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Patch 1.7 Cleric Presets (PTS)

January 26, 2012

I took a break from Rift recently playing SWTOR as there weren’t much new content/builds/changes to write about in Rift. However, with 1.7, Rift saw quite a few changes/new features and I will be covering that extensively 🙂

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Note: the above info is on PTS and will change a bit before the actual 1.7 patch. This is a preview only. I will update this once 1.7 hits the live servers.

Patch 1.7 introduced preset souls – a series of souls that are “pre-built” helping to guide new players (to the game and/or to the class). What is interesting about this system is that it tells you exactly how to allocate your points one by one and exactly what spells you are getting. Also, level 50 players can quickly switch into one of the preset roles by first resetting their one of their role slots and then press a single button to fill all the points.

Here is a preview of the 4 cleric presets available on the PTS.

Character Creation

Upon creating a fresh new character, you will be given a sneak peak at the cleric endgame armor (full HK set) and given 4 presets.


The 4 presets right now are essentially “pure” heals, “pure” tank, melee DPS w/offheal capabilites (“suppportish”) and ranged DPS.

Accessing the presets

This part is fairly straightforward. Open your soul window (default –”N” key) and click on the button on the buttom. This will allow you access to the 4 presets. Additional, there is another button to the left where you can spend all your points following these presets.


Flame Keeper – Sent/Puri 3x/3x

This is your standard 34 Purifier/32 Sentinel/0 warden build. It was nicknamed Sent/Puri, Purisent etc.. by the community.

This is the point distribution at 50.


Purifier- 34 points

Sentinel- 32 points

Overall, I like the build. It is very similar to the 3x/3x Sent/Puri build I have being using. The difference in some of the point allocations are fairly minor. (i.e. In the purifier tree, I would have put the 1 point in Caregiver’s Blessing into Healing Flare instead. In the sentinel tree, I have a different point distribution for Embolden/Light Efficiency/Light Concentration).

You are given a short introduction to this preset, including basics, how to play and tips!


Seraphic Guard – 51 Justicar tanking

This is one of the many 51 Justicar tank build posted by Radak in his thread. It is a 51 Justicar/9 Shaman/6 Inq build.

Here is the point distribution at 50.


Justicar – all 51 points

  • Keep in mind Healer’s Creed has being changed to increase the healing your receive by 5-10% (used to be reduce the mana cost of your doctrine by 15-30%).
  • Reprieve, your O-shit heal on a 5 minute cooldown, has being chanaged so that it scales with spellpower better.

Shaman – 9 points

  • 3/3 Thick Skinned
  • 3/5 Unyielding
  • 2/2 Favored of the Valnir (NEW effect- now increase the duration of Lighting by 4-8 seconds).

Inquisitor – 6 points

Here is the official how-to and tips from Trion!


Thunderer- 44 shaman/20 justicar melee DPS w/ offheals

This is a variation of the popular 44 shaman/22 Justicar melee DPS build I have being using.

Here is the point distribution at 50.



20 Justicar

2/2 Inquisitor

This build is designed for pure melee DPS with some offhealing (some kind of “support” role) rather than soloing like the  44 shaman/22 Justicar build I linked above. I do feel that a 51 shaman would probably do better as a pure melee DPS but this is not a bad starting point. As for soloing, this build will feel a lot weaker than the 44 shaman/22 Justicar build due to the lack of some essential talents in the Justicar tree (i.e. Vengeful Justice and Devout Deflection).

Here are the official how-to and tips from Trion!


Arbiter- 51 Inq pure ranged DPS

This is the old favourite 51 Inq build. It uses the combination of 51 Inq/10 sent/5 warden. This is not a bad starting point for newbie players but at decent gear levels the 51 Inq/10 sent/5 cab build performs much better, especially with the upcoming nerfs to waterjet in patch 1.7.

Point allocation at 50


51 Inquisitor- all 51 points

10 sentinel

5 Warden

Here are the official how-to and tips from Trion!



FOTM Cleric DPS Spec–51 Inq & Variations*

December 22, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


*FOTM = Flavor of the Month

Hello everyone, I meant to write this about a week ago but life got busy!


Ever since the 1.6.1 patch and the change to cleric DPS, it is pretty apparent that Inquisitor soul is the predominant single target cleric DPS soul on raids (this was the case before 1.6.1 too but even more so now). Patch 1.6.1 brought a “25%” increase to all cleric DPS souls through Mien of Aggression and “5%” extra damage increase to Inquisitor soul through the change to Armor of Awakening. Note that both “25%” and “5″%” are in quotes because the actual damage increase is much less. This is because the 25% and 5% increase are addictive, not multiplicative.

Theorycrafting (has a bit of math!)

This additive vs multiplicative point can be confusing but it is pretty simple. Rather than explaining it myself, Quietmode have already explained it really well in reply to a post so I will just quote his explanation here!

The answer is because its additive. Right now lets say you do 1000dps. Before MoA (Mien of Aggression) was added you had 5% dmg from AoA (Armor of Awakening) and 15% dmg from CP (Corporal Punishment). So thats a 20% damage increase. so you now do 1200dps.

Adding in MoA thats 5%+25%+15% for a total of 45% damage. now you do 1450dps

1450/1200 = 1.208 which means adding MoA caused a ~21% damage increase.

The short version of it is that say if you have two modifiers, one of them adds 25% more damage and another adds 10% more damage to a spell that does 1000 damage. The final output damage for that spell is 1000 x (1+(0.25 +0.1)) = 1000 x 1.35 = 1350 and NOT 1000x 1.25 x 1.1 = 1375.

Anyways, the point is, Inquisitor is pretty much the “Flavor of the Month – FOTM” DPS soul for clerics since 1.6.1. Not only does it bring the highest cleric single target dps in raids, it also brings the 7% magical damage debuff – Clinging Spirit, and a purge. This also means that you will see a lot more clerics running the Inquisitor soul in WFs as the damage it can dish out can annihilate low rank players.

The question many of you might be wondering is which build of the Inquisitor soul can bring out the best DPS?

It used to be 51 Inq/10 sent/5 warden build. This build utilized warden’s destructive tide talent, which adds 10% more damage to instant cast spells. The main instant cast spells affected in this build are Vex, Sanction Heretic and Waterjet. (Even though Vex and Sanction Heretic are DoTs, they are affected on all ticks – i.e. Vex was 123 dmg/tick before talent and 135 dmg/tick after talent. Sanction Heretic was 557 on initial tick and 125 on subsequent ticks before talent and 614/137 after talent). This is great in fights with high movements where you don’t have much “stand-still” time to cast Bolt of Judgment (BoJ), your biggest DPS component.

