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Healing Debuffs in PvP

December 12, 2011

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Hey everyone, if you have being PvPing long enough, you will sometimes wonder why your heals don’t do as much healing as they should. The answer to that is of course healing debuffs!

All four archtypes have healing debuffs that debuff your healing (via debuffing healing received on the target of the debuff) by as much as 50% and can last as long as 15 seconds. Thankfully, most can be cleansed, except for the one debuff from warriors.

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to some of the healing debuffs you may encounter in PvP/Warfronts and show you a neat addon that alert you when you received healing debuffs so you can quickly cleanse them.

Most of the debuffs came from this thread on the official forums.


Name Archtype/Soul Rarity
Lingering Wounds Warrior/Champion Very Common
Trauma Warrior/Vindicator Rare
Vampiric Munitions Rogue/Marksmen Very Common
Fell Blades Rogue/Nightblade Common
Anathema Rogue/Infiltrator In between
Void Shroud Mage/Dominator Very Common
Blight Mage/Chloromancer Common
Essence Link Mage/Necromancer Rare
Withered Veins Mage/Archmage Rare
Spiteful Spirit Cleric/Druid Rare
Retribution Cleric/Templar Rare

Lingering Wounds, since patch 1.6.1 is no longer cleansable. It lasts for 15 seconds and debuffs healing on target for 50% so it can be very nasty. However, it can be overwritten by other cleansable healing debuffs, so if that happens, you are in luck!

Recognizing icons on raid frames

For those that prefer to not use addons, the way to recognize these debuffs is via recogning the icons on your raid frames. This is not the best to do it as the icons are quite small and sometimes you have multiple debuffs and the healing debuff icon can be hidden since the raid frame only show a limited number of debuffs.

However, if you are  purist and insist on not using addons, this is the way to go. Keep in mind that these icons may not look the same in raid frames either as they are extremely small. I purposely made these icons small to mimic the small icons you would see on your raid frames. If you need to see bigger icons, click on the corresponding abilities above.

I will also list only the common ones here as well to not overload your brains!

lingeringwoundsLingering Wounds

2Vampiric Munitions

3Fell Blades

4Void Shroud

Using addons

The addon you will want to get is KaruulAlert.

Once you have it installed type /karuulalert to open up the configuration window. What you need to do first is click on enable the ability scanner and then close it.


Then you will need to run a couple WFs with it. I run 5-6 WFs with it and was able to pick up all of the common healing debuffs and a couple of the rare ones.

To test if the addon has picked up the ability you are interested in, just type in the name of it near the Buff: box and see if an image turns up (Debuffs are treated same way as buffs). If not that means it has not picked up the ability yet.


Once an ability is picked up, type its name beside Buff: and then choose a name at the top corner (I use the same name as the debuff) and make sure you check on Buff, Active, and Player like the image above.

Finally, click on save and then Edit Layout. The debuff icons appeared at the top left corner of my screen so I just move it to somewhere on my screen I can see it easily.


Here is the way I arranged my icons to give you an idea.


You can adjust the size and color of the icons for each abiluty to your liking as well if you play with it. Make sure to save it afterwards.

Here are some of the debuffs I have an alert for.


Anyways, have fun and remember to cleanse cleanse cleanse!


Healing 5 man–T2 Expert Abyssal Precipice

October 24, 2011

AP is one of the shorter T2 dungeons thankfully. The last boss is a bit tricky but the rest are quite straight forward.

1. Kaler Andrenos – Tank Heals – Med to High, AoE Heals – Med to High, Situation Awareness – Med

  • He will summon white circles randomly on someone, move out of the white circle. This is also a hint that Kaler will emote soon and you will need to line of sight him or he will one shot you.
  • Kaler stands next to a cave, tanks will sometime position him at the entrance to the cave, a good line of sight spot is the wall to the right of the cave entrance.
  • Kaler will emote and being casting Icy Explosion, when he finishes casting it and you are not out line of sight, you will be killed instantly.
  • The need to line of sight the boss can create a problem for tank healing if you don’t get in line of sight of the tank quick enough. Be prepared for this, pop a cooldown if you need.
  • Occasionally, Kaler will put an AoE on someone and damage those group members nearby. Be ready to pop your group heals for this.

2. Icetalon – Tank heals – Med, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Low

  • Put your back against the wall and you don’t need to move for the rest of the fight.
  • Icetalon will charge a random group members and/or lift them up into the air and throw them down. Be ready to single target heal these unfortunate group members as need.
  • Largely a tank and spank fight, there might be some dots that needs to be cleansed but nothing major.

3. Majolic the Bloodwalker – Tank Heals – Med to High, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Low, Cleanse – High!

