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Zinbik: No more non-focus cleric gear in the future & clarification on spells/abilties

December 23, 2011


No more non focus cleric gear in the future

While we are already in the process of eliminating non-focus gear (post 50), you will very likely always need at least two sets of gear to be all the Cleric you can be: Tank and Not Tank. I can’t promise that all existing non-focus gear will magically turn into focus gear (that’s a lot of work, though it is work that we would technically like to do), but no new non-focus gear will be added in the future.

“There will be no more focusless Cleric gear in future tiers of PVE content.
None of the recent dungeons should have these types of items”


Clarification on spells/abilities

Which abilities are spells?

  1. If the tooltip says, "Requires Melee Weapon", it’s not a Spell.
  2. If it deals weapon damage (i.e. the tooltip includes something like, "deals weapon plus 20 to 40 Physical damage"), it’s not a Spell.
  3. If it can be used while Silenced, it’s not a Spell.
  4. If it can be Blocked, Dodged, or Parried, rather than Resisted, it’s not a Spell.

We are currently in the process of fixing and clarifying many such sources of confusion, but in the meantime I’ll try to address some specifics that have come up in this thread:

  • Lightning Hammer – The initial hit is Melee, but the Lightning DoT it applies is a Spell
  • Jolt – Spell (melee-ranged)
  • Soul Drain – Spell (melee-ranged)
  • Sanction Heretic – Both the initial hit and the DoT are Spells
  • Vex – Spell
  • Frozen Wrath – Melee (that deals Water damage)
  • Strike of Judgment – Melee (that deals Life damage)
  • Even Justice – Melee (that deals Life damage)
  • Moldering Decay (Sicaron’s channel) – Spell (that deals Physical damage)
  • Dauntless Courage – Specifically increases the Physical damage type
  • Unyielding – Increases the actual Melee Crit stat, meaning it applies to all abilities using the Melee calculation
  • Destructive Tide – Specifically applies to damaging Spells that are Instacast by default (not reduced via an ability)
  • Hammer of Virtue – Increases the damage of melee-ranged abilities
  • Thorvin’s Law – The first part applies to abilities that use the Spell calculation, but the second part applies to any abilities that deal damage that is not Physical
  • Vengeances – Proc on the use of any melee-ranged ability


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Changes to blog organization

December 22, 2011

Hey everyone, I changed the organization of this blog a bit to make  information easier to find.

There is now a guide list, a page where all the guides on this blog are linked. Every time I publish a new guide, this page will be updated.

This page could be found here  (it is also the big yellow button on the right!)


In addition, I also have a Twitter channel, which will have updates everytime a new guide is released, about to be released, or being worked on. It is also a place where you can request specific guides as well. If you are into Twitter, then check it out!


I am also playing SWTOR and have a similar blog devoted to it. It will mostly everything SWTOR related with a focus on healing in SWTOR. If you are planning to try that game out, check it out!


Finally, some of the guides are also hosted on another MMO fansite which I contribute. It has information on other classes as well and it is worth a visit.