However, as Ahov pointed out in his thread on the official forums,  the best DPS build might be 51 Inq/10 sent/5 cab. The reason, as he pointed out, is that BoJ makes up the biggest chunks of your parse. The warden talent does not affect it but the 5% SP increase from Cabalist does and this would increase the damage of BoJ even more. This damage increase is bigger than the increase you would get from Vex and Sanction Heretic viato the Warden talent.

One might ask why this would be the case. I have two possible explanations. One is that back when the 5 warden version was top DPS, the gear level was such that the 5% SP increase you get from Cab is much less than it is now with HK gear. On raids I could easily reach 2.2 k SP and I am not even fully HK geared. Hence with the greater boost to SP, BoJ, Vex, and SH all benefits to a greater extent than before.

The other explanation deals with diminishing returns. Vex and Sanction Heretic (SH) have a lot more damage modifiers than BoJ does.  If you look at this page, you can see that Vex/SH is affected by Mental Resilience and Corporal Punishment in addition to Ritual of Judgment.  Ritual of Judgment can be left out of the discussion as it offers a spell power bonus rather than a straight up damage modifier. Mien of Aggression (MoA)  is also a damage modifier. Now if you add these damage modifiers together, you would have 50% from Mental Resilience + 15% from Corporal Punishment + 25% from MoA for a total of 90% damage modifier whereas BoJ would only receive 25% damage modifier from MoA.

The more damage modifier you have already have before MoA is added in, the less is the increase in damage you would get from MoA. The formula to keep in mind is base damage * (1+(damage modifier)). Lets illustrate this with a simple example. Say you had a spell that did 100 damage. If have a damage modifier of 100%, you output damage would be 100 * (1 +(1)) = 200. If you now add 25% more damage modifier from MoA, it would be 100*(1 +(1+0.25)) = 225. 225/200 = 1.125. Now suppose you have a damage modifier of 200%, your output damage would be 100*(1+(2)) = 300. If you add in 25% from MoA, it would be 100*(1+(2+0.25)) = 325. 325/300 = 1.083, 1.083 is definitely less than 1.125.

Anyways, the point is, 51 Inq/10 sent/5cab scales better with gear than 51 Inq/10 sent/5 warden. It might not have being noticeable before, but it is certain true after patch 1.6.1.


For this section, I am going to list the FOTM 51 Inq/10 sent/5 cab build but I am also going to list 51 Inq/10 sent/5warden and 46 Inq/10 sent/10 Shaman. The 5 cab build might be the best under most situations but for fights with high movement (i.e. Zlias in HK) the 5 warden build will shine. Also, if you have extremely high crit chance (i.e. close to or over the softcap for crit chance), then the 46 Inq build might work better for you.

51 Inq/10 sent/5 cab



1. Fanaticism + BoD (Bolt of Depravity)

#show Fanaticism
cast Fanaticism
cast Bolt of Depravity

2. BoJ macro (Life’s Vengeance and Excommunicate only fire off when moving and Vex only fires off if everything above is on cooldown and you are moving or if you are somehow facing away from the mob)

#show Sanction Heretic
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Bolt of Judgment
cast Life’s Vengeance
cast Excommunicate
cast Vex

3. AoE

#show Soul Drain
cast Soul Drain
cast Circle of Oblivion

Also, I would have a separate button for Vex.

The priorities/rotation (provided by Ahov) are as follows:

Sanction Heretic –> BoD procs if any –> Vex –> Nysyr’s Rebuke if off cooldown–> BoJ spam via the BoJ macro.

Keep DoTs (Vex/SH) up at all times and use BoD whenever it is up except when it is time to refresh SH.

When moving:

Apply Banish, and then hit the BoJ macro. Keep Vex up via its own button if need.


Stack for as much SP (Spell power) as possible without negatively impacting your SC (spell crit) . If your SC is around 800-900 then you are in a good place and don’t need to worry about it.

Definitely get the Inquisitor crystal, either the T3 raid one or HK crystal. Both crystals will give BoJ a 25% chance to reset the cooldown on Sanction Heretic. The HK crystal 4 piece set bonus is really nice as it adds 10% more life and death damage.

In terms of sigils/sourcemachines, you should use all lessers as there aren’t that good greaters. Necrotic Rage, the guardian only Greater Essence used to be very decent but the 1.6 lessers are a better bang for the buck and you don’t have a chance to wipe your guild on Sicaron (totem won’t show up if you have the lich form on, so the next person can’t see your totem and could walk into it…)

For your trinket, Lifebound Relic from Prince Hylas in GSB is very good. The healing from Vex will proc this quite often for extra 88 SP bonus.

51 Inq/10 sent/5 warden

(use on high movement fights i.e. Zlias in HK or if your SP is really really low – i.e. fresh 50s in T2 dungeon gear. I also like using it for PvP as I get two knockbacks and waterjet!)



It is debatable with the 5 warden if you should put Fanaticism on BoD procs or on SH. SH do hit a bit more with the 5 warden build. If you like to put Fanaticism with SH, use this macro

Macro 1

#show Fanaticism
cast Fanaticism
cast Sanction Heretic

Macro 2: This macro is handy for BoJ and also works great when moving (waterjet only goes off if you are moving, vex only goes off if you are turned away from the mob)

#show Sanction Heretic
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Bolt of Judgment
cast Waterjet
cast Vex

Keep an eye on Fanaticism if you are using it with Sanction Heretic. Press macro 1 when it is up, otherwise use macro 2.


Macro 1 (Sanction Heretic)  –> BoD procs if any –> Vex –> Nysyr’s Rebuke if off cooldown –> BoJ spam via macro 2.

46 Inq/10 Sent/10 Shaman

(use only if you have really high crit chance – i.e. close or over soft cap –40% or around 1100 SC)


The point allocations in first tier of shaman is arbitrary. You definitely want 3/3 in Thick Skinned but the rest of the 2 points is pretty much waste points to get to the next tier.


I would put my Fanaticism on BoD for this build. See the 5 cab build for macros.


Sanction Heretic –> BoD procs if any –> Vex –> BoJ spam via the BoJ macro.


If you are using this build, you have to have high SC. Obviously using lessers with high crit on them would be ideal for that. Check out this page here for a list of 1.6 essences sorted by high SC.


Ideally, all parses should be done by the same person in a tightly controlled raid environment using a double blind approach (too much scientific jargon?) but that is never going to happen.

Two types of parsing are possible – controlled testing on dummies or parses from raids.

I will show you some of the parses on dummies here. Keep in mind that the 46/10/10 build may not shine as much on dummies as you won’t get as much SC as you would on raids. Since I don’t have very high SC due to gearing up for purifier on raids, I won’t be able to test it out.