  • Majolic has two abilities – Bood Contagion, a very powerful dot he put on a group member that needs to be cleansed asap or it will spread. The icon for it looks like a face with 3 dots on it. Have a single target cleanse for this and an AoE cleanse for this when it spreads.
  • He will also randomly put a group member into a crystal. This can be avoided if you line of sight him the moment he emotes. There is a tree stump near where Majolic is that you can stand nearby and line of sight the boss. You have to be quick though if you want to avoid being crystallized.
  • In the event you get crystallized a healer, make sure there is someone else in the party that can cleanse/heal or if not then pray your dps know what their doing and pop your group heals/AoE cleanse when you get out of the crystal.

4. Renthar – Tank Heals – Med, AoE heals – Med, Situation Awareness – Med

  • Renthar has two abilities: Frozen Yeti and a ground AoE.
  • Frozen Yeti is when he charges the person furthest away from him. As a healer, try not to stand too far from the boss or you might get charged and take damage.
  • Don’t stand too close either as Renthar will cleave and kill you if you stand right in front of him or stand in the path he runs back after he charged someone.

5. Calyx the Ancient –Tank Heals – High, AoE Heals- Very High, Situation Awareness – Very High

  • This is a very difficult fight as it requires you move constantly and heal massive AoE damage at the same time while avoiding lasers and ground effects.
  • Sent/Warden is the best for this due to mobility, you might want a support for AoE heals as well.
  • Soon after you engage Calyx, he will have lasers that go from him to one of the thingies in his area. These lasers move clockwise, if you get hit, you will be slowed and take massive damage.
  • What you want do is chase one of the lasers and follow it around. This way you are constantly moving and not at risk of the ground effect he puts on you.
  • The ground effect is a whirlpool that Calyx puts on a random party member, you need to move out of it immediately or you will be encased in an ice crystal and at risk of coming into contact with the laser and die.
  • If this is not enough, every once in awhile Calyx will cast Frozen Wrath, which is accompanied by an emote. This will take everyone down to 20%.
  • Party members have a few seconds after Frozen Wrath hits before they take anymore AoE damage, so this is a good time to top the tank off before healing the rest of the party.
  • Lastly, the boss also cast a damage shield on himself that will damage attacking players if not purged. If your dps is not so smart, they might kill themselves, especially if the shield is up after a Frozen Wrath…
  • If party members die, don’t panic! I have done this fight with all the DPS dead and it was just me and tank..duoing him. Took a long time for sure but it can be done!

Level by Level Healing Guide (for new players)

October 23, 2011

Hello everyone, there has being some request for a low level healing guide so I thought I would make a guide that take you all the way to level 50!

There are 10 normal dungeons in Rift, with the first one starting off at level 15. I will list a new build everytime you start a new dungeon. The idea is that if you can heal a new dungeon fine, there is no need for a new build until you hit the next dungeon.

I will be going with a sent/warden build with 0 point in purifier. I know some people like the sent/purifier build but I think that build is more effective at high gear levels (due to shield scaling w/ Spell Power) and does not provide as much AoE healing capability (mana intensive as well).

However, if you are interested in going the sent/purifier route, here is a guide for that as well.

Definitions of some commonly used words

Aggro – Mob (monster) has hate on you and want to kill you.

Tank – Meatshield who will absorb the damage from mobs and take aggro instead.

Spike – Sudden drop in health, usually in large chunks.

HoT- Heal Over Time

Rez – Make a dead party member alive again, this is castable outside combat only.

Brez- Battle Rez, Rez that can be casted while in combat, with a cooldown of typically 10 min

CD – Cooldown, its how long you have before you can use that ability again.

Pre-HoT or not

Pre-HoT generates a fair bit of aggro for you and if you tank isn’t quick to snap the aggro, you might get killed and wipe your group. Pre-HoT, however, does have the benefit of making it easier to heal as your tank won’t spike in HP so much with HoTs on him. You have to do this on a case by case basis, if your tank is really good at picking up aggro, then pre-HoT. Otherwise, don’t do it!

Level 15 – Realm of the Fae


This is a 14 warden 6 sentinel build. The reason for going into 6 sentinel is to get Healing Grace, this will be your primary big heal until you get 5/5 into Deluge in the warden tree or Healing Invocation w/ 3/3 in Serendipity in the Sentiniel tree.

Tank Healing: Start off with instant cast Healing Spray and then spam Healing Grace to top the tank off if he/she is taking damage. Otherwise, cast Healing Current on the tank as an addition HoT to buffer against incoming damage. Use Healing Breath as need to top off tank or other group members. Refesh HoTs as needed.

