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Ember Isle Orientation

November 16, 2011

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Hello everyone! The release of Ember Isle with patch 1.6 is just around the corner! This will probably the biggest content patch ever with the release of an entire outdoor zone,  Caduceus Rise (5 man dungeon), Rise of the Phoenix (10 man raid dungeon), and much much more! If you have not being to the PTS or kept up with the reading, you will probably be abit lost! Don’t worry, we got you covered!

1. Preparing for the journey

Ember Isle is no joke! Mobs there are tougher and stronger. You are going to need to either team up with friends or get on you best solo spec!

For clerics, check out this build, I have tested it on the general mob population of Ember Isle and found it quite effective!

I hope you have inscribed sourcestones and planarite saved up! Ember Isle is released with a new batch of powerful Lesser Essences, which can be brought from the usual merchant in your home city! There are at least 3 different Lesser Essences per element type and each Lesser costs 100 inscribed and 5000 planarite. So you will need 600 inscribed and 30 k planarite to fill out an entire sigil! If you don’t, do not panic! Ember Isle also comes out with two new DRRs (Daily Raid Rifts) so you might try your lucky there rolling against other people. For a list of all the Lesser Essences, check out this link!

If you are not entirely geared out in uber armor, Ember Isle also came out with a new set of armor targeted towards soloers/casuals. This armor set is called Planar Conqueror’s. It is a slightly worse than the T1 raid (also called T3) armor set stat wise. Check out this link to get an idea what they look like. 3 of the pieces can be obtained from your home city Epic Planar Equipment merchant. The rest can be obtained from Ember Isle itself in various camps.

2. Getting to Ember Isle 

Guardian: Head out from the bridge in Sanctum , it is below the bridge and to your right if you are facing away from Sanctum. See those pillars? There is a NPC there you need to talk to for teleport to Ember Isle. If you are a Dwarf, you can simply run to the end of the bridge and jump off to the right. Other races may need to run to the end of the bridge and turn left for a longer path to the teleportation spires.


Defiant: Go to the main gates of Meridian and turn to the right and follow the city wall, you will see a blue crystal tower. Talk to the NPC inside it.



3. Porticulums!

Ember Isle is huge! To get around the isle quickly and efficiently, you will need to unlock all of them! There is a quest you can pick up at the landing camp that ask you to discover these ports! Be sure to pick that quest up! (For Guardians this is Henrich Ignard at 12568, 4039)

Guardian Specific Port

Fort Zarnost – 12432, 4052

Defiant Specific Port

Talos Landing – 12335, 3034


Wellspring Flats – 12898, 2842

Farhall – 13393, 2878

Splintered Shallows – 13736, 2959

Ember Watch – 13048, 3481

Obsidian Shore – 13980, 4206

Abundant Wilds – 13002, 4105


4. Faction Camps!

Each side has a landing and a main city.

Guardians – Landing city is Fort Zarnost, Main city is Farhall. Near Port Farhall

Defiants – Landing city is Talos Landing, Main city is Atia. Near Port Obsidian Shore

There are two very important notoriety in Ember Isle, one of them is the Keepers (which I will cover below) and the other is notoriety with your main city.  There are quests in the landing place that will lead you to Ember Watch where the keepers are and to your faction main city.

It is very important to gain notoriety with both camps as that allow you access items to the Quartermaster. You can do these via completing quests in the landing camp & main city as well doing dailies.

Guardians – Nyla Grilden – 13457, 2771 in Farhall. Sells Planar Conqueor’s pieces (helmet and legs), crafting recipes, costumes, and food that give you 20 SP/AP for 30 minutes.

Defiants- Agren Thestio – 13418 4192 in Atia.

Make sure to pick up new drinks in the general good vendor. These new drinks are called Isle Embrosia and restore 5.8 k hp and 6.5 k mana over 10 seconds.

5. Ember Watch – The Keepers

Ember Watch is the quest hub shared by both factions. It is held by the Keepers.

The Keeper Quartermaster is Helera Ruesen at 13035, 3448 and she sells recipes, costume pieces and Planar Conqueror’s pieces (gloves and belt), armored Ash Strider mount and more importantly, new DRR lures.

Upon arrival, you will find a whole bunch of daily quests that will give you notoriety with The Keepers.

You can skip them if you wish, but the one quest giver you must see is Darius. He will give you the quest that will give you Nexus Infusion, an ability that you need to upgrade defenses for the Onslaught quests which I will cover below.

6. Quests in Ember Isle

As mentioned previously, there are quests for Keepers and each faction camp. There are also additional quests at each “scene” in the zone. A scene is an area of the map organized under a single name. You can find a very comprehensive list of quests at Zam’s website.

However, what is new to Ember Isle is the Onslaught quests – daily quests from the Keeper at any of the sourcewells located in the zone. A sourcewell can be found at each scene. Basically, the objectives of these Onslaught quests is to defeat 65 invasions at the sourcewells and upgrade the defenses to increase the difficulty and reward of the invasions.