I tested out 5 cab, 5 warden and 10 cab (spec into 5% more damage)

5 cab > 10 cab > 5 warden

5 cab – 1934 sp/788 sc – 1622.81 DPS – 5:02 parse
10 cab – 1934/788 – 1575.06 DPS – 5:03 parse
5 warden – 1858/788 – 1555.82 DPS – 5:02 parse


You can see that BoJs and BoDs are much higher with cab builds while SH and Vex tend to be higher with warden builds.

Here is the typical raid parse break down (courtesy of Ahov)

33% Bolt of Judgment
26.7% Sanction Heretic
17.8% Bolt of Depravity
12.1% Vex
5.7% Nysyr’s Rebuke

At very low SP levels, the 5 warden do outshine the 5 cab build slightly.

1054 sp/610 sc, 5:03 parse, 972.19 DPS (5 warden)
1102 sp/610 sc 5:01 parse 957.27 DPS ( 5 cab)


There you have it, 3 builds for the inquisitor that are viable for 1.6.1. Each build is designed for a specific type of encounter/gearing in mind. Finding out which one works best for you is the key.

Merry Christmas and don’t be jelly!!


Templar and PvP Healing Builds

December 8, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Hello everyone, I recently picked up PvP again trying to reach Rank 7/8 so I can get some upgrades to my Tier 3 raid armor. I have being playing with some healing builds which I find are very effective in PvP and I will share some of here.

The goal for me in PvP is not topping the heal parses. Rather, I try to keep my self alive first and foremost and then my teammates. Managing mana and able to do some damage/Crowd-Control (CC) on the side are also good traits to have.

I only cover the pure healing builds here. There are a lot of other builds that utilize DoL/justicar in combination with other DPS souls. These builds may excel at high PvP ranks but for they never had the survival/burst healing I needed.

The Templar

Templar is a soul you can purchase from the favor merchant in Sanctum/Meridian for 2500 favor. It is a PvP soul and advancing in that soul requires you to have certain PvP ranks. Each vertical advancement in that tree requires you to have the corresponding rank (i.e. 2nd branch of the tree requires you to have rank 2 to be able to put points into it).

0 Point Templar will grant you Break Free, an ability with 2 minutes cooldown which will remove all the CC/snare (run speed impairment)  effects from you. This ability is also nice for PvE on raids/dungeons when you get CC’ed.

5 points in Templar will grant you Detaunt, another useful ability with a 1 minute cooldown that will reduce damage against you by an enemy player by 50% for 15 seconds. This is super useful in 1vs1 or 1vs2 situations you may encounter as you can pop detaunt on an enemy player and run back to the rest of your teammates.

10 points into Templar will grant you Nysyr’s Band, an useful ability against rogues and allow you to spend points in Reinforce, which will grant your and your ally 6% damage reduction for 10 seconds. The beauty of Reinforce is that when combined with Protect the Flock from Sentinel, you are looking at 11% damage reduction for you and your teammates when you spam AoE heals.

In terms of points allocation, for the first 5 points you definitely want to invest 5/5 in  Resilient as it is a flat 15% chance to reduce crits from enemy players (i.e. if enemy player have <15 crit chance, they will never able to crit you). See this thread for more discussion.

Once you are at least rank 3 and don’t have much of a survival issue, then going the other path and getting 2/2 reinforce is definitely recommended to help your teammates out.

PvP Healing Builds

Build 1: 31 Sentinel/30 Warden/5 Templar

Build: 31 sentinel/30 warden/5 templar

You could switch it around and remove the point from Healer’s Haste and put it into Healing Showers in Warden if you wish and make it 30 sentinel/31 warden/5 Templar. You can also move other points around (i.e. moving points away from Light Efficiency into Enraptured Breath) but you definitely want 28 in Sentinel for 3/3 Serendipity and invest 2/2 in Protect the Flock.

This build is probably the most mana friendly of all the builds listed here. As in majority of the warfronts you will be doing lots of AoE healing combined with occasional bursts of single target healing, you will run out of mana quickly and become useless. Having 5/5 in Light Concentration and Cascade from Warden will help a lot. If you need additional mana, you can switch from 5/5 in Destructive Tide to 5/5 in Aquatic Affinity in the Warden tree. Also, pack lots of mana pots (Ember Isle daily quests give out a lot of these as rewards) and lots of drinks (I pack 80-100 drinks/pots on average and consume on average 5-10 drinks per warfront).   

PvP is not really macro friendly so I try to minimize my macro usage. The one macro I do have is Tidal Surge + Orbs of the Stream to make my my orbs much more effective. I cast the orbs on myself whenever I get a chance and on teammates whenever I can spare it.

#show Orbs of the Stream
cast Tidal Surge
cast Orbs of the Stream

The other macro I have is to promote other team members to assistant when I have the leader. This way, no one bugs me to mark people or pass lead! The macro is a simple one liner – promote.

The third macro I have is instant Healing Invocation.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

Single target healing

For most of the single target healing, I use Healing Breath whenever I can. If the damage is too severe to be recuperated with Healing Breath, then Healing Invocation with Serendipity proc is the way to go. I spam Healing Flood as much as I can to proc Serendipity + keep up Protect the Flock.  If you need to move and Healing Breath isn’t up, stacks of Soothing Stream and Healing Spray can be good to use as well. If you or a teammate is getting focus fired, then using the instant HI macro mentioned above and then pop Healer’s Covenant after if it is up. I never cared much for Deluge but if you have HoTs already running on someone and don’t have the 1.5 second to cast Healing Invocation (after Serendipity proc), then it can be useful as it becomes 0.5 seconds with Serendipity.

AoE healing

When your team is taking multiple angles of fire (i.e. the Bridge in Port Scion or Codex in Codex), then AoE heals it is the way to go. Keep spamming Healing Flood as often as you need. Healing Communion will be the way to go for most cases but if the damage is minor, Ripple + HoTs will do the job as well. I try to avoid using Healing Communion as much as possible as it is mana intensive and will drain your mana quick. If things goes awry, then Divine Call may or may not save the day.

Overflow is a nice passive to have in PvP and will make up a significant chuck of your heal parse as well (~10%).

Crowd Control/Survival

One ability I absolutely love to use is Crushing Wave from the Warden soul. It has a fairly short cooldown (15 seconds) as well. I use this knockback ability for three purposes.

1. When I see a warrior/rogue running towards me, Crushing Wave will push them back so my teammates can pick them off and it allow me to prepare myself mentally for the incoming fight.