AoE Healing: Use Healing Flood as an AoE HoT.

Self Healing: Put Shield of Ancestors on yourself if you think you will take damage. Use Healing Breath on yourself if you need.

Level 17 – Iron Tomb


This is a 16 warden 6 sentinel build. You are gaining a new ability called Orbs of the Stream. This is a very useful spell as it can act as a buffer on your tank. It heals the tank instantly as soon he/she takes damage and does this for 3 times.

Tank Healing: Same as before, except you are putting Orbs of the Stream on the tank before pull. However, do watch out if the tank is pulling a group of mobs as this may generate aggro if the tank has no AoE aggro taunt.

AoE Healing & Self Healing: Same as before.

Level 21 – Darkening Deeps


21 Warden/6 Sentinel build. You are gaining a new ability called Soothing Steam which is a very nice HoT that can stack 4 times. You now have 5/5 into Deluge and can use that as your big heal instead of Healing Grace. Deluge heals more the more HoTs you have stack on the tank.  Additionally, you are gaining a rez ability in the Warden tree.

Tank Healing: Orbs of Stream before pull, Healing Spray and followed by 4x Soothing Stream. Use Healing Breath as need to top tank top if tank is spiking. Otherwise cast Deluge.  The trick with Soothing Stream is that say if you have 4 stacks of it on someone, if you refresh it before it expires, you will regain all 4 stacks. Otherwise, if you let it expire, you will lose all stacks and have to start over. So keep these HoTs refreshed!

AoE Healing & Self Healing: Same as before.

Level 24 – Deepstrike Mines


No new ability gain. Instead, you are getting some spell power and some critical heal bonus which will make your heals bigger.

Level 28 – Foul Cascade


16 sentinel/21 warden build. New ability called Touch the Light. It make your next spell instant cast. You will want to make a macro like this.

#show Touch the Light
cast Touch the Light
cast Tidal Surge
cast Healing Invocation

This will be your O-shit macro to press (you might need to press that macro a couple times for everything to go off. The cooldown its 45 seconds.

You also gain a new AoE heal ability called Healing Communion

Tanking Healing: Same rotation as before, you can use your O-shit macro on the tank as you see fit.

AoE Healing: Healing Flood initially. then use Healing Communion if the damage can not be healed by Healing Flood. Keep in mind this spell is very mana intensive if you spam it.

Level 33- King’s Breach


23 sentinel/21 warden build. You gain an AoE cleanse ability called Empowering Light. Your Healing Breath also have a chance to heal your 2 other party members at 40% effectiveness. Also, more importantly, you gain a very useful cooldown called Healer’s Covenant. This ability is super super super useful if your tank is taking massive spike damage. It has a 2 min cooldown and last for only 10 secs so time it carefully. I typically use it on big pulls so it give me about 10  secs or so to get HoTs rolling on the tank.

Tank Healing: Same as before, use Healer’s Covenant as need.

Level 38 – Runic Descent


29 sentinel/21 warden build. You have 3/3 into Serendipity so it is time to use Healing Invocation as your big heal. I took out all the points in Deulge as I won’t be using it anymore.  You also gain an ability called Divine Call which can be your O-shit AoE heal ability with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Tank Healing:   You will keep the same HoT rotation, except you will replace Deluge with Healing Invocation for your big heals. Use Healer’s Covenant as need.

AoE healing: Healing Flood to start, use Divine Call for O-shit moments. Otherwise use Healing Communion (especially if timed with Serendipity proc)

Level 42 – Fall of Lantern Hook


31 sentinel/26 warden build. You gain a couple of niffy things. Healer’s Haste from sentinel for those situations where you know you will need a lot of big heals. Cascade from warden to feed you 15% mana every 2 minutes (make sure to have a macro for self casting #show Cascade cast @self Cascade). You also gain a cleanse over time called Curative waters which is very useful.

Level 48 – Abyssal Precipice/Charm’s Caldera


31 sentinel/32 warden build. You gain Healing Showers from the warden tree which is very nice for situations where you need big AoE heals. It has a cooldown of 2 min.

AoE healing: Healing Flood to start, use Divine Call for O-shit moments in conjunction with Healing Showers as need.  Otherwise use Healing Communion (especially if timed with Serendipity proc)

Level 50 builds

There are a couple of variations at the level 50. It all depends on what you need. These build are all sent/warden. If you are looking for other builds at level 50, check out my common cleric builds.

Build: Reduced Mana cost

Build: AoE heal oriented

Build: Tank healing oriented

That is it! Hope you find it useful! If you are wondering what to do at level 50, check out my Gearing up your first level 50 cleric!

