger is something that can capture a text in game and produce a sound (either a beep, .wav file of your choice, or TTS- Text To Speech). For example, if I say “I just dropped a cake!” in raid chat, a trigger can be programmed to recognize what I just said and put out an alert in the person running ACT.

Why use a trigger? Sometimes, the screen might be too busy for you to read a certain white text on the screen, having ACT calling something out can save your butt sometimes! Also, if you are like me, you prolly have multiple tabs filtering different chat channels. Stuff like zone event announcements, tells, auction items sold can be missed!

Log vs Combat log: /combatlog in Rift mostly collects data about stuff like DPS and HPS. All other chat messages usually go through /log. Make sure both of these are on.

Creating triggers 101

Setting up triggers is very simple. Take a look at this screenshot here.

Step 1: In the window next to Regular Expression, You see the following .*?A Very annoying attack hits Sess.*

Anything in blue can be replaced with whatever text you want but the stuff in red must be present in your trigger!  (.*? is a regular expression and means match any character from 0 to infinite times. This means ACT will pick up this trigger phase even though it is part of a much longer sentence).

.*?REPLACE ME.*   (use this as a template)

Step 2: Once you have enter whatever text you want into that window, take look at the Custom Trigger section. There are a few options you can select, None (no sound), beep, .wav (custom .wav file in your computer) or TTS (text to speech). I typically use text to speech but if there is a sound file you like to use then this is the place to select them.

Step 3: Next you see the field called Category – Type a category here to organize your triggers or be lazy and use General as your category.

Step 4: Make sure Restrict to category zone is unchecked, this option does not work well in Rift.


Step 5: This part is a bit complicated so pay attention!

Triggers can create a timer with a fixed duration that ticks up and disappears when the time expires unless the trigger is triggered again. Say Boss X cast a spell called Fireball every 60 seconds and everytime he cast that fireball, he emotes “I am casting a big fireball!”. You will want to to tick the box called Trigger timer and put a name under Timer or Tab name (i.e. Fireball). I will show you how to config the timer window in a minute.

Other triggers do not need a timer and you simply want to know how many times it occur for example within a certain time. This is where the Results tab come into play. Say for example you want to keep track of all the zone events when you are logged into the game. You can create a trigger for zone event announcements and have a tab that would filter all the zone event stuff into a tab so you can tab over and see which event you might have missed or ongoing. If this is the feature you desire, check Add Results Tab and put a name under Timer or Tab name (i.e. Zone events).

Step 6: Click Add/Edit. remember everytime you make a change to your trigger, you need to press this button to make sure the changes are saved.

Triggers that store data

Lets take the zone events example, you want to keep track of all the zone events and have ACT calls out when a zone event occurs so you don’t miss it.

You want to put this into the regular expression window (erase everything in there and just paste the following into the input window).

.*The zone event \[(?<event>.+?)\] has started in \[(?<zone>.+?)\]!.*

Typically, zone events are announced in level 50 chat as the following manner.

The zone event [Forest King] has started in [Stillmoor]!

The trigger basically recognizes The zone event […] has started in […]! text in the level 50 chat and create an alert.

Now the interesting part, this trigger can store data. Forest King is stored as event and Stillmoor is stored as zone. Both event and zone are arbitrary names, you can call them dogs and cats if you wish. You get to decide! (note that [ and ] are special chars so we have to use \[ and \] for them respectively).

What are these data stored? Remember when I said for these triggers, you need to check Add Results Tab and put a name under Timer or Tab name?. When you do that, modiify the custom trigger settings and click on the Add/Edit button, you will see a new tab being created. This tab will have whatever name you decided to put under Timer or Tab name.

Here is the full trigger for you viewing.


If you click under the tab Zone events, you will see this.


Now for another example, this time something different. This is the trigger to alert you to a tell and store it in a tab in ACT.

\[NCL\]\[(?<player>.+?)\] whispers: (?<message>.+)

Tells are done in this manner: [player] whispers: message

We start off with \[NCL\]\[(?<player>.+?)\] rather than .* as in the previous example because this time we know this kind of sentence always start off with [player]. There is nothing that comes before [player] so there is no need to put .* in there to match any text that comes before [player] as there is none.

\[NCL\] is needed because ACT reads the non combat logs as [NCL][player] whispers: message so we needed to put the [NCL] there.