2. Removing key enemy players from the fight. This is especially useful in the ridges near Codex as I can punt enemy players off the cliff and force them to run back. Other locations come to mind are the staircases in Library and the bridge in Port Scion. This works really well against enemy healers but also in general any enemy player will work. If they are removed from the fight for even a few seconds, they cannot assist their team and there is a bigger chance your team will decimate the remaining enemy players.

3. Interrupt people picking up relics/flags/capturing points. This can be fairly annoying to your opponents as not only they are interrupted, but they are also punted a distance away and have to run back.

Another ability I love to use on enemy mages/cleric is the silence ability. You have two at your disposal. Quietus from Sentinel and Drown from Warden. Both don’t last long and are very situational but if you are faced with mage/cleric and need to get away, they will do the job.

Dissolution from Warden will remove any movement impairments you have and make you immune to them for a short duration. Break Free is there if you need to get out of a silence or fear but it has a 2 minutes cooldown so use it sparingly.

Detaunt and Healer’s Covenant are indispensible for survival. Healer’s Covenant work best when you are getting focus fired while Detaunt works best when you are against a single enemy player or small groups. The key to use Detaunt is to quickly target whoever is chasing you and then hit it and heal yourself up quickly afterwards. Detaunt/Healer’s Covenant + Touch the Light macro for instant HI is my get out of the jail free card for most occasions.

Restorative Tide from Warden is nice to have in PvP. It is not a big heal but it procs constantly with all the damage (crits) you take from other players and it serve as a passive heal that will top you off. It accounts for around 10% of my heal parse on some fights (varies depends on how much you get focus fired).

The main thing about survival in PvP is LoS (Line of Sight), use pillars, stones, rocks, whatever to your advantage and hide behind them when you are getting focus fired. If they don’t get line of sight to you, they can’t kill you.

Cleanse is another big thing in PvP and you will devout a significant amount of time to it and soon learn all the icons you need to cleanse off right away. The reason you need to cleanse a lot is the healing debuffs from warriors, rogues and mages. These healing debuffs will reduce your healing by as much as 50% if not cleansed. Also, since mages are FOTM (Flavor of the Month) with 1.6, there are a lot of out there running with the stormcaller build and they have a nasty Storm Shackle that will damage you if you move without cleansing it. Remember you have 3 cleanses – AoE, cleanse over time and single target cleanse.

Lastly, if you want to do some damage, Waterjet is the way to go. Its handy to finish enemy player off or kill some lowly ranked players.

Build 2: 28 Sentinel/26 Warden/12 Templar

Build: 28 sentinel/26 warden/12 templar

Keep in mind you need to have rank 3 in PvP before you can use build.

If you are not getting focus fired a lot in PvP, this build might be the way to go for the 11% damage reduction (5% from Protect the Flock and 6% from Reinforce) for your and your teammates. Play style is largely similar to the first build.

Build 3: 28 Sentinel/17 Warden/21 Templar

Build: 28 sentinel/17 warden/21 templar

This is a heavy Templar build that can be used only by those with Pvp Rank 6 or above. The main reason to go into 21 templar is for Overload, which is really nice when you are getting focus fired, and Greater Empowerment (think of it as Touch the Light + Tidal Surge combined). Beware that all these abilities have a 2 minutes cooldown timer.

You are also getting some nice utility for your teammates along the way, such as 6% damage reduction from Reinforce and 10% damage increase on teammates under 50% health from Rolling with the Punches. Mark of Purification is also nice to have to ease your cleansing job.

Gear and stuff

Ever since they equalized the valor on all PvP gear, there is very little reason to not get it. Get as much valor as you can, even if the PVP gear has worse stats. You can get + 50 valor rune for chest (Blazing Valorous Rune) and a sigil with +50 valor if you do your PvP dailies. The PvP trinket with permanent stats is nice to have for PvE as well if you don’t have a nice trinket already.

Use Burning Powerstones (+200 sp) if you can afford it. Get Thick Armor Plating or the cheaper version Heavy Armor Plating for damage mitigation against warriors/rogues. Cushioned Insoles or Performance Insoles are also nice for 4-5 % boost to unmounted runspeed, allowing to get out of sticky situations faster.


Build of the week: Swiss Army Knife–34 Puri/32 Sent

December 5, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Hello everyone, this week I thought I would re-introduce the classic purisent build and update it with some of my macros/comments. I gave this build the nickname “Swiss Army Knife” due to its usefulness and  adaptability. It is pretty much the tank healing build to have except in certain situations where 51 purifier might be better to handle the much larger spike damage.


Build: 34 Purifier/32 Sentinel/0 Warden (might also consider templar instead for the 0 point ability – Break Free but you will need to do some pvp)


Guaranteed Latent Blaze w/ Crit – Tank saver

#show Latent Blaze
cast flashover
cast latent blaze

Fiery Blessing + Healer’s Haste – for when you need big and fast heals

#show Fiery Blessing
cast Fiery Blessing
cast Healer’s Haste

Healing Communion + Divine call (this one is optional, if you like to save Divine Call for special occasions then don’t use this macro. However, since I don’t AoE heal much with this spec it didn’t matter)

#show Divine Call
cast Divine Call
cast Healing Communion

Healing Breath + Healing Flare

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Healing Flare

Instant cast big heal

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Flashover
cast Restorative Flame


With purifier, SP (Spell Power) is going to be the stat to aim for. The more SP you have, the bigger your ancestral flame shield is going to be and the less of a beating your tank will receive between casts of Restorative Flame.

That being said, you should not ignore SC (Spell Crit) either. Ideally you want to have SP and SC in a 2.5 ratio. When looking at a piece of gear, I like to use the formula total SP *2.5 + total SC to give me an “item score”. Total SP is calculated from wis *0.75 + int *0.25 + actual SP on item. Total SC is calculated from int*1 + actual SC on item.

In terms of your sigils/sourcemachines, you might consider the purifier greater Ancestral Sourcestone but for now it really only affects your Ward of Ancestors. This might be a good greater to have regardless when you need to switch to 51 purifier for whatever reason.

The rest of your sigil/sourcemachine should be filled with the best lessers you can get for SP. My top 6 choices, in keeping with the 2.5 SP/SC ratio, are the following.

Dark Rituals 100 inscribed @ Death vendor
Last Rituals 100 inscribed @ Death vendor
Living Quest 100 inscribed @ Life vendor
Living Surge 100 inscribed @ Water vendor
Pyro Flare 100 inscribed @ Fire Vendor
Mystic Surge 100 inscribed @ Water vendor

For T3 (Diona/Shyla) raid set, there is very little reason to go Diona set. You should get Shyla for all pieces except maybe gloves. See comparison here.