ZAM has a very comprehensive write up on the sourcewells/onslaught quests that you should definitely check out and bookmark (just like this page :p)

7. Dungeons – Caduceus Rise

Caduceus Rise is the new 5 man dungeon introduced with Ember Isle. Its on the far right side of Ember Isle. There are 4 versions of Caduceus Rise. These dungeons are already out on the LFG tool and can be access right away!

In terms of diffculty, the group I run with is a bit overgeared (we have cleared all T1 raid content and currently raiding HK). It took us about 2 hrs the first time we went there to clear the T2 version of these dugneons. These dungeons are a bit diffcult than your standard T2 experts.

Standard – Caduceus Rise – Level 48-50 – 4 bosses

T2 Expert – Lower Caduceus Rise – 6 bosses

T2 Expert – Upper Caduceus Rise – 7 bosses

Mastermode – Caduceus Rise – 11 bosses, not released right away with patch 1.6.


  • Zam has some prelimary strats but it is not very comprehensive (you will need to click on each boss to see strats)
  • Ciderhelm and Riftjunkies will probably release a guide as well.
  • I will probably release a guide to these dungeons very soon. I have run both T2 versions once already and just need to go back a 2nd time to verify some of the strats as the group I went in with was overgeared and ignored a lot of the fight mechanics.

8. Raid content – 10 mans

The new 10 man dungeon is called Rise of the Phoenix. Like other 10 man raid dungeons, it requires someone in your raid with Omen sight or Quantum sight. Fire resist sigils are ideal for this raid.

The location for this 10 man dungeon is not in Ember Isle! It is located in Stonefield at the following location (image courtesy of Puremallace)


Defiants have access to Stonefield and can get to Rise of the Phoenix (RP for short) easily. Guardians however, have a little trouble. If they have the tier 2 teleportation ability, it is not too much of an issue. Without it, Guardians might be forced to take the port at Kain’s Command in Scarwood Reach and run to Stonefield via Scarlet Gorge.

The difficulty of this dungeon is geared towards raiders who have completed tier 1 raid and are currently progressing in HK. There are 4 bosses and they reward Greater Marks of Ascension.


  • ZAM has a good write up of each bosses’s abilities (need to click on boss name to see them).
  • Riftstrats might be release a guide for RP soon.

9. Tier 2 Planar Attunement (PA)

Tier 2 PA is here! You will need to completely Tier 1 PA before you can unlock Tier 2 PA of the same type (i.e. Fire, Water etc..)

Riftjunkies has a good coverage on the Tier 2 abilities.

For Cleric Tier 2 PA abilities – look here!

Magelo has released a PA calculator that includes Tier 2 abilities – check them out!

10. Crafting!

With the release of Ember Isle, there are two new places where you can get new crafitng recipes. One of them is at your faction main city quartermaster and the other is the Keeper faction quartermaster.

Each recipe costs 2 crafter plaques and requires notoriety with the appropriate faction. Some of them also use the 20 hr cooldown mats so save them up!

For a list of all the crafting recipes – look here!

Note that for foragers and miners, ores/diamonds will now drop from appropriate mobs as well. This should lower the price on some of the pots/burning powerstones on AH with the influx of mats with easier access.

* You can now mine Earth Elemental, Oreling, and Golem corpses.
* You can now forage Treant and Bogling corpses.

11. Puzzles!

There is a new puzzle on Ember Isle and it rewards a lesser Essence as well as a companion pet!

This puzzle at Nykantor Ruins. Find the Mysterious Plaque on a ground-level outer wall at (12823, 3857)

There is a very good writeup on ZAM, check it out!

12. New Black Garden alternative mode

If you are a PVPer, don’t be left out with 1.6! There is an alternative mode of Black Garden, one of my favourite maps.

The basic idea behind Black Garden is nicely summarized by Trion.

You and your team must race to cleanse corrupted planar resources – control of the battlefield could mean control of the game, but you’ll have to work together if you want to succeed!

  • Orbs continue to spawn in the center of the map, each player can pick up as many as three orbs – but watch out! Each orb you carry encumbers you and reduces your run speed.
  • When carrying orbs – take them to an activated cleansing point, but be warned: Each cleansing point can only be used a limited number of times before it’s deactivated and you need to find a new one to deliver the orbs to!
  • The first team to 500 points wins!

13. One bag addons!

The API for one bag addon has being released and addon authors are hard at work! Within a few days of 1.6 release we will definitely see some form of this so keep checking!

For those curious what one bag addon does – it merges all of your bags into one and it might enable you to view the inventory/bank of any of your characters from anywhere.. in the future. Here is a link to the WoW version

14. Achievement Whoring (oops I meant Hunting!)

What Rift would be without achivements? Riftjunkies has a pretty good coverage on the achievement that matters. You can check out their guide here

15. Fluff items!

Who doesn’t want to look good while adventuring? Trion has released some amazing looking armor for Ember Isle! Check out my guide here for a rough list of the fluff items you can expect to see with 1.6