Alternatively, if you prefer the way we did it earlier, this trigger will work too!

.*\[(?<player>.+?)\] whispers: (?<message>.+)

Note what is different from last trigger is the lack of ? in the .+) at the end. ? means to match the preceding character 0 or 1 times only and if we put ? in as in .+?) the tells we get in act would have only 1 character.

In general, if you suspect there might be an empty space, put a ? in there. If you need to match /capture something, put .+

So for example, if you suspect there might be a space between [ and player, you put [?<player>

You need to capture whatever is inside the brackets to <player> so you put .+ after <player> and then you need ? as there might be a space to the ] symbol.

A lot of the expressions here seems confusing. It is very confusing to me too. To get a good understanding of it, you need to know regular expressions, which is something beyond me at this point! Hopefully this will help you out a bit!

Expression What it means
? The ? (question mark) matches the preceding character 0 or 1 times only, for example, colou?r will find both color (0 times) and colour (1 time).
* The * (asterisk or star) matches the preceding character 0 or more times, for example, tre* will find tree (2 times) and tread (1 time) and trough (0 times).
+ The + (plus) matches the previous character 1 or more times, for example, tre+ will find tree (2 times) and tread (1 time) but not trough (0 times).
. The . (period) means any character(s) in this position, for example, ton. will find tons, tone and tonneau but not wanton because it has no following character.

Triggers with timer window

Sometimes you might be interested in the emote that a boss mob make when they use a special ability. Soulrender’s Grasp in Hammerknell is a good example. Whenever he emotes "Soulrender Zilas surges with the power of Death!", he is about to cast his beam of death. The time between each emote is exactly 60 seconds. Knowing this, you can create a trigger with a timer for this.

First, you want to copy this into your regular expression window.

.*?Soulrender Zilas surges with the power of Death!.*

Next, setup the rest of the trigger as follows.


Now go to Show Timers at the top right of the ACT window. A window called Spell Timers will pop up.

Right click it, this window will pop up.


Under AE/Skill/Custom Trigger Name, put in exactly the name you put under Timer or Tab name (i.e. Soulrender grasp in this case).

Under Timer period in seconds, put in 60.

Under Remove timer from view at , put in 0.

Under Show radial timer display, uncheck it (this will save space, especially if you have multiple timers running at once.

Under Category, enter a category, this does not have to match the category for triggers.

You can adjust the timer start sound, warning sound etc.. at the bottom.

Here is what the triggers will look like once they are trigger in the soulrender fight! Second pic shows when it goes below 10 secs.


I am lazy, I don’t want to make my own triggers, I want to import/export them!

Export single trigger: This is simple, you just right click on your trigger and click on “Copy as sharable XML” and paste it on a web page or something.


Export all triggers:  Go to options tab, click on Configuration Import/Export and then click on Export.


Check off the stuff I checked off below and click on Save.


This will save all the triggers/timers as a XML file which you can upload and share with your friends!

Import a single trigger: Go to options tab, click on XML share snippets and then paste the trigger you copied into the white space there and click on import above data.


Import a lot of triggers : Download the XML file containing all the triggers, then go to Options, click on Configuration Import/Export and then click on Import and select that XML file.


Useful triggers!

Zone events – alert you to zone events by playing a TTS sound (OMG zone event). You can edit the sound if you like. There is also a tab called Zone event that will keep track of them.

<Trigger R=".*The zone event \[(?&lt;event&gt;.+?)\] has started in \[(?&lt;zone&gt;.+?)\]!.*" SD="OMG zone event" ST="3" CR="F" C="General" T="F" TN="Zone events" Ta="T" />

Tells – keeps track of the tells you get and put them into a tab call tells.