For T4 (Asphodel’s Reinforced/Empowered) raid set, the same applies. Go for empowered (set w/ focus) except maybe gloves. See comparison here.

For PA (Planar Attunement) points, if you are using a 2hander, it is better to go for point allocations that give these +SP bonuses as they give out twice as much sp as 1handers. Once you done that, focus on +SP on totems or +wis ones. Lastly, focus on +int squares. None of the tier 2 special abilities are worth getting on raids save for the water one (+300 mana on totem). The rest of the abilities do not stack with Burning Powerstone and are inferior to the +200 sp bonus that Burning Powerstones give out.

For consumables, you should have a burning powerstone for every raid. Make sure to get the +20 SP cake from Farhall/Atia as well. Have brightsurge vial (I use the +35 one) and Elder Tablet too. Make sure to use Elder Tablet before the start of a fight as it shares a cooldown with your mana pots. Of course you should have your drinks.


This is pretty much the tank healing build to run for clerics unless there is a need for 51 purifier or more AoE healing is needed (in which case Sent/Warden might be better). It feels less sluggish than 51 purifier and comes with a battle rez. although with a 10 minutes cooldown.

You should have Latent Blaze (w/ Flashover) and Surging Flames maintained on the tank at all times. The cooldown on Latent Blaze is fairly small so you can keep it up on yourself and another person as well pretty easily. Be sure to pop Ward of Ancestors on the tank whenever it is up. You can also keep it up on another person or two fairly easily. Anything more might be stretching a bit.

With this build, you won’t have as many save-butt cooldowns as a 51 purifier or as much Serendipity procs as a sent/warden. However, you are not losing out much either. Your Restorative Flame will be much faster casting on average than that of a 51 purifier due to the occasional serendipity procs. You have Healer’s Covenant with a  2 minute cooldown timer you can pop on the tank when he/she is about to take a lot of damage. You also have Searing Transfusion and Fiery Blessing + Healer’s Haste for when things goes awry as well.  Keep Flashover handy on your skillbar, as you can use it before Healing Breath to quickly save someone from the brink of death! Don’t forget the Touch the Light macro either on a 45 second cooldown!

In terms of AoE healing, you will do a lot of passive AoE healing through Surging Flames (via chain-casts of Restorative Flame),  as long people are near 15 meters of you. Divine call is also nice to have to for when things goes awry. If you need a bit more AoE heals than what Surging Flames offers and your Divine Call is on cooldown, then Healing Communion  is nice to chain spam but beware that it can drain your mana pretty quick!

Don’t forget you also have an AoE cleanse, this can come handy in a couple fights (i.e. Sicaron in HK comes to mind).


Defending the Isle: Holy Champion and deep Justicar builds!

November 30, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Hello everyone, one of my biggest pet peeves with the Ember Isle invasions is the occasional elite invasions that seem smack me around every time. The issue I had with these elite invasions is that the so called “boss” hits too hard and I could not heal back fast enough.

While searching for a more defensive build, I also posted my issue on the cleric subforums, and learned something I didn’t even know existed!

Holy Champion/Anti-Planar Augmentation

Holy champion (Anti-planar augmentation for defiants) is a planar ability you can purchase from the planar abilities vendor in Sanctum/Meridian for 200 planarite. It increase your damage output by 100% and reduce your incoming damage by 75% for 1 minute with a 1 minute cooldown.


Now, there is great synergy between Ember Isle and this planar ability. With the introduction of Planar Atunement system, you can have a maximum of 9 planar charges (6 from PA abilities and your standard 3). This means that in theory you could keep this ability on for a full 9 minutes. What’s more, if you are near one of the Sourcewells, you have access to the Planar Anomaly crystals that will recharge your planar charges.

This means that if you are near one of the Sourcewells, you can keep this ability up indefinitely and slaughter waves of invasions (including elites!) without breaking a sweat!

This ability works on all invasions, including the zone invasion bosses since patch 1.6 Hotfix 2.

Deep Justicar builds

Deep Justicar are non-tanking builds that utilize the justicar tree for survival. The key is putting points into defensive abilities that does not utilize a shield and then maximize the parry/dodge amounts.

The amount of points you put into the Justicar tree varies from 27-32 points, depending how defensive and how much utility you want from it.

From what I gather, all of these builds have 5/5 in Armor of Virtue to increase your armor amounts by 15% and 5/5 in Hammer of Virtue to make your melee attacks deal 5% more damage (synergy well with the Shaman soul).

Next, putting points into 3/3 Life’s Devotion is a no brainer.  Then you can invest into Doctrine of Bliss, Reparation or  even Healer’s Creed if you run into mana issues (but you shouldn’t really).

The other essential place to put in your points is 5/5 Shield of Faith and definitely 3/3 in Devout Deflection to maximize your dodge/parry amounts. Vengeful Justice is a must to make your Even Justice hits more mobs as EJ is your biggest AOE hitter. Points in Light Makes Right is nice to have to generate extra convictions and Reprieve is a nice save butt every 5 minutes. Some people like the point in Humility to allow them to kite mobs around or point in Interdict for an AoE interrupt but I never had much use for them.

If you are going for super defensive, Thorvin’s Law is nice to invest two points in for extra magical and physical damage reduction and can be rewarding for those invested heavily into Justicar soul (i.e. 32 points into Justicar will grant you 6+5 = 11% magical damage reduction and 5% physical damage reduction.

Super defensive 34 Shaman/32 Justicar Build

Build: 34 Shaman/32 Justicar/0 Sentinel


Single target

cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Censure
cast Sovereignty
cast Massive Blow
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Crushing Blow


#show Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Glory of the Chosen
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Strike of the Maelstrom
cast Even Justice


This build is probably the most I would invest into the Justicar soul without significant DPS loss. It can function as a mini-tank in a pinch and able to solo all invasions, elite or not. It can also solo most of normal AP/CC.

It has Absolution, 5 min brez, which is nice for duoing to rez your partner. Also have Humility if you need to kite a mob for whatever reason. The reason why I went 32 Justicar is for Resplendent Embrace, a nice little save butt every 2 minutes that grants you 20% more hp and increase all incoming heals by 50% for 10 seconds. 

It has a single target and AoE target lock that force the mobs to attack you instead of the rest of your party members. This obviously won’t be too useful if you are soloing invasions but nice if you need to tank some stuff for whatever reason.

Rest of the points I invested into Shaman has it has nice synergy with the Justicar soul (Shaman tree is mostly melee abilities, which 5/5 Hammer of Virtue in Justicar becomes useful). Most of the point allocations are self-explanatory; you definitely want to maximize all damage reducing talents and maximize the amount of damage Jolt performs as it will account for a huge chuck of your overall DPS. Rage of the North is nice to have for some burst DPS.