All the best! xoxo


Healing 10 man – Glided Prophecy

October 16, 2011

Glided Prophecy is the other 10 man raid dungeon. A third 10 man dungeon will be released with patch 1.6  This 10 man dungeon is slightly more difficult than Drowned Halls (DH), especially the last boss.

Trash – Tank heals – Med, AoE heals – High, Cleanse!

  • Trash here come in packs of 3-4 mobs each. One of these mobs its a caster/ranged and needs to be CC (crowed controlled). This mob will dot about 4-5 members of your raid and these need to be cleansed asap and affected members will need to be healed.
Anrak the Foul – Tanks Heals – Med, AoE heals – Med- High, Situation Awareness – Med  (Cleanse!)
  • One tank healer and one AoE healer will be needed.
  • This is a two tank fight, the named puts a debuff on the tank that stacks over time and cause tanks to take more damage. You will want to target through the boss and heal whoever is tanking him.
  • All raid members must spread out for this fight. If people are being stupid and not doing that, they will wipe the raid!
  • Boss has a couple of abilities that healers must pay attention to.
  • Eye beam: the boss will call out a random player’s name and cast Eye beam – deals 1.5 k damage per second to them. (Emote: Anrak the Foul gazes at X!) You must target that player immediately and throw out  your big heals! (instant cast heals that crits are ideal as you may not have the time to get a 3 second heal off!)
  • Explosive Venom: this is also applied to a random raid member. On the raid frames this is a yellowish looking icon. This must be cleansed or it will kill the person with it. 
  • Spines of Earth: when the boss cast this, bubble will appear around your character, you must make sure that your bubble does not overlap significantly with someone’s bubble or you will both die!
  • A couple of adds will also pop throughout the fight, these don’t do much damage and your dps should pick them up and kill them quick.
Guurloth – Tank heals – Med to High, AoE heals – High, Situation Awareness – Very High 
  • One tank healer and one AoE healer will be needed.
  • This is a fun boss fight, you must do what he says or you will die!
  • First of all, positioning is very important in this fight as during the fight cyclones will spawn randomly and toss players into the air. As a healer, it can be a real pain trying to avoid them and heal at the same time. Luckily, there is a sweet spot to stand in.
  • If you go right when you enter the Guurloth’s area and hug the wall, you will find a flat wall where the ground sort of dips below. Healers will want to stand here as ground AoEs and cyclones that pop during the fight cannot touch you here.
  • You must pay attention to the emotes! It might help if you go to edit layouts and change the size of the notifications window to 2.0.
  • Jump little fools – must jump or you take damage!
  • Run little fools! – you don’t have to run, you just have to move constantly until he stop casting
  • Dare you gaze upon the orb of power? Face your char away from him until he finishes casting Orb of Searing power.
  • X will do nothing or you all suffer! Don’t do anything or you will kill you raid! This means don’t cast anything, but you can still move/jump etc..
  • Guurloth gathers the strength of earth and focus on X! X here will be your tank. Guuloth will cast the ability Boulder of Destruction on him/her and the tank will massive damage so be prepared to pop a Healer’s Covenant or some other cooldown.
  • Say hello to my friend, little ones! Adds pop and tank will grab them, so be prepared to do some big heals on the tank!
  • In addition to these emotes, you must also watch out for the ground AoEs and cyclone that pop throughout the fight. If you are standing in that sweet spot, you won’t have to worry about them! Another spot you can stand is on top of the hut behind the boss. You still have to watch out for the ground AoE there though!
  • The AoE healing here can be a bit chaotic and random. There is bound to a be couple players who didn’t see the emote until it is almost too late so you will have to top them off. The cyclones, when they toss people into the air, can cause 1k damage or more to players when they land. If players somehow land in another cyclone, they might a lot of damage. In addition to these damages, Guurloth will cast an ability (explosive crystal) on a random raid member so be prepared to top them off as well!
Thalguur – Tank heals – Med, AoE Heals – High, Situation Awareness – High
  • This fight can be managed with 1 tank healer and 1 AoE healer. Put a 3rd healer to help manage AoEs or help single target heal if you need.
  • Thalguur cast an AoE spell called Earthquake every 20 seconds. Players need to be topped off quickly (does about 30-40% of everyone’s max health).
  • Thalguur will also have an emote called Thalguur focuses his energy on X. Like the first boss in here, you must target that player X and heal him.
  • Thalguur also have a Crushing Force ability that will target a random raid member and knock them and anyone nearby for quite a distance in addition to damaging them. Spreading out helps. Players might sometimes get knocked out of LoS so don’t freak out if this happens.