<Trigger R="\[NCL\]\[(?&lt;player&gt;.+?)\] whispers: (?&lt;message&gt;.+)" SD="${player} whispers ${message}" ST="0" CR="F" C="General" T="F" TN="tells" Ta="T" />

Auctions – Keeps track of your auctions in a tab called AH (courtesy of Bluedots)

<Trigger R="\[NCL\]Your auction item \[(?&lt;item&gt;.+?)\] has been sold\." SD="${item} sold" ST="3" CR="F" C="General" T="F" TN="AH" Ta="T" />

For more triggers, including specific ones for certain fights, please refer to Bluedot’s guide here (scroll to the bottom)


Essential addons for a healer (updated-oct 31)

October 11, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would post some of the addons I found on that I find are super helpful 🙂

NEW: Updated October 31 to reflect new addons

How to install addons in Rift

a. Go to

b. Pick the addons you want (if you want the ones I have, just click the links below)

c. Download it.

d. You need to unzip the file, desktop here will do fine.

e. Next start Rift, go to the Char select screen, you will see a button below called Addons.

1. Click on the addons button

2. Click open addon directory, Rift will minimize and opens up the folder for addon for you. Drag the addon you just downloaded (along with its folder) into that addon folder.

3. Click on refresh to see if the addon shows, if it shows, then you have  installed correctly! (Yay!)

4. Make sure the addon is checked and then click apply and then Ok.

5. Just log onto your game.

1. Target casting bar (click on the link to go to to download)

This casting bar is awesome! It allows you to target a mob and watch its casting bar for AoEs, big hits etc..

Once you get the addon installed, you need to do /tcb unlock and move it to somewhere on your screen. Once you done that do /tcb lock and it should lock it in place.

When you want to watch the casting bar of a mob, you target the mob and hit /tcb this (make a macro)

You can also do /tcb scale #.## – applies a scaling to the window to change its size, either larger (scale >1) or smaller (scale <1) (replace # with numbers).  I have my set as /tcb scale 1.5

2. MinUI (there is an alternative to this called MyUI, and you don’t need to type all that commands to config it! See below for details)

This UI is awesome for keeping track of things like HoTs, cooldown timers etc. I would say it is a must have for any healer! Basically, it display the health bar/mana bar/energy bar etc of yourself, your target, and your target’s target without showing their portraits.


/mui unlock to move the bars around

/mui lock once you have everything in place  (player,,, and focus bars). Note that I don’t use the focus bar here so if you need to config it, just folllow the instruction below and instead of using player put in focus. (i.e. /mui buffLocation focus above)

What I like to do is have buffs (from me only) on top and debuffs on bottom of the health bar.

So here are a series of configuration commands I did

/mui buffLocation player above

/mui buffLocation above

/mui buffLocation above

/mui debuffLocation player below

/mui debuffLocation below

/mui debuffLocation below

Next, you need to change the max buff duration it displays. I changed my to 1 hr (3600 secs).  I think the default is 30 seconds. (I did not need to change the default debuff durations but if you want to modify it, it is just /mui debuffThreshold [frame] [number] (i.e. /mui debuffThreshold player 3600)

/mui buffThreshold player 3600

/mui buffThreshold 3600

/mui buffThreshold 3600

MinUI 1.3 new update

  • minUI’s 1.3 is much more polished and removed some of the annoying error texts I had filling up my chat window!
  • 1.3 update also introduced % into the bars, a casting bar for all the frames (player, etc..), an option to see icons/bars for buffs/debuffs (you can see icons on the left, bars on the right in the image below), and more importantly better colors!
  • You can also customize your bar to different skins you like!
  • New options to play around with
    • ‘/mui barTexture [frame] [textureName (do not add .png/.tga)]\’ change the bar texture for this frame
    • Can be smooth/ace/aluminium/otravi/minimalist/or anything you put in the /Media folder.
    • ‘/mui buffView [frame] [bar/icon] change the view of the frame’s buffs to an icon or bar style.
    • ‘/mui debuffView [frame] [bar/icon] change the view of the frame’s debuffs to an icon or bar style.
    • ‘/mui castbar [frame] [above/below/none] change the casthar on the frame to be above, below or none.
3. KaruulAlert
You will want this!
Bascially, this addon can check for buffs/debuffs on you, your target or your focus and alert you (via an icon that pops on your screen) if a buff/debuff is missing or present. Additionally, it can alert you if an ability of yours is available or went to cooldown.
Configuration (this is a copy/paste from the addon info page on

1. Open configuration (/karuulalert)2. Check the Enable Ability Scanner check box at the lower left of configuration the screen

At this point you will have a good amount of items to choose from but to get the full list of what you can do play around a little. Switch roles, buff up, click on random players (load their buffs too). Once done disable the ability scanner to save resources.
Now you should have all you need to get going. First stop Name, what do you want to call this alert you are making? After that it’s just a matter of checking off what you want to track, typing in the ability or buff and choosing what your alert will look like.