Have Mien of Leadership up most of the time unless the mobs are really easy and you just want to mow them down. In that case, Mien of Honor would be a good fit.

I also find it nice to macro Healing Breath from 0 point Sentinel and Doctrine of Bliss together as Healing Breath do have a 8 second cooldown so if HB is not up then Doctrine of Bliss is used instead.

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Doctrine of Bliss

Sarrom’s 31 Shaman/27 Justicar/8 Inquis build

This build is from Sarrom/Gilg on the official forums. It is the build he use to farm PAs.

Build: 31 Shaman/27 Justicar/8 Inquis

Macros: Similar to the above macros


This is a very good build if you don’t need the extra super survivability and want a bit more DPS. Basically, he dropped Thorvin’s Law and Light Makes Right in Justicar and Dauntless Courage in Shaman (Dauntless Courage does not affect Even Justice, your biggest AoE hitter) in favor of points in Inq tree that grants 5% more chance to crit, 12% critical damage modifier, and Armor of Treachery that grants 215 armor + 50 End.

rFrozen’s Shaman/Justicar/10 Warden Build

This build utilize’s Warden’s Destructive Tide talent which will make your Jolt from the shaman soul hit even harder and your Doctrines/Healing Breath heals you for 15% more. I modified the build a bit from his to my liking.

Build: 29 Shaman/27 Justicar/10 warden

Macros: Similar to above

Viz Build 39 Shaman/27 Justicar

Slightly modified to my own liking. Essentially giving up some Shaman dps for some survival in the Justicar soul compared to the 44 Shaman/22 Justicar build I run with.

Build: 39 Shaman/27 Justicar/0 Sentinel

Macros: Similar to above.

Classic 44 Shaman/22 Justicar Build

If you are not having any survival issues with Holy Champion/Anti-Planar Augmentation, then the classic 44 shaman/22 justicar build is still very nice to run around and kill things fast!



Cleric Top DPS Builds 1.6 Q1

November 28, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Hello everyone, in case you are curious what the top DPS builds for clerics are, here is a guide to help you out. This guide is relevant for 1.6 Quarter 1 (Q1), referring to the time period immediately after patch 1.6 and before any major changes to the Cleric class. However, looking at the preliminary PTS changes to Cleric DPS, the content of this guide should still stay relevant well onto patch 1.7

The emphasis here is on raid DPS, which is different from the DPS you would get from self buffed, beating up a dummy in Sanctum/Meridian. Certain souls, especially druid, do not scale well with raid buffs and falls terribly short in a raid setting even though they might excel in a solo/group setting.

One thing worth mentioning is that all top raid DPS builds are 51 point builds. Hybrid builds (with points spread over 2-3 souls) cannot compete at the moment due to the powerful passives one get from going 51 points into a build (well past 36 points).

Single target DPS Discussion

Cleric single target DPS build at the moment is very static, meaning that there is usually only one way you can put points into the build.

In terms of single target raid DPS, we have the following ranking in terms of decreasing DPS: 51 Inquisitor –> 51 Shaman –> 51 Druid. If you are interested in the raw data, please see this thread here.

On a typical self buffed dummy parse, however, you will see the following in terms of decreasing DPS: 51 Druid –> 51 Inquisitor –> 51 Shaman. Raw data can be found here. As mentioned before, this is has to do with scaling of druid soul. 51 Druid is probably your best pure DPS build for soloing and even some 5 man grouping. However, when you start to have a bard and archon with you, it falls short.

Generally, one should raid with the 51 inquisitor as you can bring the 7% magical damage debuff and do the best single target raid DPS (not to mention it is ranged). Unless things change, 51 inquisitor will dominate the cleric DPS parse as they are getting even more of a buff on the PTS. 51 Shaman might have a place in fights where melees are needed or if your raid is short on people for interrupt duty. 51 Druid have no place in a min/maxing raid force, sadly.

Single target DPS Builds/Macros

51 Inquisitor

Build: 51 Inq/10 sent/5 Warden

You are going 10 points into Sentinel for 5% increase to your SP (Spell Power) and 20% critical hit damage bonus. You are also going 5 points into warden for 10% damage increase to your instant cast spells in the inquisitor soul (Sanction Heretic initial tick, Waterjet). Note that Vex is not affected by this warden ability. See this thread for info on warden ability and inquisitor spells.

The alternative to this build is 51 Inq/10 Sent/Cab for the extra 5% bonus to your SP. However, your DoTs hit harder in the build with 5 Warden and you also have Waterjet for fights with a lot of movement where you can’t stop and cast your primary abilities like Bolt of Judgement. The difference between going into 5 warden or 5 cabalist is minimal but most players I talked to prefer the 5 warden.


Unlike the druid and shaman builds, the inquisitor build does not utilize a lot of complex macros. Instead, a good rotation is the key to this build. I utilize a couple  simple macros.

Macro 1: Slow and Purge (PvP).

#show Purge
cast Impede
cast Purge

Macro 2: Slow and Knockback (PvP)

#show excommunicate
cast Impede
cast Excommunicate
cast Crushing Wave

Macro 3: Heal + Hot (Can be used to save people in a pinch)

#show Healing Breath
cast Healing Breath
cast Healing Spray

Macro 4: SH 

#show Sanction heretic
cast fanaticism
cast sanction heretic

Macro 5: AoE macro

#show Sanction heretic
cast soul drain
cast circle of oblivion


The basic rotation is rather simple, you will want to cast Sanction Heretic coupled with Fanaticism using that above macro (macro 4). Then you will cast Vex. Between the time period you have for the DoTs to refresh, you will want to spam Bolt of Judgment and use Bolt of Depravity proc whenever it is up. Also, use  Nysyr’s Rebuke whenever it is up from cooldown. Have a separate button for Bolt of Depravity and Nysyr’s Rebuke so you can “mash” them whenever they proc or up from cooldown.

Macro 4 –> Vex –> (BoD if up) –> (Nysyr’s Rebuke if up) –> BoJ spam

If situations where you need to move, you will keep your DoTs refreshed and spam Waterjet.

If you have the 4 piece T1 raid inquisitor synergy crystal or the HK inquisitor synergy crystal (2 piece min), the above BoJ macro will also take care of that. Sanction Heretic will be used whenever it is up from cooldown, whether naturally or triggered by the synergy crystal.

Some players prefer to couple Fanaticism to Bolt of Depravity rather than Sanction Heretic. Parses have shown that Sanction Heretic takes a bigger advantage of that.