  • Thalguur also have two other abilities that are not emoted. You must watch your raid frames (they appear as debuff icons) or watch your character for them! Failure to noticing them might wipe the raid! a) whirlwind under player’s feet – you must get away from other people or you will steal their crystals (see below for crystal explanation). b) beam (goldenish icon on the raid frames that resembles a face)you must run to the pillar where the beam originates from! You have only a few second to do so or you will cause the entire raid to take a healing debuff! (-50% healing debuff).
  • What usually happens is someone missed the beam and the raid gets the healing debuff. Don’t panic, just heal through it and the debuff will be gone in a few seconds! Use your cooldowns here if you need!
  • Crystals: Throughout the fight at certain health %, Thalguur will go to one of the pillars and smash it. This will pop crystals on the ground that you must pick it up. Healers are recommended to take 5 crystals everytime. These crystals stack so by the end of the fight you should have about 20 crystals assuming the person with debuff didn’t steal yours. It also helps out if you stay away from other people so that when the crystal stage comes, you are not forced to compete with nearby players to click crystals. If your crystals do get stolen, make sure to grab more next stage.
  • One last thing; during the fight, ghost adds will pop. Your tank will be picking them up but these ghosts cleave so make sure to not stand in front of them!
Uruuluk – Tank heals- Very High, AoE Heals – Very high, Situation Awarenes – High
  • This fight is very heal intensive, both in terms of tank healing and also AoE healing. Tank healer should have some form of purifier soul to help mitigate the massive incoming damage. A 3rd support healer with both single target and AoE healing abilities is recommended (sent/warden helps out here).
  • Right at the start of the fight, I find it helpful to pop my Healer’s Covenant on the tank due to the long casting time on Restorative Flame (I was running a sent/purifier 3x/3x).  Tank will rush in to tank the named so just stand on the stairs at the start.
  • Shortly after engaging the boss, he will teleport to one of the locations away from the stairs. You will want to follow your tank at a good distance and make sure your raid force is spread out. The reason for following the tank at a good distance is that the boss has an emote called Uruuluk forms an expanding bubble of force! and a red circle will form around him. You will want to get inside the circle or you will die!
  • When the circle explodes, you will want to run out away from Uruuluk as he will usually does his Crystal Imprisonment ability. He will call out someone’s name and that person will be crystallized. If you are crystallized right next to the boss you will heal him so that is why you want to run out when the bubble/circle explodes (about 10 m away from the boss, not too far).
  • Uruuluk also have two AoE abilities: Explosive Crystal that is casted on a random player and damage anyone within a 5 m radius of that player. Deals about 2-3 k damage. Crushing Boulder that is a 3 -4 k raid wide AoE. These two abilities can come right after each other (sometimes it bugs out and these two come together and one shot people) so you want to spread out as much as possible (but not too far away that you can’t get into his red circle/bubble in time when he emotes!) to prevent multiple people from getting killed.
  • Another thing good to know is that Uruuluk also have an ability that must be interrupted or it one shots the tank (Fist of Laethys) so if the tank gets one shotted, you know why!
  • Around 60ish % he will port to the air and everyone in the raid must run to the middle and stack together. A green crystal will spawn and forms a pulsating green circle. Anyone outside the circle will die! Raid members will also take AoE damage inside this green bubble to be ready to top them off.
  • After Uruuluk lands, he will repeat his ground phase but with the added mechanic of three new shines. These shrines will increase the boss’s damage output and two of them can be purged. Be ready to pop cooldowns on the tank in this stage if need. Just stay with the tank for this stage and when Uruuluk teleport around make sure to follow the tank at a good distance as Uruuluk will do his expanding bubble of force emote.
  • If your raidwide DPS is low, the air phase and the shrine phase will repeat themselves until Uruuluk gets to 30%.
  • At 30%, everyone must get on the stairs. Uruuluk will port back to his original location at the start of the fight. This part of the fight is very AoE heal intensive as he will chain cast his Explosive Crystal ability. Everyone can spread out on the stairs to help mitigate this damage. A trick my guild does is having the healers stand in the little area right behind Uruuluk and avoid stacking on each other. This way healers don’t have to worry about running in for the expanding bubble of force and risk getting cleaved.  A 3rd healer will help out greatly with the AoE heals on this part of the fight.
  • Little skeleton adds will pop every 3-5%. These don’t do much harm to the raid if they are tanked and healers are not getting whacked by it!

Bible of Cleric Official forums

October 14, 2011

Getting through the Rift official forums can be difficult these days with all the threads about OMG Rift is dying, OMG nerf rogues OMG Trion fix this. However, the forums is quite a treasure trove if you dig deeper. The purpose of this post if to organize and list some of the more useful posts on the Rift Official forums- Cleric subforums.