1. Open configuration (/karuulalert)

2. Enter a Name for your alert

3. Select Buff, Ability, or Resource

4. Select when you want to be notified

5. Select the who the alert will look at

6. Enter the name of the buff/ ability or select the resource.

7. Customize the alert

8. Click Save

Additional configuration
  • You will also want to press the button called edit layout to move the icons on your screen to a place where you can see!
  • Take advantage of sets, have a set for each role that you have etc.. This way, icons that don’t matter when you in heal role (i.e. alerts specific to your dps souls) won’t show and clutter your screen!
  • Add To a Set
    – Select the set you want then add alerts as normal. When clicking Save the alert will be saved to the currently selected set.
    Copy Alerts From Set To Set
    – Edit the alert from the set you want to copy from. Go to the set you want to copy to. Save alert to active set.
    Change Sets
    – Via config tool, simply select the set you want and exit the tool. 
    – Via command prompt type /karuulalert set={setnumber}
Suggestion on Alerts:
  • Latent Blaze for purifiers to keep track of multiple Latent Blaze (from you) in your raid!
  • Serendipity for sentinels to know when it is up for faster heals!
  • Low mana alert

This is the addon for a raiding cleric, you no longer need to watch the white text on your screen to see if your name is on it so you need to do something. If you need to do something, your screen will flash, and you can react quickly. (The eye detect movements quicker than anything else !)  This addon also will give out timers (I am not sure how it works lol).

What it works for:

  • Hammerknell Fortresss
    • Akylios [Enhanced untested support]
    • Inwar Darktide [Enhanced untested support]
    • Inquisitor Garau [Enhanced untested support]
    • Estrode [Enhanced untested support]
    • Grugonim [Enhanced tested support]
    • Sicaron [Enhanced tested support]
    • Vladmal Prime [Enhanced tested support]
    • Soulrender Zilas [Enhanced untested support]
    • Rune King Molinar [Enhanced tested support]
    • Matron Zamira [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
    • Murdantix [Enhanced tested support]
    • Trash [Enhanced untested support]
  • River of Souls
    • Alsbeth the Discordant [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
    • Herald Gaurath [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
    • Plutonus the Immortal [Enhanced untested support]
    • Warmaster Galenir [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
    • Dark Focus [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
  • Greenscale’s Blight
    • Oracle Aleria [Limited tested support]
  • Drowned Halls
    • Hydriss [Enhanced untested support]
    • Isskal [Enhanced untested support]
    • Joloral Ragetide [Enhanced untested support]
    • Assault Commander Jorb [Limited tested support]
  • Gilded Prophecy
    • Uruluuk [Enhanced untested support, limited tested support]
    • Thalguur [Enhanced untested support]
    • Guurloth [Enhanced untested support]
    • Anrak the Foul [Enhanced untested support]
Do you need to know how many minutes/seconds you have until a cooldown is up? This is the perfect addon to keep track of that! It requires no configuration at all. Here is a screenshot of it in action.

6.MyUI (alternative to MinUI, much nicer interface)

It has pretty much similar features to MinUI, except it has much nicer looking bars and the configuration is graphical rather than typing a whole bunch of commands!

The only downside to it its that its castbars do flicker alot and this can be quite annoying if you are trying to keep an eye on things. Hopefully this will be fixed soon!

Here is a pic of the entire addon with some of the features enabled; remember the current addon API does not support clicking to target, so raid frames, target bars etc cannot be used to target. Hopefully this will change in 1.6

Here is an image of the configuration screen, use /myui config to open it