Since patch 1.6, the Clinging Spirit debuff (7% magicial damage debuff) is attached to BoD so you no longer have to get in melee range and use Soul Drain on single target fights.

For AoE fights, you will want to use Soul Drain whenever it is up from cooldown. Otherwise, use Circle of Oblivion instead. The AoE macro (macro 6) will take care of that. You will have to get in very close to the mob to get soul drain off however.

Do not use Spiritual Deficiency in your macros. It will overwrite an archon debuff called Crumbing Resistance, which lasts 5 minutes and buffs the archon themselves

Remember you have a purge ability called Purge! So don’t forget to use it when the situation requires it!


Use of Armor of Awakening at all times if possible. Currently, it provides only 5% more spell damage but on PTS this has being changed to 10% bonus. Only use Armor of Devotion or Armor of Teachery on fights where taking less damage or having more HP will make a difference in survival (i.e. Grug fight in HK).

Keep Shroud of Agony up as well. This is useful in AoE fights where you might take a lot of damage but on PTS this has being nerfed to affect a maximum of 10 enemies rather than all enemies.


Stack for SP. The softcap for Spell Crit (SC) is 1.1 k and on raid settings you will reach close to that. Although if you are soloing/5 mans, you might consider getting some lesser essences with a decent amount of SC as well. In general, you will want 2.5 times as much SP as SC. Whenever evaluating gear, use the formula total SP *2.5 + total SC.

Total SP is calculated as wis *0.75 + int *0.25 + actual SP

Total SC is calculated as int * 1 + actual SC.

In terms of the new 1.6 Lesser Essences, considering checking out this guide here and look at the bottom for ranking in terms of 2.5 SP + SC

DPS expectations

Generally, when you are self buffed and beating on a dummy, you can expect about 1.1 k DPS in tier 1 raid gear with some pieces of Hammerknell loot. Fully raid buffed in the same gear, I can expect around 1.6 k DPS in ideal condition where I have perfect rotation and do not have to move at all.

I won’t comment on the DPS you can expect with full HK gear/P8 gear but you can expect at least 2k DPS when raid buffed.

Here is the damage break down you can expect to see on your parse.

51 Shaman

Build: 51 Shaman/11 Inq/4 Justicar or 51 Shaman/11 Inq/4 Warden

The 11 points in inquisitor is not debatable. You are gaining 5% more chance to crit on damaging abilities and a 20% boost in your damage when you crit. The extra 1 point is for the Armor of Devotion,  which will give you 42 SP and SC for a simple 1 point investment.

What is debatable is the investment of the last 4 points. If you invest into Justicar, you gain 4% increase damage in your spells that are melee abilities (Lighting Hammer, Fated Blow, Massive Blow, etc.). However, if you invest into 4 warden, you will do 8% more damage on some of your hardest hitting spells (Jolt, Vengence of Primal North, and anything that is instant and not melee range). Going into either won’t make or break your parse, it comes down to personal preference. If you are interested in some numbers, check out this thread here.


Shamans have really only one macro to speak of.

#show Rage of the North
cast Massive Blow
cast Frozen Wrath
cast Sanction Heretic
cast Lightning Hammer
cast Crushing Blow
cast Rage of the North
cast Waterjet
cast Vex
cast Jolt
cast Fated Blow
cast Glory of the Chosen

You may choose to remove Rage of the North out of the macro for situations where you need burst DPS in raid settings (i.e. when your raid leader screams for Moar DOTs!)

The reason for Waterjet in the macro is for situations when you need to move away from melee range of the boss. Vex is also included there as you can cast it when you face away from the boss. In most situations where you are in melee range, Waterjet and vex will never go off as Crushing Blow will be your instant spammable ability. When you are out of melee range, Waterjet will go off. When you are out of melee range and faced away from the boss for whatever reason, Vex will go off.

Make sure you have a separate button for your interrupt ability – Bitter Wind and another button for your purge! These two abilities are essential in a raid setting.


Going into Shaman, you have two courage spells. Courage of the Eagle and Courage of the Jaguar.  These won’t stack with raid buffs but for a solo/group setting where you don’t have a bard/archon, the +40 dex/wis they provide do come in handy. It is debatable which one to use. If you are lacking in crit, use Jaguar, otherwise use Eagle.

You also  have two Vengence spells. One of them is Vengenance of the Primal North, an ability you gain at 44 points into Shaman. The other one is Vengenance of the Winter Storm, a 0 point ability. The rule of thumb is use Primal North for AoE situations and use Winter Storm for single target situations.

Make sure you have Armor of Devotion up as well for that little bit of extra SP and SC.


A good rule of thumb is that SP always worth more than SC. This applies to shaman as well but one do have to remember that some of Shaman abilities, including our highest hitter –Jolt, is dependent on the shaman critting.

This means you could treat yourself to a bit of crit. I personally have a sigil with heavy SC lessers that I like to use with shaman. If you have around 30-35% crit chance when you are self buffed, you will be able to hit the 45-50% crit cap (45% for softcap, 50% for hard cap) on raids.

Using a 2hander is a must for maximal DPS. I also like to have Invigorating Runehard as the rune for my 2hander.

Make sure to grab the Hailtouched Soulstone greater essence as well for your sigil/sourcemachine. This greater is better than the 6th lesser if you are 51 Shaman (51 Shaman ability – Frozen Wrath, will cause this greater to add about 30 dps). The rest of the sigil should be filled with SC heavy lessers if you are not reaching the 30-35% self buffed crit chance value.

DPS Expectations

I parse about 1.1 k self buffed on a dummy and about 1.6 k DPS when raid buffed (bard + archon, no spotter’s order equivalent).

Here is the damage break down.

51 Druid

For the druid discussion, please see this guide here.

As currently, the druid does not scale too well with raid buffs and some of its raidwide buffs do not stack with archon/bard equivalent. Unless this is fixed, 51 inquisitor/shaman are still the way to go for min/maxing raids unless your raid does not have an archon or bard.

AoE DPS Discussion

For AoE dps, nothing can beat a 51 Cabalist. Although 51 Inq is not bad for AoE dps if you cannot spare a Cabalist.

For build and discussion on 51 Cabalist, please see this guide here.


Build of the Week: 5man Healer (34 sentinel/32 warden)

November 21, 2011

This guide is co-owned and first released on


Hello everyone, with release of 1.6 and Warrior mitigation buff, warrior tanks are now very tough and do not require much tank heals. The new 5 man in Ember Isle also have fight encounters that require more AoE heals than tank heals. These combinations really make the 34 sentinel/32 warden build shine and make it almost the perfect dungeon healer.