Vi3L’s Overview of Cleric souls

A bit outdated but the info is still useful!

Laughter’s Mouse-Over Healing Macro

Mouseover macros, learn it, love it.

Bowler Hat’s Cleric Multi-Role Gearing Guide

Check for your upgrades here!

Sokanon’s Guide to the 3x/3x builds

Must read!

Cromar’s Video guides for every Cleric soul 

Outdated but a good series to watch

Snarfums’ Cleric Healing Build Compendium

Excellent list, including leveling healing builds!

Snarfums’ Cleric Healing Build Compendium 2 – the return of DoL

More of a list for endgame content.

Leveling Guide

KarthosNZ’s Cleric Leveling Guide (solo)

Some combination of shaman and druid it looks like!

Raid Healing

VeroProDiGY’s Indepth look at Cleric Healing (Raid Environment)

Outdated but still good for a read.

Rantology’s Guide to DoL healing

This is the post for your one stop reading about DoL Raid healing (DoL or Doctrine of  Loyalty is an ability from the justicar tree). Pretty much every x-icar class is covered here, along with macros etc!

VeroProGiGY’s Guide on Senticar

From the “creator” of Senticar

Kama Toki’s Guide on raiding as 51 warden

What can I say? I love 51 warden for raid healing, even though they being replaced by Dol -icars!

Tank Healing

Sokanon’s Introducing the Purisent- Professional Healing for all

An excellent primer on the 3x/3x sent/purifier build.

Aromashodu’s 1.4 Cleric Healing School (33 sent/28 warden/5 purifier)

A build similar to the 3x/3x sent/warden build.

Fluxions’ 1.3 Purisent/Wardensent single target HPS calculator

Excellent spreadsheet, might be outdated

5 Man Healing

Paikis’s The Maxed Warden- a Guide for 5 man content

An alternative way to the common sent/warden 3x/3x for 5 mans.

The Maxed Warden 2.0

Snarfum’s PvE T1/T2 Healing Build (sent/purifier 3x)


Sokanon’s Guide to raiding inquisitors

Inquisitor is currently the best single target DPS soul of cleric (if geared). This guide covers everything you want to know about inquisitors! Another informative post about inquisitor rotation can be found at bottom of this page
Sentent’s Guide to PvE 51 Cabalists

Cabalists ya! Quite informative guide.

The Durcell Cleric

This is the classic, most viewed thread on the cleric forums. Durcell is the best spec for soloing/farming. Nothing can come close to it!

1.5 Top PvE Cleric DPS builds

Just a discussion, not a guide. Relevant for the time period


Radak’s Justicar Tanking Guide

Go Cleric tanks!

Radak’s Justicar Spreadsheet (for gear upgrades)

A spreadsheet with BiS items for justicar tanks!

Elicas’s Cleric Tanking – The Beginner’s Gude

Good guide for newbies!

Xitan’s HK Cleric Tank POV 

Xitan, tank of Maximation (ww1st/2nd) guild showing you what cleric tanks can do!


Taugrim’s MASH PVP spec

Melee healer with a twist!


Healing 10 man – Drowned Halls

October 14, 2011

This is a fun little raid dungeon with 4 bosses and very little trash. Some of the fights will be healer/tank skill check while others test your situation awareness skill.

Assault Commander Jorb – Tank heal – High, AoE heal – None, Situation Awareness – None