Build: 34 Sentinel/32 Warden/0 templar

The above build is the one I personally use. However, if you are not into PVP at all and/or need more beefed up AoE heals, you might try this build below instead. Personally I find it annoying to have to keep casting the 0 point purifier shield constantly and the Break Free ability comes in handy at times when you get Crowd Controlled as a healer and there is no one else in your party to cleanse you.

34 Sentinel/32 Warden/0 Purifier


The first macro is to make your Orbs of the Stream heal for much bigger amounts.

#show Orbs of the Stream
cast Tidal Surge
cast Orbs of the Stream

The second macro is an instant cast big heal for those moments where someone need to be topped off quickly.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

You may or may not find it helpful to make a macro for your AoE cleanse with a stopcasting command like this

#show Empowering Light
cast Empowering Light

This is a nice macro to have that couples your cleanse over time with your normal cleanse spell.

#show cleansing waters
cast curative waters
cast cleansing waters

Gear: The general consensus among the cleric community after patch 1.5 is that the optimal ratio of SP and SC is 2.5 SP: SC. This means that SP comes first on gear upgrades unless your SC is fairly low. Remember, SC have a softcap of 45%, which is about 1.1 k SC. Having more SC after that point does not do you much good.

In terms of trinkets, you should definitely get the Sacred Heirloom of Eth off xDSM.  It may overheal a lot, but it is nice to have. Another trinket that is not bad to have is Spirit Wolf Totem from xKB. For more trinkets info, see this link here.

For your Lessers/Greater Essences, you will want to grab Hailstone Tideshard from Water raid rift in Ironpine Peak (Hunger of the Deep). The rest 5 slots should be filled with lessers for the stats boost. Here are recommendations of the 5 Lessers you should incorporate after 1.6

Dark Rituals Death Vendor – 100 inscribed
Last Rituals Death Vendor – 100 inscribed
Living Quest Life Vendor – 100 inscribed
Living Surge Water Vendor – 100 inscribed
Pyro Flare Fire Vendor – 100 inscribed

If you cannot afford the new 100 inscribed Lessers yet, you might considering purchasing the older Lessers that cost 50 inscribed. Here is the top 5.

Last Rites Death Vendor – 50 inscribed
Living Hunt Life Vendor – 50 inscribed
Dark Rites Death Vendor – 50 inscribed
Pyro Spark Fire Vendor – 50 inscribed
Northern Winds Air Vendor – 50 inscribed


This build utilize the most Serendipity procs out of all possible cleric builds. This is due to the fact that you will utilize a lot of instant cast heals/HoTs with this build, which will all have a chance to proc Serendipity. Since Serendipity procs so often, you can actually time it so it is only used on your big heals such as Healing Invocation or Healing Communion.

You will pre-cast Orbs of the Stream on your tank using the above macro. This will help your tank to mitigate some of the initial hits. Keep in mind that this is not always safe to do so and can generate aggro on pulls with multiple mobs if the tank doesn’t snap them right away.

After the tank pulls and have the mob beating on him, you have two choices to make. If the tank is not taking a lot of damage, you can start casting Healing Spray on the tank, followed by 4x stacks of Soothing Stream and Healing Current. If the tank is taking on a serious beating, then consider Healing Breath followed with Healing Invocation and then jump into the HoTs when tank health stabilize a bit.

Keep in mind that this rotation is not set in stone. During a heretic fight you probably won’t be sticking to your rotation much anyways. Just remember that there is a 11- 12 second period where these HoTs stay on. With Soothing Stream, as long you refresh it within the 12 window, you will regain all 4 stacks. Try to keep the HoTs on as much as possible but don’t fret if you can’t keep them up due to casting other essential heals. HoTs are there to help you soften some of the damage the tank takes but you will still have to heal them with your HI.

Make sure to use Healer’s Covenant on the tank when he/she is taking a serious beating or on the dps that pulled the aggro. The Touch the Light macro also works well to save a party member from the brink of death. Also keep Orbs of Stream up on the tank – its cooldown is 45 seconds. 

If you need to proc Serendipity, casting Healing Flood usually works well and seems to grant me the proc every time. This is an useful trick to keep in mind.

For AoE heavy fights, you will want to spam Healing Flood as much as you need to proc Protect the Flock and Serendipity. Healing Flood will also help to soften some of the AoE damage. You have three AoE cooldowns you can use in conjunction with your Healing Communion + Serendipity spam. These cooldowns are situational and can save you from a bad situation but your bread and butter is going to be the Healing Communion spam for AoE damage.

The first cooldown is Healing Showers. Its on a 2 minute cooldown timer and its nice to pop it to slow down some of the incoming AoE damage while you spam Healing Communion.

The second one is Divine Call, a instant cast group heal with a cooldown of 60 seconds. The usefulness of this spell cannot be overstated. Not only will it save your group members that are brink of death, you can use also it on non AoE fights when the tank lose aggro and the mobs are coming after you. This will buy you some time while you pop a Healer’s Covenant on yourself or the Touch the Light Macro.

The third one is going to be Ripple. This one has 45 second cooldown and does not trigger a GCD. The best way to make Ripple effective since it lasts only 6 seconds is to hit it and then follow it right after with 4x Soothing Steam and Healing Spray. You can replace one of the Soothing Stream with Healing Spray if you like.

The trick with healing with this build, especially with regards to AoE damage, is to be proactive rather than reactive. This means knowing when big AoE damage is going to hit and time your cooldowns/serendipity with it. In between the AoEs is where you try to proc Serendipity.

This build also have some of the best utility all around. You have the goodies form Sentinel and Warden trees. From the sentinel tree you gain a battle rez and AoE cleanse. From the warden tree you gain a 15% mana return on a 2 minute cooldown and a Cleanse over time. AoE cleanse is super useful in the new Ember Isle dungeons as quite a few fights will have mechanics that put dots on multiple party members that needs to be cleansed ASAP. Cleanse over time can come in handy in certain fights, such as the one werewolf fight in xDD where you can put a cleanse over time on the tank and not worried about him getting feared.

The only weakness with this build is that if your tank is taking very heavy damage, then maybe a sent/purifier might be a better build. However, I have rarely encountered anything in the 5 mans that is stressing the tanks (maybe Plutonius in xDSM) so this has not being an issue. Another possible shortcoming is that this build is not too mana friendly if you have to constantly spam your Healing Communion. However, these days, between my 15% mana return from warden and my mana pots, I rarely run out of mana even on AoE heavy fights.

This build also works decently as a healer in PvP settings. Under those situations, timing serendipity with your big heals is even more important as you may not have the extra seconds to get your big heals off otherwise.