  • Tank and spank fight with a little twist; fight is largely a tank check.
  • Jorb hits quite hard on tanks that are not quite geared, two tank healers is ideal for this. Ideally a sent/warden and sent/purifier.
  • Most groups do it one of two ways: either tank stand in one spot and turn the named upon emote or tank kites the named around the “room”.
  • Jorb will say “Player X stand at attention” – the person called will be teleported right in front of Jorb. Tanks need to turn Jorb right away (unless they kiting) or that person will be cleaved (there is nothing you can do prevent it, it is a one shot).
  • Job will also say “Player X you cannot hide!” – this will put a detriment on the person that can be cleansed. It is very important to cleanse your other healer if they get called. The detriment essentially fear the person if not cleansed.
Trash between Jorb and next boss – Tank heal – med to high, AoE Heal – med to high, situation awareness – some
  • There are a couple sets of trash before the next boss.
  • You raid may choose to one tank them or have a tank on the caster and a tank on the melee.
  • The caster mob will drain away the health of anyone near him, so be prepared to be AoE heal if your melee dps decides to step in and take a few stabs! Ideally only casters should be engaging the caster mob from  a distance while the melee engages the melee mob away from the casters!
  • Make sure you are no where near the caster mob or you will die from the AoEs!
Joral Ragetide – Tank heal- High, AoE Heal – Low to Med, Situation Awareness – Med
  • This fight requires two tanks and therefore two tank healers (3 to be safe if your raid is undergeared).
  • One tank will be tanking the boss himself, while the other tank will be tanking the big add.
  • This fight is relatively straightforward except for the potential for spike damage (i.e. tank health drops suddenly)
  • Spike damage can occur whenever the add gets near the boss or when the boss eats the little seacap adds that pops throughout the fight. So be ready to pop your cooldowns when you see tank health drops!
  • The main tank (MT) tanking the named or the off tank (OT) might need to kite their respective mob around the room, there might be some line of sight (LOS) issues when kiting begins so you might need to adjust and pop your cooldowns if tanks take alot of damage while being LOS.
  • You raid might need to spread out as the named cast an AoE stun on a random person in the raid.
Isskal – Tank heal – Med, AoE heal – high to very high, Situation Awareness – Very high
  • The most fun fight in this raid instance, test your situation awareness.
  • One tank healer with an AoE healer is sufficient for this fight.
  • The fight has three phases.
  • Phase 1 is just tank and spank with low to med tank damage. Predictable AoE damage here also occur and you need to top off your raid members before going into the next phase. If your tank is getting one shotted here, your interrupters didn’t do their job properly!
  • Phase 2 will require on the move AoE heal as you will need to run in a circle in the direction of the swirling water. Raid members will get slowed and take damage from the small annoying adds that pops. The slow can be cleansed off but it might be more efficient to just heal through it. A sent/warden build really shines here as you can pop Healing Showers, Healing Flood and Ripple while moving at the same time. Don’t forget to change your running direction when the boss emotes: “You’re going the wrong way, fools!”
  • Phase 3 has very minimal healing, because you will be dancing! Three “circle” will form outside the boss, you will need to be in a specific circle during each stage of the phase or you will take massive damage and die!  The dance has 6 stages and the pattern for these 6 stages is MOMIMO. This picture below will help you to visualize (green dot is you!)
  • A common mistake during phase 3 (least for me) is getting to stage 5 (middle) and forgetting there is a 6th stage (need to move to the outer circle!)
  • While this fight has 3 phases, the actual fight proceeds as 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 2  etc.. ( 1, 2, 3 are the phase numbers) until the boss is dead!
High Priestess Hydriss – Tank heal- High to Very High, AoE heal- Low, Situation Awareness – Med
  • This is a long fight  that require at least two healers, each with a cleanse.
  • You will start the fight by killing the trash at the bottom of the stairs. Since there are quite a few trash there and raids tend to like to pull most of them at once, tank healing can be very intensive.
  • Hydriss herself will walk down the stairs as soon you raid engage the trash mobs, the fight with her as three phases.
  • Phase 1 is tank and spank mostly but require heavy tank heals. Hydriss herself will periodically cast an effect on a random player that turn them into a seacap and fear them! You must cleanse this effect immediately, especially if this is on the other healer! Near the end of this phase Hydriss will summon a dragon add that will come down the stairs surrounded with a bubble. This bubble is bad! (The bubble reduce healing of anyone inside the bubble, aka your tank). Get away from the bubble and pop your cooldowns (i.e. Healer’s Covenant) on the tank as soon the dragon add is near him! When the dragon add is dead, detriments with skull icon will appear on random raid members, this is a good time to cast your AoE cleanse and single target cleanse if need.
  • Phase 2 Hydriss will go into the air and spawn two large hives. This phase is your breather. Your group members will take very little damage unless they stand in the ground AoE circles. The small adds that spawn during this phase do not hit hard at all!
  • After phase 2 completesl, you will return once again to phase 1.
  • After the repeat of phase 1, you will gain entry to phase 3. You will need to run with your raid members to a bubble that will pop randomly near you. Stay inside the bubbles at all costs. Your raid members will deal with the 3 adds outside the bubble. These adds don’t hit hard and there isn’t much to heal.
  • After phase 3, you will return to phase 1 again to repeat the cycle.

Healer Trinkets

October 13, 2011

Hello everyone, I thought I would compile of a list of some useful healer trinkets 🙂

Trinket with equip functions: These trinket have a chance to proc certain abilities upon equip.

Sacred Heirloom of Eth (SHoE) – Expert Deepstrike Mines (T2) – Dichrom- drop rate 11.43%

  • Equip: Gives your healing spells a chance to heal up to 3 nearby allies for 600 to 700
Lost Favor – Expert Runic Descent (T2) – Eliam the Corrupted – drop rate 6.8%
  • Equip: Grants a chance for healing spells to grant an additional 75 spell power for 15 second
Spirit Wolf Totem – Expert King’s Breach (T1) – Hunter Suleng- drop rate 17%
  • Equip: Healing spells have a chance to heal for an additional 970 health over 8 seconds.
Token of Warding – River of Souls 20 man raid – Alsbeth the Discordant – drop rate 5.07%.
  • Equip: Healing spells have a chance to shield their target from up to 900 damage for up to 8 Seconds.
Lifebound Relic – Greenscale Blight 20 man raid – Prince Hylas – drop rate 4.44%
  • Equip: Gives healing spells a chance to increase spell power by 88
Sunken Heart of Eons – Hammerknell 20 man raid – Inwar Darktide – 11% drop rate.
  • Equip: Gives your healing spells a chance to heal up to 3 nearby allies for 700 to 800
Black Heart LocketExpert Foul Cascade (T1) – Countess Surin Skenobar- 11.73% drop rate
  • Equip: Grants a chance for healing spells to grant an additional 60 spell power for 15 seconds
Musical Tide – Iron Pine Peak – Chest
  • Equip: Grants a chance for healing spells to increase Endurance by 40 for 30 seconds

Trinkets with use functions: These have to be equipped and put into a hotbar. Most effective way is to incorporate them into a macro if you don’t mind the item is not ready spam..


Glob of Crystallized Blood – Expert Abyssal Precipice (T2) – Calyx the Ancient – 5.17% drop rate
  • Use: Grant 130 Spell Power for 30 seconds
Cavernous Nothing – PvP Merchant Unspoken notoriety (Codex)
  • Use: Increases your Spell Power and Vengeance by 60 for 30 seconds
Recaptured Knowledge – PvP Merchant Eldritch Seekers notoriety
  • Use: Increases your Spell Power and Vengeance by 60 for 30 seconds.
Fire Demon’s Soul – Expert Charm’s Caldera (T2) – Smouldaron – 4.97% drop rate.
  • Use: Increases your Spell Power by 60 and Attack Power by 60 for 30 seconds
Golem’s Sensory Core – Expert Deepstrike Mines (T2) – Gatekeeper Kaleida – 14.02% drop rate
  • Use: Increase Wisdom by 90 for 30 seconds
Granite Falls Compass – Brought from Granite Falls with Friendly notoriety (Stonefield)
  • Use: Increases your Spell Power and Attack Power by 50 for 30 seconds
Waykeeper’s Insignia – Brought from Gloamwood Waykeepers with Friendly notoriety (Gloamwood)
  • Use: Increases your Spell Power and Attack Power by 50 for 30 seconds
Insignia of the Deep – Expert Abyssal Precipice (T2) – Kaler Andrenos – 10.61% drop rate
  • Use: Grant 440 Spell Crit for 15 seconds
Luggodhan’s Bloated Eye – Expert Realm of the Fae (T1) – Luggodhan – 10.82% drop rate
  • Use: Grant 102 Spell Power for 30 seconds
Murk Shrounded TrinketExpert Darkening Deeps (T2) – Glubmuk – 10.98% drop rate
  • Use: Grant 102 Spell Power for 30 seconds
Brigade Badge of HonorPvP Notoriety Merchant – Whitefall Brigade (Whitefall steppes)
  • Use: Restores 600 mana.
Talisman of the Hurricane – PvP Notoriety Merchant – The Storm Guard
  • Use: Restores 600 mana.

Trinkets with stats: There are two in game atm, one is the from the River of Souls World event which can be no longer obtained and the other is from the PvP Merchant (Order of the Eye for Guardians – obtained via doing PvP daily and PvP rifts).


Last survivorGuardian PvP merchant – Order of the Eye: Decorated (35 k favor)
  • + 50 valor, 17 wis, 15 int, 14 endur and 11 SP
Locket of the Valorous – Defiant PvP merchant – The Unseen: Decorated (35 k favor)
  • + 50 valor, 17 wis, 15 int, 14 endur and 11 SP

So many choices!
I personally would run expert DSM to get Scared Heirloom of Eth (SHoE) for my AoE heal spec and then run either expert RD or expert KB to get either Lost Favor/Spirit Wolf Totem. These are the best healing trinkets available outside raids.

If you can raid, then I would suggest Lifebound Relic from GSB and Token of Warding from RoS.

I also have the Glob of Crystallized Blood from expert AP for that +130 sp when I go into my dps spec. This also works for a purifier heal build.

There is also the Last survivor/Locket of the valorous if you like trinkets with permanent stats.

If I missed any good trinket, let me know!